Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2047 - Let's Get Serious as Well

Chapter 2047 – Let’s Get Serious as Well

As the defensive magic array protecting Starlink’s army began to disintegrate, time seemed to freeze across the entire world. The players controlling the Large Ballistas, who had been preparing to attack another Guardian Puppet, stilled, staring at the Puppet standing before their shattering magic barrier.

“No! This is impossible!”

“How can a Tier 3 attack possibly exceed the magic array’s limit?”

“Could that be a Tier 4 mechanical puppet?”

The Starlink players that maintained the defensive magic array were confused and afraid when they saw their depleted Mana. Unconsciously, they began to step away from the Guardian Puppets, instinctively increasing the distance between them and their enemies as much as possible.

When they had faced the Defense Turrets’ intense attacks, the magic array hadn’t even cracked, but now, this one Guardian Puppet had shattered the barrier with a single strike.

They couldn’t think of any reason that their array would shatter in one hit unless the strike had been a Tier 4 attack.

When they considered the possibility that a Tier 4 Mechanical Lifeform stood before them and that the construct was under a player’s control, they couldn’t help but shudder in fear.

At this stage of the game, the various superpowers spent a lot of time preparing to raid a single Tier 4 Mythic monster. They even expected their teams to wipe multiple times before defeating the monster, and that was with the understanding that monsters had various forms of behavioral restrictions.

If these restrictions were removed, killing a Mythic monster would be several times more difficult.

“A Tier 4 puppet?”

When Seven Light and his three companions heard Starlink’s members, they chuckled. They had never thought that Seven Light’s use of Strength Combination would lead the enemy to believe that their Guardian Puppets were Tier 4 Combat Puppets, but they welcomed the misunderstanding. With this, they would have a much easier time defeating their foes.

The mental pressure players faced when fighting a Tier 3 being versus a Tier 4 was completely different, after all.

The four Zero Wing players controlled their Guardian Puppets, striking at the Large Ballistas’ locations. As the constructs moved, they devastated the ground beneath them, sending players in their way into the air. Before the Large Ballistas could fire another volley of arrows, Seven Light and the others reached the weapons. They then swung their transformed arms at their targets. Boom!

Although the Large Ballistas were over four meters tall, they were no different than pebbles on the roadside compared to the eight-meter-tall Guardian Puppets.

When the Guardian Puppets’ sword-arms descended, they halved the Large Ballistas before them. They also carved deep groves, over a dozen meters or so long, into the ground. There was no question that these constructs’ Strength was at the peak of Tier 3.

In that single exchange, Starlink had lost four of its Large Ballistas. For a moment, the surrounding players were utterly stupefied.

While the Large Ballistas appeared to be made of only wood and metal, magic runes strengthened their structure. Even a Tier 2 player would need to attack for a long time to destroy one. These war weapons could even survive a few Tier 3 attacks.

Yet, the Guardian Puppets could destroy a Large Ballista in one hit…

While everyone was still in shock over the Guardian Puppets’ power, the constructs destroyed four more Large Ballistas.

“Damn it! All Large Ballistas, retreat immediately!” Lu Xingluo hurriedly commanded, his expression grim. “Summoning unit, use the Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls! Do not let those things get close to the Large Ballistas!”

Producing each Large Ballista cost 3,000 Gold. This battle had only begun a short moment ago, yet they had already lost 8 Large Ballistas. Even though Starlink was wealthy, it could not afford such a costly war.

Following their orders, Starlink’s summoning unit activated 8 Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls, commanding their eight summoned Great Lords to work in pairs to pin down the enemy constructs. In the meantime, the players operating the Large Ballistas frantically retreated.


Seven Light brandished his Guardian Puppet’s two sword-arms at the approaching two Great Lords, sending the summoned creatures flying and dealing over -1,000,000 damage to each. Without pause, he then dashed toward the nearest Large Ballista.

Remnant Cloud and the others managed to shake off the Great Lords as easily, chasing after the retreating war weapons. Seeing this situation, Lu Xingluo and his fellow upper echelons’ eyes twitched with fury.

