Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2053 - Epic Armor Kit Fragment

Chapter 2053 – Epic Armor Kit Fragment

The majestic Dragon’s roar reverberated throughout the entire corridor, so powerful that even the sky seemed to shake. Only after the roar faded away could Shi Feng finally move his body again.

However, after the roar ended, both Shi Feng and the Fire Spirit received a debuff called Dragon’s Might, which reduced their reaction speed by 20%, Movement Speed by 30%, and physique by 15%. They also couldn’t receive any buffs from Skills and Spells.

So, this is Asura Mode? Shi Feng was astonished as he looked at the debuff he and the Fire Spirit had received.

The reduction in physique and speed was only secondary. The crucial point was the inability to receive buffs. This meant that even Berserk Skills were useless. Having Berserk Skills sealed was potentially fatal to expert players_especially when surviving out in the fields. Berserk Skills could be used during crucial moments to save one’s life or deal with a problem that could not be dealt with normally. Berserk Skills could even be used to achieve reversals. Without the ability to use Berserk Skills, all these possibilities would be gone. If one came across unexpected danger, they would undoubtedly die.

Not daring to be careless, Shi Feng immediately used the Bible of Darkness to summon a Level 85, Tier 3 Demon.

Although the Demon was also suppressed by Dragon’s Might and its overall combat power was inferior to the Fire Spirit’s, having the Demon was still better than not having it. During crucial moments, he could use it as a meatshield.

Following which, Shi Feng had the Tier 3 Tomahawk Demon lead the way, with the Fire Spirit following closely behind it. As for himself, he maintained a 50-yard distance from the Fire Spirit. At this distance, even if the Tomahawk Demon and Fire Spirit got caught in a trap, he would be safe. If they stumbled upon a dangerous situation, he could also run away at a moment’s notice.

However, contrary to his expectations, he did not come across any dangerous situations at all, even after walking for more than ten minutes. Let alone a monster, there wasn’t even a simple trap set up in the corridor. He traversed the corridor and arrived at a dark hall relatively easily.

The hall was the size of a football stadium, with stone pillars erected on all sides. The divine runes carved onto these stone pillars made the place extraordinarily chilly. Even Shi Feng, with his extremely high Ice Resistance, could not help but shudder. Fortunately, the cold only had a slight impact on his movements; he did not lose any HP.

Meanwhile, as soon as the Tomahawk Demon and the Fire Spirit arrived at the center of the hall, the divine runes on the surrounding stone pillars suddenly shone. Both the Demon and the Fire Spirit disintegrated, the Elemental Mana used to make up their bodies reverting to its original form. Afterward, the entire hall lit up brightly as blade-wielding soldiers emerged from the ground one after another. These soldiers were Giants made from various types of Elemental Mana.

[Elemental Guard] (Elemental Creature, Great Lord) Level 72

HP 32,000,000/32,000,000

Among these Elemental Giants, one held a staff. Mana belonging to the four major elements gathered passively around this Giant All of the ambient Mana responded to every single action this Giant made as if this Giant was the Elemental Overlord of this entire hall.

[Elemental Prayer (Realm Lord)] (Elemental Creature, Grand Lord) Level 73

HP 65,000,000/65,000,000

As these Elemental Creatures appeared, a translucent pillar made out of Magic Crystal rose from the center of the hall.

Sealed inside this translucent pillar was a dazzling, crystalline bottle that radiated a shudder-inducing aura.

A Bloodline?! A trace of surprise flashed across Shi Feng’s eyes when he saw the crystal bottle inside the Magic Crystal pillar.

Although he had been confident that the Asura Mode trial’s reward would be something excellent, he never imagined that it would be this excellent.

At his standard, Epic items no longer posed a temptation. Only top-tier Epic items could move him now.

However, a Bloodline was far more valuable than any Epic item. The value of even the most ordinary Bloodline rivaled that of a Fragmented Legendary item. A Bloodline might provide expert players more help than a Fragmented Legendary item.

Despite that, the first item he came across in the Asura Mode Ancient God’s Maze was already a Bloodline. How could he not be surprised by this situation?

However, Shi Feng calmed himself very quickly.

