Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2035 - Extraordinary Tower's Effects

Chapter 2035 – Extraordinary Tower’s Effects

The scout’s report stunned Starlink’s members, clearly wondering if the scout was toying with them.

Even 140 players would die instantly if they assaulted the blockade, much less fourteen players. If the Hundred Flowers Palace wanted to make it past the roadblock, it should’ve at least sent a 1,000-man team like the legion that assaulted DesertTiger’s post

“They must be independent players that want to head to Moon Creek Town. The Hundred Flowers Palace can’t be this stupid.”

“I agree. They’re most likely just passing by.”

The Starlink members that had prepared for a fight began to relax. They also shot the scout disdainful looks for making them worry over nothing.

Starlink hadn’t publicly announced its siege on Moon Creek Town, so very few knew about it. Even if some players discussed the situation on the official forums, most players grinding in the fields rarely checked the forums while they worked. It wasn’t unexpected to find players that didn’t know about Starlink’s blockades as they made their way to the town.

In fact, they had already encountered several similar parties.

“No! These players are different! They’re all wearing Black Cloaks, and I can’t tell who they are. Moreover, their Movement Speed is extremely high. The man leading the charge is also riding an extraordinary Mount. The Mount is around five-meters tall. It should be a Secret-Silver rank or higher. They’re definitely not ordinary players!” the scout hurriedly explained.

Although Mounts had already become popular among ordinary players, Bronze rank and higher were still incredibly rare. Even at this stage of the game, the various large Guilds’ upper echelons didn’t necessarily own Mysterious-Iron Mounts, let alone Secret-Silver rank.

“That’s interesting. Everyone, get ready. We’ll see what they intend to do,” Three Kills commanded, deciding to take the situation seriously after hearing the scout’s explanation.

As the scout had said, ordinary players weren’t capable of obtaining a Secret-Silver Mount Even Three Kills had only recently secured a Secret-Silver Mount.

When they heard Three Kill’s command, Sarlink’s members began to prepare for combat.

After a short moment, a dozen or so figures appeared on the narrow mountain path. Each of them wore a Black Cloak, preventing anyone from determining whether they were independent or Guild players. However, as the scout had claimed, these players rode extraordinary Mounts. The Movement Speed was far greater than Common rank Mounts, at least as fast as Bronze rank-

”Incoming players, listen up! Starlink has closed down this road! Dismount immediately and maintain a 100-yard distance! We’ll kill any who resist!” One of Starlink’s members shouted a warning once the strangers were nearly 100 yards from the blockade.

But despite the warning, these intruders maintained their speed, continuing their approach.

“Didn’t they hear Starlink’s warning?”

“They had to. I’ve even farther from the blockade, and I heard it clearly. How could they not hear the warning?”

“Do they plan to charge through the blockade?”

“That shouldn’t be the case, right? That’s Starlink we’re talking about! Such a small force isn’t even a warm-up for Starlink’s members!”

The hundreds of independent players waiting by the roadside were astonished as they watched the dozen or so figures run towards the blockade without any hesitation.

When the cloaked figures were less than 70 yards from the blockade, another Starlink scout shouted, “A 1,000-man team from the Hundred Flowers Palace has appeared 500 yards away! They’re slowly approaching our location!”

“Is this first group acting as bait?” the Tier 2 Ranger, Mountain Passenger, wondered aloud after taking a swig of his beer. A cold glint flashed in his eyes as he watched the dozen or so mounted figures, saying, “Boss, it seems the Hundred Flowers Palace has seriously underestimated us. Can I go ahead and eliminate those riders by myself?”

“Forget it. I’m sure this team is simply here to delay us, ensuring that the team on Desert Tiger’s road can make it to Moon Creek Town,” Three Kills said, shaking his head. Smiling, he continued, “Since that is the case, take a team of 3,000 and reinforce Desert Tiger’s forces. As for this bait, we’ll leave them to Tyrant.”

“Understood!” Mountain Passenger replied as realization dawned on him.

