Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2038 - Frightening Demonkin

Tyrant Dragon and the others reacted very quickly. The instant Mountain Passenger died, they realized that they’d be no match for Shi Feng in a one-on-one fight. They’d have to work together if they hoped to secure their victory.

However, as Tyrant Dragon and his teammates retreated, Shi Feng vanished once more.

By the time he reappeared, he stood before a Level 60, Tier 2 Assassin. He was so fast that he was impossible to follow with the naked eye.

The moment the Tier 2 Assassin saw Shi Feng before him, he understood that escape was futile. Instinctively, the Assassin used his trademark move.

Advanced Combat Technique, Phantom Assault!

As if the Assassin had used a Doppelganger Skill, his body split into four copies, all striking at Shi Feng. It was impossible to determine which copy was real.

In addition, this Assassin possessed an innate talent that amplified the Phantom Assault—Godspeed Response.

The Assassin’s reaction speed was extraordinary, allowing him to execute more movements than normal players in the same time span.

This was a rare talent that could only surfaced in one out of several million people.

When the Assassin combined his talent with Phantom Assault, he could execute attacks that were impossible to block. This even held true against an opponent that could see his attacks.

However, before the Assassin’s four copies could move within three yards of the Swordsman, Shi Feng’s Killing Ray thrust into the Assassin’s heart with lighting speed. A moment later, the Assassin’s three doppelgangers faded, and his HP fell to zero.

When the Assassin noticed that his vision had begun to fade and saw the sword impaling his chest, he opened his mouth in an attempt to ask how the Swordsman had performed the feat. Unfortunately, the Assassin couldn’t produce any sound.

The other members of Three Kills’ personal security team felt an unprecedented fear lanch through them.

Shi Feng was too fast!

Not only was his Attack Speed incredible, but his reaction speed was just as fast.

“He’s a monster! Do not let him get within melee range! Attack him from as far away as possible!” After watching another companion fall, Tyrant Dragon began to retreat away from Shi Feng with even more urgency. He now understood that Shi Feng was beyond their capabilities.

However, a figure abruptly dashed past Tyrant Dragon and intercepted his retreat. The figure also sent two fierce thrusts towards Tyrant Dragon’s blind spots.

“Scram!” Tyrant Dragon bellowed, sensing the incoming attacks. Twisting, he began to spin while swinging his greatsword, the blade deflecting the incoming strikes.

Although he had blocked the two attacks, the figure didn’t end their assault. On the contrary, this figure intensified their attacks.

In the blink of an eye, two more attacks flew towards Tyrant Dragon.

Defending himself, Tyrant Dragon brandished his greatsword once more.


He blocked these attacks as well, but he had to stumble three steps back before he could stabilize his stance.

Strength Combination?! Through his greatsword’s vibrations, Tyrant Dragon knew that he hadn’t just blocked ordinary attacks. He shifted his gaze toward his assailant, wanting to know who attacked him, but he was stunned to see the player before him. “You?”

The person standing in Tyrant Dragon’s way was none other than Seven Light, whom he had been prepared to clash with previously.

Tyrant Dragon simply could not believe that this brat was capable of executing a technique as difficult as Strength Combination.

He isn’t just a Refinement Realm expert? Tyrant Dragon couldn’t help but wonder as he stared at the youth.

Strength Combination was an Advanced Combat Technique. Logically, a mere Refinement Realm expert shouldn’t be able to master the technique. Normally, players could only master it after reaching the Void Realm since it required perfect timing during execution. The slightest deviation would result in a failure to combine the Strength of multiple attacks. A player would only be able to perform such a precise attack once they were capable of pushing their five senses to their very limits.

When Tyrant Dragon recalled Shi Feng’s victory over Mountain Passenger, he felt that his guess was likely correct.

When he realized that this little fellow, who likely wasn’t even 20-years-old, was a Void Realm expert, he couldn’t help his shock.

Within the various Super Guilds, players who could reach the Flowing Water Realm before the age of 20 were considered geniuses among geniuses, treated like priceless gems in their Guilds, yet Seven Light had reached the Void Realm at such a young age. He was likely a genius that only surfaced once every decade.