The Bloodline was indeed valuable, but it would mean something only if he actually obtained it. The monsters standing before him were extraordinary. Moreover, since summoned creatures could not be used inside this hall, he would have to rely entirely on himself to deal with these monsters.

However, with just a rough glance, he already spotted more than 200 Great Lord ranked Elemental Guards. The Elemental Prayer standing at the center of the hall was even a Realm Lord, an existence whose combat power far surpassed that of monsters of the same rank and level. Against such a force, even a Level 70, 100-man expert team would not be a match.

In a situation where Berserk Skills and summoned creatures could not be used, even Shi Feng would have no choice but to turn tail and run when coming across the Elemental Prayer. It wasn’t because his combat power was inadequate. After all, his current weapons and equipment were already beyond extraordinary. He could easily contend against a Grand Lord of the same level. The problem was that the Elemental Prayer had too much HP. Before he could whittle down the Elemental Prayer, the Elemental Prayer would’ve long since killed him.

Let’s give it a try. Looking at the Bloodline stored within the central pillar, Shi Feng still decided to attempt the trial.

Unlike other trials, the Ancient God’s Secret Key’s trials allowed players to head to other locations to search for treasures, even if they could not pass a particular hurdle. Each location would have varying difficulties. Only if players died would their time in the trial come to an end.

However, it would be such a pity to simply abandon the Bloodline and search the other locations. After all, not every location would contain treasures rivaling Fragmented Legendary items. Other locations in this Asura Mode trial might contain only Epic items.

Following which, Shi Feng moved to a corner of the hall and started luring the Elemental Guards over, one after another. He planned to clear out the Elemental Guards first before dealing with the Elemental Prayer. If he tried fighting the Elemental Prayer and the Elemental Guards together, he would definitely die a very swift death.

Faced with the four-meter-tall Elemental Guards, an ordinary Tier 2 expert would’ve long since run away. However, the Elemental Guards posed no trouble for Shi Feng, as his Strength already rivaled that of Great Lords of the same level.

The Elemental Guard that discovered Shi Feng charged at him without hesitation, the greatsword in its hands transforming into numerous phantoms as the blade slashed down on Shi Feng’s head.

Tier 3 Skill, Shadow Entanglement!

Each phantom carried 120% of the Elemental Guard’s Strength, and all seven phantoms struck down at Shi Feng from different directions. Even a Tier 2 expert would be killed instantly if they were not careful. However, these attacks were nothing before Shi Feng. Crisscrossing the Abyssal Blade and Killing Ray, he deflected two of the seven phantom swords toward the other phantom swords, neutralizing the attack in the blink of an eye. Shi Feng received no damage at all. Following which, he stabbed the Elemental Guard’s Elemental Core.


He dealt a critical hit when striking the core. The Elemental Guard’s HP promptly fell by a visible chunk. Afterward, Shi Feng stabbed the Elemental Core once more with his other sword.

As the battle wore on, the Elemental Guard’s HP continuously decreased. Even though the Elemental Guard’s battle recovery was strong, killing the Elemental Guard was only a matter of time.

If another Tier 2 expert were here, they would definitely be shocked by the current scene playing out.

A Tier 2 player was actually overwhelming a Level 72 Great Lord without using any Skills or Spells—a feat that even peak experts of the same level could not achieve.

However, while Shi Feng was indeed capable of killing the Elemental Guard, at the end of the day, it was still a bona fide Great Lord. Even after he started using Skills, he still took close to eight minutes to finish off the Elemental Guard.

After the Elemental Guard fell, it dropped several items. When Shi Feng took a look at his experience bar, he frowned involuntarily. He had gone through great pains to kill a Great Lord, yet he was awarded only a pitiful amount of EXP, at the standard of a Lord of the same level.

However, when Shi Feng recalled that this was an Ancient God’s trial, he found the situation understandable. Great Lord ranked monsters were relatively rare in the outside world. Now, however, there was a bunch of Great Lords before him. If every one of these Great Lords gave normal amounts of EXP, then his leveling speed would be absurd.

Afterward, Shi Feng collected the loot on the ground. Just as he was about to lure another Elemental Guard, he suddenly took note of one of the items he was holding.

An Epic Armor Kit Fragment!?