Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2042 - Getting Serious

Chapter 2042 – Getting Serious

While everyone was still shocked by the fact that ten Refinement Realm experts had been instant-killed, Seven Light and his comrades took advantage of the opportunity to make their move.

In the blink of an eye, thirteen figures dashed into Starlink’s ranks with vicious attacks.

Taking the lead, Seven Light activated Wind Blade and arrived before three Starlink MTs and four melee players. He then brandished his swords at the MTs’ sturdy shields.

Tier 2 Skill, Omnislash!

Suddenly, four sword lights radiated out from Seven Light, and although Starlink’s members blocked the spreading lights, the resulting impact forced them to stumble back several steps, revealing several holes in their defenses.

Seven Light then swung his two swords again.

Two sword lights flew toward one of the Tier 2 MTs; one knocked away the MT’s shield while the other bit into the player’s armor. The MT began to lose HP rapidly. Before the rear line healers could react, Seven Light followed up by swinging one of his longswords and activating the Tier 2 Skill, Dispersing Slash.

Suddenly, six sword lights left Seven Light’s longsword, devouring the Tier 2 MT’s remaining HP.

Although Seven Light’s actions seemed slow, from afar, one would only see him charge into the crowd. Then, as if for no reason at all, the seven players around Seven Light stumbled backward. One even fell to the ground, dead…

The results of Stubborn Bone and the other Zero Wing members’ assault were roughly the same.

During the initial confrontation alone, more than 10 of Starlink’s surviving 40 Tier 2 experts had died. Now, less than 30 players remained.

Desert Tiger’s 50-man team had held the advantage against Crimson Heart’s players, but due to the arrival of Cleansed Rue’s team, the situation had taken a turn for the worst for Starlink’s force.

“Vice Guild Leader, we’re too outnumbered. At this rate, it is only a matter of time before they annihilate us!” one of Starlink’s Tier 2 Guardian Knights anxiously reported.

They would’ve still had a chance if they had only needed to face Crimson Heart and Cleansed Rue’s teams, but Shi Feng’s party continued to slaughter their members. It wouldn’t be long before the remaining 20-plus players who fought Shi Feng’s players were eliminated. If Shi Feng’s party finished them off and regrouped with Crimson Heart and Cleansed rue, they would suffer for it.

“Retreat! Everyone retreat!” Desert Tiger grimly commanded. He also realized the outcome that awaited them if they continued this fight. Firing a fierce glare at the distant Shi Feng, he growled, “I’ll let you live for a little while longer!”

Desert Tiger then turned and left, showing no intention of staying for this battle. Seeing this, Starlink’s players began to split up and flee into their surroundings.

Despite the retreat, the Hundred Flowers Palace’s Vice Guild Leaders didn’t try to chase them down.

Starlink’s forces hid all around Moon Creek Town. If they gave chase, they’d only throw their lives away. Moreover, Moon Creek Town’s safety was their priority. They were not here to fight Starlink’s forces.

“Elder Ye Feng, thank you for your help. Had you not arrived in time, I’m afraid that Desert Tiger would’ve slaughtered us,” Crimson Heart said as she approached Shi Feng, complex feelings twisting inside her.

She had wanted to prove the Hundred Flowers Palace’s power to Zero Wing, but she had only embarrassed herself.

Her Dark Cloud Legion had started this operation with 1,000 members. Now, less than 200 remained. In contrast, Zero Wing’s party of fourteen was completely intact. Zero Wing had even escorted Cleansed Rue’s team without allowing the latter to suffer significant casualties.

The difference between them was obvious at a glance.

Finally, she, more or less, understood why Cleansed Rue had so strongly supported an alliance between the Hundred Flowers Palace and Zero Wing.

“You’re welcome.” Crimson Heart’s sincere thanks surprised Shi Feng, but her actions also indirectly acknowledged Zero Wing’s strength. He could now assume that his trip to the Dark Night Empire hadn’t been fruitless. “It is still too dangerous here. Let’s head to Moon Creek Town.”

Crimson Heart nodded in response. She knew that they could be ambushed at any time. Immediately, both the Hundred Flowers Palace and Zero Wing’s members hurried toward Moon Creek Town.

Fortunately, the small army hadn’t encountered any of Starlink’s members during the last of their journey. This allowed the group to reach the town safely.

Once they were in the town, Crimson Heart and Cleansed Rue got to work. Aside from organizing the town’s defenses, they distributed Blood Source Potions to the town’s elite and expert players. They had brought a combined total of 4,000 Blood Source Potions with them, and while it wouldn’t be enough to turn the tide of war, they could ensure the town’s survival for at least three hours against an army of 300,000 elite and expert players.

Three hours were more than enough for the Hundred Flowers Palace’s main army to arrive. Once it did, Starlink would have to pay the price in blood if it wanted to capture Moon Creek Town. Needless to say, Starlink would avoid paying such a price. After all, Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor were its true targets. Losing a large number of elite players to defeat the Hundred Flowers Palace simply wasn’t worth it. Doing so would only give Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor an edge in the overall war.

Following which, time passed uneventfully. Due to Crimson Heart and the others’ arrival, a relaxed energy replaced the previous gloomy atmosphere that had swallowed the town. Many players had even begun to chat about the upcoming Starlink siege as if they weren’t related to the war in the least

“Big Sis Rue, I’ve just received an offline message. The Guild Leader has gathered an army of 200,000 and is on the way now. She should arrive in three hours or less,” Cleansed Rue excitedly told Crimson Emperor, who observed the situation beyond the town from the town’s walls, as she approached.

“Three hours?” Crimson Heart felt as if she had just heard the voice of God, revealing an ecstatic expression.

Surviving three hours against Starlink’s army was no longer a major issue for Moon Creek Town. In other words, Moon Creek Town was practically safe from capture. Next, the Hundred Flowers Palace needed to stabilize its position in the Dark Night Empire. Losing East Valley Town had significantly impacted the Palace’s operations, after all.

Meanwhile, she saw the wisdom in partnering with Zero Wing after witnessing the Guild’s performance. Although, she still deemed it necessary to negotiate the conditions of their partnership.

While Crimson Heart and Cleansed Rue chatted merrily, Moon Creek Town’s crisis alarm rang out, echoing throughout the town. Both Vice Guild Leaders spun toward the distant plains and canyon.

The alarm announced that the scout players stationed on the town’s walls had discovered threatening forces, and the Guild members in town should prepare for battle.

Suddenly, a large army of players slowly entered the spacious plains. There were so many of them that the army looked like a creeping shadow swallowing the plains.

However, these players came to an abrupt halt after crossing a short distance. They quietly stood outside of the Defense Turrets’ range as if waiting for something.

“Are they not here to attack?” Cleansed Rue muttered as she watched Starlink’s grounded army. “Are they hesitating on whether or not to siege the town?”

When an army sieged a town, it usually did so without pause to ensure that the defenders didn’t have time to prepare. Otherwise, the invading army would have to pay a much greater price during the siege. As a superpower, Starlink should know this rule quite well, yet its army still stopped outside of the town. It was unusual.

“They’re not attacking?” Crimson Heart had a bad feeling as she stared at Starlink’s unmoving army. “No, something’s not right Rue, why would an army, which has a high chance of success, stop its advance?”

“To raise morale? Or maybe…the army has absolute confidence in its victory?” Cleansed Rue considered the situation, but after a moment, she realized something.

“Tell everyone to get ready! Activate the defensive magic array! Our enemy likely has more than just 300,000 players! I think we’re witnessing a superpower getting serious for the first time!” Crimson Heart yelled.