Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2046 - Might of the Guardian Puppets

Chapter 2046 – Might of the Guardian Puppets

The Large Ballistas’ attacks were at the Tier 3 standard. Even Great Lord ranked monsters would stumble and lose their stance upon receiving such attacks, yet the four giants had blocked all four arrows from the ballistas. To be precise, they had caught the ballista arrows as if they had plucked up a small twig from the roadside.

This situation challenged everyone’s sanity.

“Attack! All Large Ballistas, attack those robots together!”

After seeing the Guardian Puppets’ performance, Starlink’s upper echelons realized that if they allowed the Combat Puppets to come within range of their army and the Large Ballistas, tragedy would ensue. Hence, they needed to get rid of those Puppets as quickly as possible.

The remaining 54 Large Ballistas abandoned their focus on Moon Creek Town and shifted to the Guardian Puppets. After taking aim, all 60 ballistas fired at their targets simultaneously.

Xiu… Xiu… Xiu…

The sonic boom of the arrows breaking through the sound barrier shook the battlefield repeatedly. Like a meteor shower, the arrows rained down on the four Guardian Puppets. The Large Ballistas’ attacks were well-coordinated, rivaling ranged experts’ attacks.

Now, each Guardian Puppet had to face over a dozen arrows. In addition, every ballista now used explosive arrows. Even if the arrows did not strike their target directly, they would cause a certain amount of damage as long as they landed near the Guardian Puppets. With the Mechanical Lifeforms’ slow reactions, blocking so many attacks would be impossible.

Seven Light and his comrades, who controlled the Guardian Puppets, also knew that they could block so many incoming arrows. Instead, they began to move their Puppets.

Boom… Boom… Boom-

Following which, a series of explosions rocked the battlefield as a chilling, silent atmosphere descended on the plains.

The four Guardian Puppets successfully evaded every arrow the Large Ballistas had fired. As if they were skillful, nimble Assassins, the Guardian Puppets evaded the attacks with minimal movements, allowing most of the arrows to brush past harmlessly.

“How is this possible? How are those mechanical puppets so dexterous?”

As the players controlling the Large Ballistas watched the Guardian Puppets charge toward them, their eyes nearly fell from their sockets.

In God’s Domain, Mechanical Lifeforms were famed for superb Strength and Defense, but they also shared one weakness: slow reaction times. When the Guardian Puppets had caught the ballista arrows earlier, the Puppets’ great Strength had left them in shock and awe, but watching the constructs dance like flexible monkeys had destroyed their previous understanding of Mechanical Lifeforms.

Even the knowledgeable upper echelons from the various Guilds were confused, not to mention the many expert players present.

Only Shi Feng remained unperturbed.

Seven Light’s group had improved significantly after training in the Extraordinary Tower. Although they had yet to enter the Realms of Truth, they were close to the Truth Realm standard. It was only natural that they could exhibit greater combat standards than ordinary experts when controlling the Combat Puppets. With their skills, dodging a dozen or so arrows would be child’s play.

“Defend yourselves! Do not let those things get near us!” Starlink’s army commanders shouted.

Despite firing volley after volley of arrows, the Large Ballistas’ attacks did nothing to slow the Guardian Puppets’ advance. On the contrary, the ballistas were forced to retreat to maintain their distance from the constructs.

However, Seven Light’s group controlled Bronze Combat Puppets. Their Movement Speed was far superior to the Large Ballistas, and as a result, the gap between them continued to shrink.

Eight hundred yards…

Five hundred yards…

Two hundred yards…

When less than 100 yards separated the two sides, Starlink’s members began to grow nervous. However, the four Guardian Puppets came to a sudden halt as if they had slammed into a translucent barrier.

“A defensive magic array?” Looking at the barrier before him, Seven Light met it with a series of punches, but the magic barrier remained intact.

“What a pity! Although my defensive magic array is only Basic rank, it has been formed with 49 Magic Array Scrolls! It is one of the best Basic Defensive Magic Arrays available! You’ll never deplete its energy reserves with a few Tier 3 attacks!” Lu Xingluo sneered Seven Light’s group. “All Large Ballistas, focus fire on one of those machines! I refuse to believe they can dodge all 60 attacks!”

While it was true that the Large Ballistas had a l,3〇〇-yard attack range, the farther away their target was, the slower their attacks would become due to the air’s natural drag. Their accuracy would also suffer.

In other words, the closer the targets were, the faster the Large Ballistas’ arrows would reach them and the easier they’d be to hit.

A few moments ago, the Guardian Puppets had been several hundred yards away, so the constructs had plenty of time to dodge the arrows, but now, only 100 yards separated them.

Moreover, the 60 Large Ballistas had previously targeted all four Guardian Puppets separately. Now that they focused on a single target, the cluster of attacks would be four times as dense. Even if the Puppets were as agile as monkeys, they’d still become porcupines.

Immediately, 60 ballista arrows flew toward Seven Light’s Guardian Puppet, the cluster of attacks as fast and dense as if a massive mountain were descending on the construct.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Although Seven Light had desperately tried to block or dodge the incoming volley, more than half of the arrows hit their marks, and a towering pillar of fire enveloped his Guardian Puppet.

When the arrows had struck, the impact had blasted a huge crater around Seven Light’s position. Even players in Moon Creek Town, over a thousand yards away, could see the smoke rising from the crater.

“We’re doomed!”

The Hundred Flowers Palace members, who had still held onto hope, turned ashen when they saw this.

Once again, they were forced to realize how powerful the Large Ballistas were.

Although the Guardian Puppet was quite powerful, even it would become scrap metal if it had to face 60 Large Ballistas simultaneously…

“Prepare to fire the next volley!” Lu Xingluo nodded approvingly, his satisfaction over the Large Ballistas’ capabilities reaching new heights.

However, as the 60 war weapons adjusted their aim to another Guardian Puppet, a mechanical roar rose from the crater at the edge of the defensive magic array.

Suddenly, an eight-meter-tall figure emerged from the thick, black smoke; it was none other than Seven Light’s Guardian Puppet.

Aside from a little dirt, the Puppet’s outer shell remained whole.

“It’s unharmed!? How is that possible!?” Lu Xingluo’s smile froze when he saw Seven Light’s Guardian Puppet.

He simply could not believe that 60 Large Ballistas’ attacks had been ineffective against this Mechanical Lifeform. Unfortunate, the Guardian Puppet wasn’t exactly unharmed as Lu Xingluo and everyone else assumed. It had taken a little damage from the 36 arrows it had received. In total, it had lost 36 durability points. Each ballista arrow had only cost the Puppet a single point of durability. However, since the Guardian Puppet had a total of 1,000 durability, the damage it had received was insignificant.

“Now that you’re done, it’s my turn!”

After climbing out of the crater, Seven Light’s Guardian Puppet transformed into a blur as it dashed toward the defensive magic array. One of its gigantic, mechanical arms then twisted into a massive steel sword with crimson runes decorating its length. Once the runes had gathered enough of the surrounding Mana, the Guardian Puppet thrust its blade into the magic barrier.

Tier 3 Skill, Flame Jab.


A flaming vortex emerged from the sword, devouring everything in its path. The roaring flames tore a massive hole in the previously indestructible magic barrier, and the array slowly began to disintegrate. It was obvious that Flame Jab’s power had exceeded the defensive magic array’s tolerance.