Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2049 - Starlink Defeated

When they saw the Fire Spirit destroy 11 Large Ballistas with a single spell, the Starlink players controlling the other war weapons were stunned. They had intended to attack the Fire Spirit, but after witnessing its power, they couldn’t make themselves move.

“Quick! Ranged players, stop that thing!”

“Large Ballistas, scatter and retreat!”

Starlink’s upper echelons paled as they watched the Fire Dragon destroy their Large Ballistas.

In the blink of an eye, they had lost 11 war weapons. The Fire Spirit was an even more dangerous and more expensive opponent than the four Guardian Puppets. Although the Guardian Puppets were much faster than the Large Ballistas, Starlink still had Tier 3 summoned creatures to slow them down. The Puppets would need some time to catch up to one of the ballistas, but it was a different story for the Fire Spirit.

Not only could the Fire Spirit fly, but its Movement Speed was also higher than the Guardian Puppets’. Moreover, it possessed powerful ranged attacks. It could hunt down the Large Ballistas far more easily than the Guardian Puppets.

The only benefit they had was the fact that players’ attacks were somewhat effective against the Flame Dragon.

Starlink’s members swarmed toward the Fire Spirit, bombarding it with ranged attacks. Meanwhile, the remaining 49 Large Ballistas began their retreat.

However, by the time Starlink’s members had gathered around the Fire Spirit, the Dragon had already finished casting the Tier 3 Curse, Scorching Laser.

Suddenly, the Fire Spirit stretched open its maw, and a twofold magic array manifested before it, rapidly gathering the surrounding fire-type Mana. In less than a second, the array transformed into a blinding, miniature sun. As the miniature sun’s scorching heat washed over them, nearby players felt a stinging pain.


As the Fire Spirit voiced its anger, the miniature sun transformed once more into a white beam that swept across the land, extending up to 200 yards away from the Flame Dragon. The beam annihilated everything it touched, and the players who were hit didn’t even have a chance to scream before they were vaporized.

When the beam disappeared, it revealed a scorched groove, five-meters-dee, in the ground before the Fire Spirit, separating Starlink’s army into two halves. Two Large Ballistas that had been caught in the attack had instantly been turned to ash.

Seeing this, the Hundred Flowers Palace members watching from Moon Creek Town’s walls could not help but gape in shock.

So, this is Zero Wing? An intense shock filled Crimson Heart as she turned to Shi Feng beside her.

Just one of Zero Wing’s monsters was enough to drive Starlink’s army into chaos.

This battle had certainly altered her understanding of combat in God’s Domain. Zerg tactics? Siege tools? In front of absolute power, neither mattered.

If a Guild fought a monster like the Fire Spirit, which wielded numerous large-scale destruction Spells, and failed to cope properly, there would be no battle to speak off. There would only be a slaughter.

Meanwhile, the various major powers watching from within the town fell silent as they watched the scene through their Magic Mirrors.

“What is that monster? Isn’t it a little too powerful? It can use so many large-scale destruction Spells!”

“Amazing! With this, Starlink will have trouble capturing Moon Creek Town.”

“The Hundred Flowers Palace has actually kept such a card hidden?”

“That can’t be right. If the Hundred Flowers Palace had something like this, it would’ve used it to defend East Valley Town.”

“I saw that cloaked fellow summon that monster. He should be one of Zero Wing’s members.”

“What kind of Guild is Zero Wing? I thought it was merely an up-and-coming Guild without any backers. How could it have such a powerful foundation?”

For a moment, the various major powers’ curiosity regarding Zero Wing grew.

First, Zero Wing had revealed four incredibly powerful Guardian Puppets, slaughtering Starlink’s forces. Then, the Guild had proceeded to summon the Fire Spirit, a creature that was akin to a natural disaster on a large battlefield.

With such strength, Zero Wing could certainly afford to clash with any superpower, yet despite its strength, they had rarely heard of Zero Wing before this battle. All they truly knew was that Zero Wing was a relatively new Guild that could rival first-rate Guilds.

However, this information was laughably incorrect.

If a Guild with such frightening combat power was only considered on par with first-rate Guilds, what would that make their actual first-rate Guilds?

At this point, the victor of the battle over Moon Creek Town was obvious.

Starlink was utterly powerless to stop the Fire Spirit and Guardian Puppets from destroying its Large Ballistas. If the

superpower continued this fight, it would only suffer greater loses.

“Zero Wing!” Lu Xingluo’s expression darkened when he read his subordinate’s status report.

Despite how short the battle had been thus far, Starlink had already lost 43 Large Ballistas. Once the Fire Spirit had joined the fray, in particular, the ballistas began to fall even faster.

“Guild Leader, are we going to continue this battle?” Dawn Web could not help but ask.

“Retreat! Have everyone retreat!” Lu Xingluo growled, grinding his teeth as he glared at the rampaging Guardian Puppets.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he was truly powerless to stop the Guardian Puppets and Fire Spirit at this time. He’d lost far more war weapons if he chose to stay.

Every Large Ballista cost a fortune to craft. They were also Starlink’s only advantage in battle.

While they might capture Moon Creek Town if they continued, it would cost ever Large Ballista in Starlink’s possession. The trade simply wasn’t worthwhile.

“Understood! I’ll relay the command right away!” Dawn Web breathed a quiet sigh of relief when she heard Lu Xingluo’s decision. Shen then began to contact the various units’ commanders.

Following Dawn Web’s instructions, Starlink’s forces began to scatter and flee. Neither the Guardian Puppets nor the Fire Spirit gave chase, allowing Starlink’s army to leave without a fight. The enemy had far too few players now, and with how scattered Starlink’s forces were, they’d hardly kill anything even if they chased them down.

“Big Sis Crimson, Starlink is retreating! We’ve held Moon Creek Town!” Cleansed Rue exclaimed as she watched Starlink’s players flee from the battlefield.

“丫es! We held it!” Even Crimson Heart revealed a joyful grin.

For a moment, everyone in Moon Creek Town was stunned as they watched Starlink pull away.

“Are you kidding me!? Starlink actually lost!?”

“Zero Wing is just too strong! I doubt even Starlink expected this outcome!”

“Zero Wing can actually fend off a superpower like Starlink. It seems the Dark Night Empire will have four contenders in the future!”

With a single Fire Spirit and four Guardian Puppets, Zero wing had repelled a force of 300,000 elite and expert players and more than 100 Large Ballistas. This was the first time anyone had achieved such a splendorous victory in the Dark Night Empire.

The most shocking aspect of the battle was that a superpower hadn’t been responsible for the feat, but Zero Wing, a Guild with hardly any renown.

This battle’s outcome would undoubtedly shake the entire empire.

Now that a power capable of contending with Starlink had arrived in the Dark Night Empire, the empire’s prior status quo was irrelevant.