Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2034 - Beyond Salvation

Chapter 2034 – Beyond Salvation

Even Shi Feng was shocked into turning toward Seven Light, the player who asked to face Three Kills.

Seven Light was very young, and he hadn’t come into contact with virtual reality games until recently. In fact, God’s Domain was the first virtual reality game he had ever played. However, his talent was the real deal.

Although he had only joined Zero Wing recently, his talent for combat had helped him rise through the Guild’s ranks to its main force through the Guild’s monthly ranking competition.

Seven Light had also gained more inspiration and strength from his training in the Extraordinary Tower than any of his comrades.

Shi Feng had to admit that the youth was worthy of the title ‘Arclight Sword Emperor,’ the title he had wielded during Shi Feng’s previous life. Although Seven Light had yet to enter the Realms of Truth, he had unexpectedly entered the Realms of Refinement during his training, becoming one of Zero Wing’s few Refinement Realm experts.

“Alright, I’ll leave him to you.” Seeing the fighting spirit in Seven Light’s eyes, Shi Feng could see that he truly wanted to test his newfound strength.

Although Seven Light had only reached the Refinement Realm, which wouldn’t be significant in a superpower, he also wore the Level 60 Demonkin Set Equipment he had obtained after slaying the Demonkin King.

Shi Feng had awarded Seven Light the set equipment after he had entered the Refinement Realm. Rather, only Refinement Realm experts qualified to utilize the set Giving the equipment to an ordinary expert would be a waste. This was also the reason that Shi Feng had only distributed the Level 60 Secret-Silver Equipment to the players who had participated in the Demonkin King raid, while he had stored the Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment in the Guild Warehouse.

Seven Light currently wore the Level 60 Dark-Gold ranked Demonkin chest-piece and boots, while the pants, gloves, helmet, and bracers were Fine-Gold ranked set pieces. Despite the difference in quality, the combination still activated the Demonkin Set’s six-piece set effects.

The Demonkin Set’s effects were no weaker than Cola’s Scorching Wind Set. However, since the Scorching Wind Set was Level 70 equipment, its Basic Attribute bonuses were far higher than the Level 60 Demonkin Set. They were two of the best set equipment available in the game right now.

“Understood! I swear I will complete this mission!” Seven Light could not help his growing excitement when Shi Feng agreed to his request.

After listening to the conversation between Shi Feng and Seven Light, the Tier 2 female Cleric nearby rolled her eyes at Zero Wing’s members. Now, she looked at the players as if they were psychopaths.

Their opponent had once been a Super Guild’s Guild Leader, a legendary existence in the virtual gaming world, yet Shi Feng and Seven Light spoke as if Three Kills was some Common monster that could easily be defeated.

“Big Sis Rue…” The Tier 2 Cleric could not help but tug on Cleansed Rue’s sleeve in a plead for comfort. She hoped that Cleansed Rue would be able to dissuade these lunatics.

Cleansed Rue could only sigh in response, expressing her agreement. However, she found it natural that Zero Wing’s members knew nothing of Three Kills. After all, Zero Wing was a relatively new Guild, so it was ignorant about many things regarding the virtual gaming world’s hierarchy. Furthermore, Three Kills had retired over a decade ago. After all was said and done, she had been responsible for inviting Zero Wing’s members here, and since they wanted to smash through the blockade, how could she demand they sacrifice themselves to simply buy some time instead?

“Vice Guild Leader Rue, it’s almost time. Should we set off?” Shi Feng asked as he turned to Cleansed Rue.

“Are we not going to discuss our plan for getting past the blockade?” Cleansed Rue asked, giving Shi Feng a strange look.

Aside from Zero Wing’s fourteen members, she had brought with her more than 900 experts from the Hundred Flowers Palace to help their operation. Although she recognized Shi Feng and his companions’ strength, they were, at best, as powerful as ordinary peak experts. They should be far weaker than a superpower’s peak experts.

If they did not plan this operation properly, the enemy ranged experts would likely bombard them to smithereens before they could reach the blockade.

Moreover, the defenders had the advantage with how narrow the terrain was. Even a 10,000-strong army could easily hold back several tens of thousands of players for a long time, much less their team of 1,000 players.

“Right! We need to come up with a plan!” Realization dawned on Shi Feng.

Shi Feng’s reaction rendered the Hundred Flowers Palace members speechless. They hadn’t dreamed that Zero Wing would have an upper echelon that lacked such common sense.

