Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2055 - Blackwater Visits

Chapter 2055 – Blackwater Visits

“Blackwater?” Shi Feng couldn’t help his confusion. “Why are they here?”

The Blackwater Corporation was a major, international corporation. Aside from super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds, other existences were nothing in the corporation’s eyes. Furthermore, Zero Wing had clashed with Blackwater quite a few times thus far.

“Our Guild has been prospering in the Ore Empire recently. Maybe they’re here to warn us away?” Blackie wondered aloud after calming down. “Why don’t we just leave them hanging? Even if they’re a major corporation, they can’t do anything to us on the surface, and moving against us in the shadows won’t be easy as long as we’re prepared for it!”

“You’re overthinking things. Blackwater is still a major corporation at the end of the day. They wouldn’t bother with a personal visit to warn us because of our skirmishes in the Ore Empire. They wouldn’t be able to afford the humiliation of such an act,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “Forget it. Rather than waste time with random guessing, we might as well hear them out.”

He still knew a little about how these major corporations operated.

If Blackwater really wanted to strike out at Zero Wing in the real world, it wouldn’t have sent representatives. It would’ve made its move behind the scenes.

Following which, Blackie led Shi Feng to the top-floor reception room.

In the reception room, Liang Jing, who was slightly nervous to receive the Blackwater Corporation’s representatives, visibly relaxed when she saw Shi Feng enter the room. Before she had met Shi Feng, a major, international corporation would’ve been unreachable, yet such a power had sent representatives to visit Zero Wing. Why wouldn’t she be shocked?

In contrast, Aqua Rose maintained her calm composure despite sitting, face to face, with Blackwater’s representatives. As a previous Honorary Elder in a first-rate Guild and the princess of her own major corporation, she had experience in these situations.

Two representatives from the Blackwater Corporation waited in the room. One was a handsome, middle-aged man wearing casual clothing. Although he wasn’t tall or muscular, he radiated a strange pressure. The other representative, a tall, robust man in a black suit, stood behind the middle-aged man. Based on his appearance, he seemed to be the latter’s bodyguard. Although he didn’t radiate any particular pressure, as if he were just a pedestrian, Shi Feng recognized the bodyguard as extraordinary. He could feel the subtle threat of death from this bodyguard.

“Hello. You must be Zero Wing’s Elder Ye Feng. Sure enough, as the rumors have said, you really are quite young. Your future is truly limitless,” the middle-aged man said, smiling after observing Shi Feng closely for a moment. “Right, let me introduce myself. I am the Blackwater Corporation’s Jing Yang, currently serving as an Elder in the Blackwater Guild.”

“Elder Jing Yang, to what does Zero Wing owe this visit? May I know what you wish to discuss?” Shi Feng asked as he eyed Jing Yang, getting straight to the point.

He was somewhat familiar with the name, but his knowledge of this man was limited to God’s Domain.

Jing Yang’s name was familiar due to his status as a Tier 5 Grand Wizard in the past Although the man hadn’t amassed any eye-catching battle records, a Tier 5 player was still formidable. He had stood at the peak of God’s Domain.

Shi Feng had certainly never expected the Blackwater Corporation to send such a big shot to visit Zero Wing.

“What a straightforward question,” Jing Yang said, laughing. He then nodded and continued, “Since that is the case, I’ll be direct. I’m here in place of the Blackwater Guild’s Xuanwu Chisa. Vice Guild Leader Xuanwu has a very favorable view of Zero Wing, and she knows that Zero Wing is facing some financial difficulty. If Zero Wing is willing to sell us 10 Guardian Puppets, not only will we pay an ample amount of Credits, but we’ll also provide 50 bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid. I’m sure you’ll have no issues nurturing more experts quickly with these resources.”

“Fifty S-rank Nutrient Fluids?” Blackie’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets when he heard Jing Yang’s offer.

He and Shi Feng had seen plenty of Credits before, but S-rank Nutrient Fluid was a different story.

Blackie was no longer ignorant regarding training in God’s Domain. After his special training in the Extraordinary Tower and the S-rank Nutrient Fluid Shi Feng occasionally granted him, he understood how valuable the Fluid was. Not only did the S- rank Nutrient Fluid improve his real body’s physique and brain function, but it also helped improve his combat standards in a short time.

Unfortunately, S-rank Nutrient Fluid wasn’t something one could buy with money alone.

Their swift improvements thus far had been thanks to the S-rank Nutrient Fluids the White Tiger Dojo had sent as payment. If Zero Wing could secure 50 more bottles, combined with the Guild’s current rea卜world training facilities and the Extraordinary Tower, the Guild wouldn’t need long to nurture another batch of Refinement Realm experts.

So, this is what they want Shi Feng finally understood what Blackwater’s aim for this visit.

He had to admit that the battle at Moon Creek Town had made the Guardian Puppets famous. Now, even Blackwater wanted to get its hands on the Puppets, but it wasn’t a weapon players could steal. As a result, Blackwater was forced to attempt to purchase it from Zero Wing.

Seeing Shi Feng’s silent reaction and Blackie’s surprise, Jing Yang chuckled and said, “Now that the Auction Arena System has activated, the struggle for the various NPC cities has begun. As the only promoted NPC city in Star-Moon Kingdom and the neighboring kingdoms, White River City will become a target for the various major powers. You can easily imagine how intense the competition for its Auction House will be. Moreover, we have heard that Starlink now bears immense hatred for Zero Wing due to the battle at Moon Creek Town and has already begun preparations to claim White River City’s Auction House.

“If you are willing to sell us 10 Guardian Puppets, Vice Guild Leader Xuanwu will help you secure White River City’s Auction House. What do you think?”

Jing Yang’s voice had been very gentle, and temptation laced his words as if he had a thorough grasp of Zero Wing’s weakness. He had even convinced Aqua Rose of this transaction’s worth.

Setting aside the 50 bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluids, The offer to help Zero Wing secure White River City’s Auction House made the transaction worthwhile. The struggles for an NPC city’s Auction House weren’t like combat in the field and siege battles. It was a competition that heavily relied on the number of experts and resources one possessed. Compared to Starlink, Zero Wing severely lacked both aspects. However, if Zero Wing had Xuanwu Chisa’s assistance, one of Blackwater’s Vice Guild Leaders, securing White River City’s Auction House was almost guaranteed.

Moreover, Zero Wing desperately needed operating funds. If the Guild received a large income of Credits, its development could skyrocket.

When Jing Yang saw the yearning looks on both Aqua Rose and Blackie’s faces, he was not surprised in the least. Blackwater’s conditions were quite generous, offering exactly what Zero Wing currently needed. All they had to do was sign the contract and seal the deal.

However, after giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng looked at Jing Yang and earnestly replied, “I’m sorry, but we refuse!”