If that were the case, Tyrant Dragon was no match for Seven Light in a one-on-one fight Even after so long, he hadn’t yet mastered Strength Combination. If he tried to fight a player that had mastered the technique had wielded combat standards on his level, he’d be guaranteed to lose.

No! Tyrant Dragon shook his head, attempting to banish the thought. Based on his previous attacks, he should have more Strength than me. If he really has mastered Strength Combination, the impact would’ve been more intense.

While Tyrant Dragon struggled with his internal debate, Seven Light launched another assault

Like before, Seven Light executed two attacks. After Tyrant Dragon dodged one of the slashes, he used his greatsword to block the other. Since he only took one hit, he didn’t stumble in the slightest.

Sure enough! Tyrant Dragon could not help but smile at Seven Light’s continuous assault. “Although I don’t know how you managed to grasp Strength Combination, based on your attacks, you haven’t mastered it yet.”

“It’s more than enough to take you down!” Seven Light snapped, attacking Tyrant Dragon again.

Seven Light was aware that he hadn’t mastered Strength Combination. If not for the Extraordinary Tower’s training, he wouldn’t have been able to execute the technique at all. Even though he could use the technique, he could only increase his attack’s Strength by 30% after combining his strikes.

He also knew that his minor advantage in Basic Attributes was practically negligible against an expert like Tyrant Dragon. If he tried to face the enemy Berserker normally, he’d simply be seeking an early grave. He could only defeat the man by increasing his attacks’ raw power.

With 30% more Strength in his strikes, the Berserker would suffer a fatal blow if he didn’t counter the attacks properly.

However, after launching several consecutive attacks, Seven Light’s attacks grew weaker, and Tyrant Dragon was able to interrupt them forcibly before he could use the Strength Combination technique.

If Tyrant Dragon had had any access to his Skills, the Berserker would’ve long since had defeated him.

Fortunately, such an intense life-or-death battle had allowed Seven Light to recognize many of his flaws, especially with the way he utilized Strength Combination.

“Brat, you may have a Basic Attribute advantage, but your time will end soon,” Tyrant Dragon commented as he glanced around him. The dark smoke on the battlefield had begun to lessen, signaling that the AOE Silence’s duration was almost over.

He didn’t have access to his true strength while Silenced, but once the effect was gone, he could finish Seven Light off in less than ten seconds. If he was not Silenced, however, he could finish Seven Light in less than ten seconds.

“What about this move, then?” Seven Light asked as he activated his Demonkin Set’s six-piece effect.

Demonkin’s Shadow!

Black smoke began to emerge from Seven Light’s body, enveloping him. The smoke hid his abrupt and rapid growth.

It wasn’t long before the smoke receded, revealing a five-meter-tall Demonkin with a body covered in black smoke. The Demonkin swished his tail and glared at his opponent with frightening, crimson eyes. His killing intent was so intense that nearby players felt as if they had plunged into an icy hell.

Before Tyrant Dragon could react to Seven Light’s sudden transformation, the latter brandished his two swords.

The speed and power of Seven Light’s attacks had increased. Now, Tyrant Dragon had no opportunity to dodge the attacks, forced to receive the strikes with his greatsword.


One attack was already more than enough to send Tyrant Dragon airborne. Before the Berserker could adjust his posture, another slash struck him, Seven Light’s longsword cutting through his armor and plundering all of his HP.

Meanwhile, Starlink’s ordinary experts and Three Kills’ personal security despaired when they saw Seven Light’s transformation into a Demonkin.

Shi Feng was already difficult enough to deal with. Now, another monstrously powerful Demonkin had joined the battlefield.

Not even Three Kills, who watched from atop one of the roadside cliffs, could maintain his composure, looking down at the fight with a somber expression.

“You definitely aren’t from the Hundred Flowers Palace! There is no way the Palace has experts like you! Who are you?!” Three Kills demanded, glaring at Shi Feng and Seven Light.