Although the Great Lords could significantly reduce the Puppets’ mobility, Starlink still lost one Large Ballista after another. After a short moment, another 10 Large Ballistas had been destroyed.


“So, this is the strength Zero Wing has been hiding all this time?”

Crimson Heart’s and Cleansed Rue’s eyes bulged as they watched Zero Wing take one Large Ballista after another from Starlink’s army.

The Large Ballistas were an absolute nightmare for the Hundred Flowers Palace, but to the Zero Wing’s Guardian Puppets, they were little more than toys. Now, it was only a matter of time before the constructs destroyed all of Starlink’s war weapons.

It was at this moment that Crimson Heart finally understood why Zero Wing was so confident of helping the Hundred Flowers Palace repel Starlink.

“I want all of them dead! Dead!” Lu Xingluo bellowed as he glared at the four Guardian Puppets. “Relay my command! All troops are to attack Moon Creek Town now!”

“Understood!” Dawn Web promptly relayed the command for all forces to attack.

They were no longer capable of stopping the Guardian Puppets’ rampage, but at the end of the day, there were only four of these constructs. As long as the Large Ballistas scattered and fled in different directions, the Guardian Puppets would have to waste a lot of time chasing them down. The Puppets would never be able to catch up with every one of the ballistas. Meanwhile, they still had 300,000 elite and expert players, as well as the 60 other Large Ballistas on the other side of Moon Creek Town. Even if the Guardian Puppets were more powerful, they couldn’t save the town.

Under Lu Xingluo’s command, the Starlink forces surrounding Moon Creek Town took action.

“Big Sis Crimson, the 60 Large Ballistas on the other side of the town are approaching! Moreover, the enemy players have started to charge towards us! By the looks of it, Starlink no longer intends to conserve its strength,” Cleansed Rue commented anxiously after receiving a report from the players on the other side of Moon Creek Town.

Crimson Heart’s expression darkened. Turning to Shi Feng, she asked, “Commander Ye Feng, do you have any countermeasures?”

She was already out of ideas. The difference between the combat power under her control and her enemy’s was too massive. Players alone could no longer turn the tide of this battle.

“Sure enough, four Guardian Puppets aren’t enough.” The situation didn’t particularly surprise Shi Feng. Although the Guardian Puppets were quite powerful, with so few of them, it was unrealistic to rely on them to protect Moon Creek Town. After a moment, he replied, “Since Starlink has gotten serious, let’s do the same.”

“Get serious? Us?” Shi Feng’s answer rendered Crimson Heart speechless. They had been taking this war as seriously as they could and more.

“Let’s head over to the other side and take a look,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. He then led the way across town.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Moon Creek Town…

By the time Shi Feng and the others arrived, the battle had begun. The town’s defensive magic array repeatedly cracked under the Large Ballistas’ bombardment. It was only a matter of time before the magic barrier shattered.

Moreover, a large number of Starlink players were already within 300 yards of the town. Even though these players didn’t have the protection of a defensive magic array, they paid no heed to the Defensive Turrets and Arrow Towers’ attacks. They focused fully on advancing and attacking the town.

“Kill them! Their defensive magic array won’t last much longer!”

When Starlink’s members realized that the magic barrier was taking longer to regenerate, they attacked with even greater ferocity. This made the Hundred Flowers Palace members on the town walls nervous.

“Guild Leader, the battle on the other side of Moon Creek Town has begun. Once the magic array falls, our men will charge into the town,” Dawn Web reported to Lu Xingluo.

“Good! I want to see just how Zero Wing intends to help the Palace protect the town now!” Lu Xingluo snarled viciously as he watched the four Guardian Puppets, which were still chasing the retreating Large Ballistas.

Suddenly, however, a gigantic magic array appeared on the other side of Moon Creek Town, dying the sky crimson. Even though Lu Xingluo wasn’t anywhere near the array, he could clearly see the violent Mana storm it caused.

After a short moment, a Flame Dragon, looming over a dozen-meters-tall, emerged from the magic array. The Dragon’s roar echoed throughout Moon Creek Town and its surrounding area.

“A Dragon?”