As a first-rate Guild, the Hundred Flowers Palace had ways of learning about their movements. Information gathering was one of a first-rate Guild’s foundational abilities. Once the Palace had discovered their intentions, it would realize that breaking past Starlink’s forces would be impossible on this path. Hence, they intended to send wave after wave of a dozen or so players at the blockade, buying time for the Palace’s Dark Cloud Legion to force its way past the other blockade.

Unfortunately, Three Kills was the Palace’s opponent this time. If he hadn’t been there, its ploy might have been successful.

“We don’t need to waste time on these suicidal bastards. All ranged players, attack together!” Three Kills commanded as he glanced at Shi Feng and the other Zero Wing players.

The several hundred ranged players atop the cliffs on both sides of the road began to prepare their attacks.

However, just before these players could launch their attacks, a massive, silver magic array appeared above them, covering a 500-yard radius. Pitch-black smoke flowed out of the array, and the Starlink members who were about to use their Skills and Spells found themselves Silenced.

“An AOE Silence?” Mountain Passenger stared at the black smoke, stunned.

AOE Silencing Skills and Spells were extremely rare in God’s Domain. A Tier 3 AOE Silencing Scroll’s value could even rival that of a Tier 4 Magic Scroll, both treasured in any Guild. Naturally, Skills and tools that could employ an AOE Silence were far more valuable, and one would need more than just tens of thousands of Gold to purchase one.

Yet, for the sake of its bait, the Hundred Flowers Palace had used such a trump card. It was insanely extravagant.

“A futile struggle. Do they think Silencing us will change anything? Everyone, use normal attacks!” Three Kills calmly commanded, unfazed by the AOE Silence effect.

The debuff would be crucial in a team fight, Starlink still had an overwhelming numerical advantage. A single normal attack might not pose much of a threat to these trespassers, but several hundred at the same time would. Furthermore, their ranged players had the high ground. These fourteen players would find their attacks difficult to dodge.

Hearing Three Kills’s command, his teammates calmed down and used normal attacks against Shi Feng’s group.

Hundreds of arrows rained down on Zero Wing’s members.

But after a second, Starlink’s players were stupefied.

The fourteen players moved through the arrows as if strolling through their own backyards. None of the arrows touched them…

“How is this possible?”

Starlink’s members, as well as the Hundred Flowers Palace’s scouting Assassins and the spectating players, stared at Zero Wing’s small force with gaping mouths. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

They were talking about several hundred arrows!

Even ordinary experts would be forced to defend themselves with their weapons. Some ordinary experts wouldn’t even block every arrow, taking a few hits. However, not only had Shi Feng and his party dodged every arrow, but they had also done so effortlessly. Based on their appearances, they still had plenty of energy to spare.

However, Seven Light and his companions weren’t surprised in the least

After all, compared to dodging the Extraordinary Tower’s attacks during the trial, avoiding these arrows was child’s play. Not only were the arrows much slower, but their attack trajectories remained unchanged, as well. Players that could reach the 150-yard mark in the first-floor trial could easily avoid these arrows, not to mention Seven Light and his teammates, who had reached the 100-yard mark.

Meanwhile, after Starlink’s Rangers launched several volleys of arrows, Seven Light, Remnant Cloud, Stubborn Bone, Graceful Moon, Silent Blade, and the other Zero Wing experts finally arrived before the blockade’s defensive line.

The Level 58 to 60, Tier 2 Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights that made up the first defensive line had already raised their shields, forming an unshakable steel wall.

But when Seven Light and his comrades reached them, they plowed through the wall without hesitation. They did not even pause to find attack opportunities or target the MTs with weaker equipment.


Whirlwind Slash!

Savage Charge!

Boom… Boom… Boom-

Like a powerful cannon blast, Zero Wing’s players forced a hole through the steel wall almost instantly. Dozens of Starlink’s Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights were sent flying, crashing into the players at the rear.

Not a single Starlink player could be found within 15 yards of the Zero Wing party…