“I’ll explain what I have in mind, then.” After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng said, “Later, my team and I will spearhead the charge. Once we tear a hole through Starlink’s defenses, the enemy will concentrate their firepower on us. Catch up with us the moment you see an opening, and try to avoid fighting the enemy as much as possible. We are severely outnumbered, after all. If we try to fight them, we’ll be at a disadvantage.”

As soon as Shi Feng finished, every player from the Hundred Flowers Palace stared at him with dropped jaws.

They would’ve cursed at him if Cleansed Rue hadn’t been there.

How was that supposed to be a plan?

He basically wanted them to launch a kamikaze attack! If they truly followed Shi Feng’s play, they might as well call themselves the ‘Suicide Team!’

Shi Feng wasn’t satisfied with simply sacrificing himself and his players; he actually wanted them to die with him! Did he think that they were just as mentally ill as he was?

“Very good. It seems nobody has any issues with it,” Shi Feng said, nodding his head when no one spoke up. “In that case, let’s begin!”

“Big Sis Rue, are we really going to follow him?” the Tier 2 female Cleric could not help but ask Cleansed Rue softly. She felt that Shi Feng’s mental disorder was beyond salvation.

If they followed his plan, they’d likely be annihilated within 30 seconds. They’d break the record for the fastest 1,000-man team to die while charging a blockade, becoming the biggest joke in the Dark Night Empire.

“Let them go. Once they die, we’ll think of a better plan to buy time. That way, Big Sis Crimson’s side should have an easier time breaking through to the town,” Cleansed Rue said. She released a deep sigh as she watched Shi Feng and the others, who eagerly prepared to charge into Starlink’s blockade.

Meanwhile, hundreds of independent players stood less than 1,000 yards away from Starlink’s fortifications. They all waited for Starlink to let them pass.

Although many of these independent players whispered complaints, none of them could do anything about the roadblock.

Starlink had set up their blockade in a strategic location, choosing a path that was sandwiched between two steep cliffs. Although the cliffs were not magically enhanced, even high-Agility Assassins would struggle to climb across. Furthermore, several hundred ranged experts stood guard atop each cliff. They’d easily spot anyone who attempted to climb the rockside. Getting past this blockade without being detected was simply impossible.

The main path was guarded by several hundred MTs. Tier 2 MTs fully comprised the first two defensive lines, and when they raised their shields in unison, not even a rat could sneak past them, much less players.

“Boss Kill, someone’s trying to break past Desert Tiger’s team. From what we’ve learned, these players seem to be from the Dark Cloud Legion that follows Crimson Heart, the Hundred Flowers Palace’s First Vice Guild Leader. It’s the Palace’s strongest legion, with impressively strong members. Why don’t we take some people and head over to take a look? I’m tired of sitting here and doing nothing; it’s boring,” a Level 60, Tier 2 Ranger holding a beer bottle suggested to the middle-aged man wearing dark-blue plate armor and carrying two war hammers.

“It seems the Hundred Flowers Palace is tired of sitting still,” Three Kills calmly commented. “Since they’re here, let’s greet the Shadow Spear.”

Although Three Kills looked like a man in his forties, and he was relatively slim, lacking muscle mass, he radiated a chilling aura that made players unconsciously distance themselves from him.

If a player examined him with an Advanced Identification Skill, they’d discover that Three Kills was a Level 62, Tier 2 Berserker, and his equipment was just as frightening. He wore a total of five Epic items, four equipment pieces and one weapon. Of the rest of his equipment, the weakest piece was Level 60 Secret-Silver rank. His aura wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to a Level 60 Grand Lord’s.

As Three Kills finished speaking, the Starlink players that were responsible for scouting the surrounding area shouted, “Enemy sighted 500 yards away! A team of players is rapidly approaching!”

With the scout’s warning, Starlink’s elite players began to grow nervous. The Hundred Flowers Palace had been pushed to the brink of destruction, and the Guild wouldn’t spare any expense to get past their roadblock. Even though they had the defender’s advantage, they’d need to spend a long time grinding to recover the lost EXP on the off chance that they died in the upcoming battle.

“Luck is on our side today! We actually get to participate in such an event!”

“Hopefully, I’ll loot a good piece of equipment before this is over!”

Starlink’s Tier 2 experts, however, didn’t respond in kind. Rather, they practically vibrated with excitement and anticipation.

The independent players that waited to move past the blockade had heard Starlink’s experts, showing similar excitement. They rarely witnessed large-scale Guild battles like this, and they were so close to the battlefield. With how chaotic combat was, they might be able to take advantage of the situation to secure some unexpected loot for themselves.

“The Hundred Flowers Palace is launching a two-prong assault?” After giving the matter some thought, Three Kills asked, “How many people are approaching?”

“Um… Fourteen…”