Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2048 - This Side is Scarier?

Chapter 2048 – This Side is Scarier?

“Why is there a Dragon?” Lu Xingluo was stunned to see the Flame Dragon hover above Moon Creek Town.

Dragons were destruction incarnate in God’s Domain. Even if the Flame Dragon before him were not a true Dragon, merely an Inferior Dragon, it would still be extremely difficult to take down.

When they saw the Flame Dragon appear on the battlefield, Starlink’s army, which stood before Moon Creek Town’s walls, was dazed.

Not only was the Flame Dragon before them gigantic, but it was also a Level 80 monster. It would be a nightmare to deal with for current players. Moreover, the creature’s aura was even more frightening than its massive form. The Starlink members within 100 yards of the monster felt as if their bodies had been replaced with mercury, and their instincts screamed at them to run away.

“Don’t panic, everyone! A single monster can’t stop us! Besides, this Flame Dragon is only Tier 3! Summoning unit, use the Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls! If that Flame Dragon gets close, suppress it with a magic array, magic unit!” Starlink’s experts shouted. Although they, too, were nervous, they realized the Flame Dragon’s limitations after a moment of careful observation.

If the Flame Dragon were a Tier 4 Mythic monster, they would turn around and flee without a second thought. Numbers weren’t enough to defeat such an existence. However, it was a different story for a Tier 3 Flame Dragon.

Even if they were 20 levels lower than the Flame Dragon, they could still put up a fight against it with a magic array’s suppression. Furthermore, they’d also have the help of Tier 3 summoned creatures. They could definitely whittle the Flame Dragon down, although they’d have to pay a high price to do so.

Following which, Starlink’s army summoned another 8 Tier 3 summoned creatures. Although these summoned creatures were not as high-leveled as the Flame Dragon, they were still Level 78 or Level 79. The level difference was practically negligible.

“They have eight more Tier 3 summoned creatures?” Crimson Heart could not help but tense up when she saw the seven- meter-tall summoned creatures on the battlefield.

Tier 3 Magic Scrolls were extremely rare, and Summoning Scrolls were among the rarest. To pin down the four Guardian Puppets, Starlink had already used 8 Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls, and now, it used another eight. Starlink’s foundations were simply astonishing.

Although the Flame Dragon was much stronger than the Tier 3 summoned creatures, it wouldn’t be able to deal with so many of them. While the Hundred Flowers Palace had four Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls it could use as well, the Flame Dragon would still be at a disadvantage if it had to fight four Tier 3 summoned creatures. Furthermore, there were still the 60 Large Ballistas behind Starlink’s army to contend with.

The Large Ballistas might not be useful against the Guardian Puppets Seven Light and his comrades controlled, but they would have no problems dealing with monsters. Monsters couldn’t exhibit as much combat power as players. The Large Ballistas’ arrows could easily find their mark.

However, just as Starlink’s army was about to attack Moon Creek Town, another crimson magic array appeared above the army, covering a 300-yard radius and causing another massive Mana surge. The array gathered so much fire-type Mana that its density was visible to the naked eye.

“No! Quick! Get out of there!”

Starlink’s magical class players shouted, trying to warn their allies that stood within the array’s range. Unfortunately, the magic array’s formation was too fast In as little as two seconds, the magic array had completed, and a moment later, meteorites began to fall from the sky.

Tier 3 Curse, Heaven’s Fall!

Countless meteorites tore through the sky as they rained down on Starlink’s army, causing one explosion after another as they struck the ground. Even players from over a thousand yards away could feel the attack’s shockwaves. In the blink of an eye, the earth beneath the array transformed into a sea of fire.

After three waves of descending meteorites, the ground below the magic array had sunk by several meters, a raging inferno burning in the crater. Even a fool would know what end had befallen the players that had been caught in the magic array’s range.

The Starlink members that had escaped the attack had come to a full stop as they stared at the scene before them. Fear and joy shone in their eyes.

A single attack had decimated a massive portion of the battlefield. Not only had more than 2,000 players died in that attack, but Starlink’s eight Tier 3 summoned creatures also lay within the sea of fire. Although the summoned creatures were still alive, they were heavily injured. They could no longer serve as additional combat power…

“Damn it! How do they have a Tier 4 large-scale destruction Magic Scroll!?”

“Wait! I think that Spell came from the Flame Dragon!”

“Huh? Isn’t the Spell over? Why are there still magic arrays around that Flame Dragon?”

“No! It’s casting another Spell!”

Starlink’s members had a bad feeling as they watched the magic arrays circle the Fire Spirit’s body. The intensity of the Mana that gathered to the arrays felt horrifically familiar.

Before anyone could react, another gigantic, crimson array appeared above Starlink’s army, but unlike the previous attack, this was a twofold magic array. This magic array gathered even more Mana to it than before, and its range was clearly larger.

“This is a trick! This can’t be real!”

Seeing the colossal magic array above them, Starlink’s members realized what was about to happen. Although they could try to run, the array covered a 400-yard radius. As a result, they could only curse their fate.

This time, meteorites didn’t fall from the sky. Instead, pillars of fire burst from the ground, devouring everything within the AOE. Even the Tier 2 MTs that activated their Lifesaving Skills lost all of their HP the instant the flames touched them. None of them had any hope of resisting the attack.

When the flames dissipated, the crowd of players that had stood before Moon Creek Town’s walls was gone. Only a plot of scorched earth remained.

Both Starlink’s members and the players from the Hundred Flowers Palace were thoroughly shocked.

Several thousand players had vanished, just like that. The slain players hadn’t even had time to scream before their bodies were vaporized.

This was no longer a battle. It was a one-sided massacre.

Once more, everyone was forced to recognize just how useless zerg tactics were in the face of large-scale destruction Spells. This Flame Dragon was far more terrifying than the four Guardian Puppets on the other side of the town.

Only Shi Feng remained unperturbed. Calmly, he shifted his gaze toward the distant Large Ballistas and ordered the Fire Spirit, “Go! Destroy those Large Ballistas!”

The Fire Spirit had been considered a godly war weapon during his previous life not because of its physical combat prowess and high intellect, but because of its ability to use a variety of fire-type Curses and large-scale destruction Spells.

Without these abilities, the Fire Spirit wouldn’t have been capable of single-handedly fending off superpowers’ large-scale assaults.

Although his Fire Spirit was only a Tier 3 creature right now, even the strongest player at this stage of the game was only Tier 2. Starlink’s members had no hope of defending themselves against the Tier 3 Advanced Fire Spirit’s attacks.

After receiving Shi Feng’s command, the Fire Spirit flapped its wings, transforming into a blazing fireball as it flew toward its new targets. Its Movement Speed was much higher than the Guardian Puppets’, and although the 60 Large Ballistas tried to repel the Dragon with attacks, they couldn’t land a single hit.

Meanwhile, with the Fire Spirit’s ability to fly, it crossed the 1,000 yards to the Large Ballistas in only a brief moment.

Before Starlink’s upper echelons could order a retreat, the Fire Spirit cast a Tier 3 Spell, summoning 36 scorching flame spears around it. It then launched these spears at the nearby Large Ballistas.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the blink of an eye, the 11 Large Ballistas within 60 yards of the Fire Spirit burned to ash…