Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2045 - Guardian Puppet Appears

Chapter 2045 – Guardian Puppet Appears

“Just them?” Cleansed Rue was confused as she watched Seven Light and the other Zero Wing members make their way toward the town’s main entrance. She couldn’t fathom what Shi Feng intended to do.

Although she had previously witnessed their strength, individual combat power would be utterly useless in the upcoming battle. A melee peak expert might even fare worse than an ordinary Tier 2 Elementalist. An Elementalist, after all, had AOE Spells they could use to cause immense damage on the battlefield.

Seeing this, she wondered if Shi Feng was playing a prank on her.

“Relax. Seven Light and the others are quite strong,” Shi Feng said with a faint smile. “This place is too remote. Let’s head to the main entrance to get a better view of the situation.”

Cleansed Rue was speechless, but it was true that she needed a proper view of the battlefield.

A large group of players from the Hundred Flowers Palace stood on the walls around the main entrance in strict organization. They anxiously awaited the arrival of Starlink’s slowly advancing army.

Knowing that this battle would determine their Guild’s fate, even the Palace’s expert players, who had experienced countless life-or-death battles, couldn’t help their growing nerves.

As Crimson Heart carefully observed the battlefield, Shi Feng and Cleansed Rue arrived near her post on the wall.

“Commander Ye Feng, you’re here,” Crimson Heart greeted Shi Feng. “Looking at the situation, Starlink seems intent on breaching the town from its main entrance. It hasn’t positioned any forces on the town’s other sides. By the looks of it, Starlink plans to trap us all in Moon Creek Town before wiping us out.”

“Starlink’s people are despicable! They dare to look down on us? Do they think they only need a fraction of their strength to annihilate us?” a middle-aged upper echelon from the Hundred Flowers Palace growled.

Although Starlink’s forces were frightening, Moon Creek Town had its own war weapons prepared. A total of 8 Gnome Cannons and 4 Catapults were stationed in the town, all of which had been set up in key locations. With a single command, these war weapons would fire simultaneously.

However, when Cleansed Rue realized that Starlink was trying to belittle them, she wasn’t angry, but relieved.

It was true that Starlink qualified to belittle the Hundred Flowers Palace.

Moreover, facing the 60 Large Ballistas leading the charge would be far less difficult than fighting more than 100.

“They mobilized 60 Large Ballistas?” It didn’t surprise Shi Feng overmuch as he watched the approaching army.

Large Ballistas were Consumable items; they lost durability during use. Starlink’s goal in this battle against Moon Creek Town was simply to put on a show for the Dark Night Empire’s major powers. Since it could complete the task with just 60 Large Ballistas, it didn’t need to mobilize its full force and waste the resources to repair them afterward.

Furthermore, if the Large Ballistas moved at full speed, the town’s Defense Turrets would struggle to hit them from farther than 1,000 yards. Meanwhile, the Large Ballistas had a maximum range of l,3〇〇 yards. As long as they stayed between the 1,000-yard mark and 1,300-yard range, the Defense Turrets wouldn’t pose much of a threat.

With Moon Creek Town’s defenses, 60 Large Ballistas would be more than enough to decimate the town.

Shortly after Shi Feng arrived on the wall, he heard a voice from a nearby Defense Turret

“Vice Guild Leader! Starlink’s army is within shooting range!”

The announcement forced the Palace members’ anxiety over the tipping point. They immediately turned to Crimson Heart.

Now that the enemy was within the Defense Turrets’ range, the battle would begin!

“Attack! Target the most concentrated areas!” Crimson Heart commanded after taking in a deep breath.

Every Defense Turret and war weapon in Moon Creek Town fired simultaneously, a round of explosions echoing throughout the town.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, however, the attacks exploded in the air before reaching Starlink’s army as if they had collided with a translucent wall.

“This is…” Crimson Heart’s expression darkened as she stared at the space above Starlink’s army. “Do they have a defensive magic array?”

