Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2041 - She's Telling the Truth

Chapter 2041 – She’s Telling the Truth

Both Starlink’s peak experts and the Dark Cloud Legion’s members couldn’t help but turn due to the arrival of Shi Feng’s party on the plain, broad road.

“How are you here?” Shock overwhelmed Crimson Heart when she saw Shi Feng and his companions. For a moment, she even wondered if she was hallucinating. “Did you manage to circle around Three Kills’ blockade?”

Logically, Zero Wing’s team shouldn’t have made it this far. Three Kills, someone far more powerful than Desert Tiger, had guarded the other path. Even her team suffered such severe casualties trying to get past Desert Tiger, yet Zero Wing’s team had arrived without losing a single member. No matter how she looked at it, Zero Wing’s team did not look like it had engaged in battle.

The only explanation she could think of was that Zero Wing’s members had found another route, allowing them to bypass Three Kills’ team entirely.

“There’s a way to skirt around the blockades? Unfortunately, we didn’t find one. We just fought our way here,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

Crimson Heart was speechless.

She wanted to curse at Shi Feng for joking at a time like this, but before she could comment, she heard a commotion some distance away. Turning toward the source, Crimson Heart noticed a large group of several hundred players rapidly approaching her location.

As these new arrivals grew closer, everyone finally got a clear view of their appearances.

“How is this possible?” Crimson Heart was utterly confused as she stared at the approaching players. This group of players was none other than Cleansed Rue’s team.

She had been able to believe that Shi Feng’s party had successfully evaded Three Kills’ forces due to the party’s small size, but for a 1,000-man team like Cleansed Rue’s to evade detection? That was impossible! To come this far, the team definitely had to break past Three Kills’ blockade.

The most shocking part of all of this was that Cleansed Rue’s team had suffered barely any losses.

More people from the Hundred Flowers Palace? Snapping out of his daze, Desert Tiger stared at Cleansed Rue’s team in confusion.

Starlink had already locked down the Silent Canyon. Crimson Heart’s team should be the only players from the Hundred Flowers Palace in the canyon right now. So, where did these several hundred Hundred Flowers Palace players come from?

“Rue, how did you make it here?” Crimson Heart could not help but ask softly.

“How did we get here? We forced our way through the blockades, of course,” Cleansed Rue said, giving the other Vice Guild Leader a smug smile when she saw Crimson Heart’s confusion.

She had prepared herself for defeat today. She had never thought that Shi Feng’s team was actually that strong.

“Stop lying! There are only two paths leading here; Desert Tiger guarded one, and Three Kills guarded the other. Three Kills was on your path, so how dod you get past his blockade and reach us without suffering significant losses?” Crimson Heart demanded, rolling her eyes at Cleansed Rue.

“I’m telling the truth,” Cleansed Rue said, her smile turning bitter. She then gestured to Shi Feng’s group and explained, “It’s all thanks to Zero Wing. If those fourteen players hadn’t torn apart Starlink’s blockades along the way, we would’ve lost more than several dozen players before arriving.”

“You’re saying that Zero Wing’s fourteen players did all of the work? And your team simply followed them?” Crimson Heart stated, her eyes twitching in anger. It was clear that she didn’t believe Cleansed Rue’s claim based on her expression. She felt that Cleansed Rue had gone too far to put Zero Wing in a better light.

Meanwhile, Desert Tiger made his move during the brief moment the two Vice Guild Leaders conversed.

“Do you think I’ll allow more of your companions to sneak in? No! Those Guild Emblems do not belong to the Hundred Flowers Palace!” When Desert Tiger looked at Shi Feng and the other Zero Wing members, he noticed the six-winged emblems pinned to their chests. Laughing, “Since you all know each other, this will be simple! You will all die together!”

Waving a hand, Desert Tiger commanded, “Surround Them! Don’t let any of them escape!”

“Leave it to us, Boss!”

Suddenly, 50 Tier 2 players split away from the chaotic battlefield and charged toward Shi Feng and Crimson Rue’s group with playful expressions.

To put it bluntly, Crimson Heart’s team wouldn’t even be a warm-up for them. Now that reinforcements had arrived, however, they’d get the opportunity to stretch properly.

“Crap! Stop them, quickly!” Crimson Heart hurriedly commanded her subordinates.

Although she did not know how Shi Feng and Cleansed Rue’s group had made it this far, they currently stood outside of the barrier. Fleeing from Desert Tiger’s subordinates would be far easier for them than for her team. Moreover, Moon Creek Town was within sight. As long as Cleansed Rue could reach Moon Creek Town, they could solve the town’s predicament.

“Can you stop them, though?” Desert Tiger sneered as he watched 100 players from the Dark Cloud Legion move to intercept his 50 players.

The 50-man team was no ordinary expert team. The team included a 10-man special assault squad comprised of Refinement Realm experts that had been specifically trained to fight superior numbers.

Moreover, the assault squad’s members were all Tier 2 Berserkers. It was a team of absolute Strength. Even a Refinement Realm expert team of equal size couldn’t stop this assault squad, not to mention a team without any Refinement Realm experts.

With the 10-man assault squad taking the lead, the 50 Tier 2 players from Starlink tore through the Dark Cloud Legion’s blockade as if it didn’t exist at all. The assault squad easily blocked the Dark Cloud Legion’s attacks before killing several experts in a brief clash. The two sides’ strength was on completely different levels…

“Damn it!” Crimson Heart’s anxiety peaked as she watched Starlink’s Refinement Realm experts approach Shi Feng’s party. However, she couldn’t do anything about the situation. She already had her hands full with the several Refinement Realm experts before her. She could not afford to care about others right now.

But just as the 10-man assault team was about to massacre their targets, a blue light suddenly flashed by them.

So fast! Was that an attack?

The blue light bewildered the 10 Refinement Realm experts, but since it hadn’t affected them, they didn’t pay much attention to it. Instead, they focused on the upcoming assault

After a second, however, these Refinement Realm experts found themselves unable to move. Following which, the scenery before them changed, fading to a dull gray.

What’s going on? Why can’t I move?

Is it some sort of mental restriction?

The assault squad couldn’t help but consider the idea, but very soon, they realized that they weren’t affected by some Skill or Spell. The phenomenon they experienced was simply the result of their deaths.

As the 10 Refinement Realm experts fell lifelessly to the ground, time in the battlefield seemed to freeze as everyone stared at the assault squad’s corpses with wide eyes.

Not only had the flash of blue light killed 10 Refinement Realm experts instantly, but it had also shattered the magic array around Crimson Heart’s team.

“Damn it! What did he do?!”

Many of Starlink’s experts lost their minds after watching the event unfold.

Even Crimson Heart’s team was stupefied.

Is he a monster? An indescribable shock filled Crimson Heart as she stared at Shi Feng, who was in the process of sheathing Killing Ray.

He had killed 10 Refinement Realm experts with a single attack!

Moreover, he had shattered the magic barrier with the same attack! His Strength was incredible!

However, Crimson Heart found Shi Feng’s usage of his Skill to be far more intimidating than his frightening Strength. The assault squad hadn’t run in a line, running at Zero Wing’s party from four different directions to surround the players instead. To kill all 10 Refinement Realm experts with one attack, Shi Feng would’ve had to make multiple minor adjustments to his attack trajectory the moment he activated his Skill. Moreover, the slightest mistake could’ve taken out his allies as well as his enemies. Not only had he successfully slain the approaching Refinement Realm experts, but he had also avoided harming his allies.

This forced Crimson Heart to reconsider Cleansed Rue’s claim.

She was telling the truth?