Defensive magic arrays fell into two categories. The first type included town or city defensive magic arrays, while the second type was reserved for field defensive magic arrays.

Field-type defensive magic arrays were excruciatingly rare since they could be used anytime and anywhere. They were godly tools in large-scale combat between Guilds. Even until now, the Hundred Flowers Palace didn’t have a single Magic Array Scroll for this type of defensive magic array, let alone a complete set. Naturally, town- and city-type defensive magic arrays could only be used within towns or cities. Due to their limited usage, they were considerably easier to obtain. Obtaining such a magic array wasn’t too difficult for a first-rate Guild like the Hundred Flowers Palace.

Meanwhile, Starlink clearly employed a field-type defensive magic array.

“Hahaha! Did you think Starlink would attack without considering its own defense?” Lu Xingluo laughed as he watched Moon Creek Town’s attacks fail. “Notify the army! Tell them only to attack with the Large Ballistas! We need to show everyone the consequences of making an enemy of Starlink!”

“Understood!” Dawn Web replied before relaying Lu Xingluo’s command.

Meanwhile, Starlink’s army increased its pace toward Moon Creek Town. Very quickly, the army came within l,3〇〇 yards of the town.


Suddenly, all 60 Large Ballistas launched their gigantic arrows, bombarding Moon Creek Town.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sounds of multiple explosions and cracking stone rang out through the town. Although the town’s defensive magic array could hold off Tier 3 attacks, the array still cracked under such a ruthless assault It was obvious that the first volley had depleted a significant portion of the magic array’s energy reserves.

This made the Hundred Flowers Palace members even more nervous.

Defensive magic arrays had a limited amount of energy. Once their energy reserves had been depleted, the array would vanish. Normally, a town’s defensive magic array could survive ordinary attacks for a long time, but it would be a different story if the attacks were capable of cracking the barrier. The defensive magic array wouldn’t last long under such an assault.

If Moon Creek Town lost its defensive magic array, players like them would bear the brunt of the ballistas’ attacks.

The Hundred Flowers Palace players weren’t the only ones shocked by the Large Ballistas’ assault. Even the town’s visiting players were stunned, especially the spies from the various major powers.

They had never expected the Large Ballistas to deal additional damage to the town’s magic barrier. This effect was disastrous news for the empire’s various major powers.

Sure enough, a Basic Defensive Magic Array that can block Large Ballistas attacks is too much to ask for, Shi Feng thought to himself as he looked at the cracks that had appeared above the town. He then turned to Seven Light, Remnant Cloud, Silent Blade, and Stubborn Bone, commanding, “It’s time for you to act. Be careful of those Large Ballistas!”


Hearing Shi Feng’s command, the four players in question revealed ecstatic expressions. They then jumped from the wall and charged toward Starlink’s forces.

“What are they trying to do?”

“Are they crazy?!”

“No, that’s not it They don’t seem to be from the Hundred Flowers Palace. Look at their Guild Emblems; I think they’re from Zero Wing.”

Both Starlink’s members and the distant spectating players were shocked to see the four players dash toward Starlink’s army.

“Are Zero Wing’s members trying to escape? Have we scared them silly?” Lu Xingluo sneered at Seven Light and the others. “Relay my commands! Even if they’ve lost their minds, do not let them leave! Blast those four to pieces!”

Four Large Ballistas, which had been aimed at Moon Creek Town, suddenly fired at Seven Light and his companions.

Four massive arrows transformed into streaks of red light as they tore through the sound barrier and flew toward Zero Wing’s members.

However, just before the crimson lights struck Seven Light’s group, four gigantic figures appeared before the players. The streaks of red light stopped abruptly in front of the gigantic figures, incapable of proceeding an inch farther.


Everyone watching these gigantic figures was stunned.

Four massive robots had grasped the ballista arrows, which were as wide as tree trunks, in their palms…