Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2030 - Puppet Production

Chapter 2030 – Puppet Production

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City:

As Shi Feng left the crowded Teleportation Hall, he sensed that the city’s atmosphere had changed.

During his last visit, a depressing energy and dense killing intent had fallen over the city. Now, however, excitement almost crackled in the air. Far fewer Guild players wandered the city streets, replaced by far more adventurer team players than before.

As Shi Feng wandered through the city, he could hear players discussing the recent events in the Witch’s Hill.

“Zero Wing is so amazing! It captured two of the Starlight Alliance’s Guild Towns, back to back! Not even the various superpowers have accomplished such a feat!”

“Who would’ve thought that Zero Wing had such a powerful foundation? After its defeat, the Starlight Alliance disbanded. The corporations supporting it have already pulled out their investments. I don’t think it’ll be long before Zero Wing removed the Guilds that participated in the alliance from the kingdom.”

“Who told those Guilds to be so arrogant and make an enemy of Zero Wing? Didn’t they see how Zero Wing became Star- Moon Kingdom’s overlord in the first place? They’re just reaping what they sow.”

“I know, right? I’ve heard that Zero Wing’s Giant players were responsible for capturing both Guild Towns. They’re four- meters-tall and have immeasurable Strength. Their Defense is off the charts, too. The town’s Defense Turrets barely left a scratch on them. With Zero Wing’s home-ground advantage, who would dare provoke the Guild in the Witch’s Hill now? It really makes you wonder how Zero Wing managed to convert so many players into Giants. I wish I could become a Giant player, too.”

“Isn’t that simple? Just join Zero Wing. Since Zero Wing can convert so many players into Giants, it’s natural that it can do so with even more players. The conversion price is the only concern now.”

“That’s right! After its victory in the Witch’s Hill, independent players in the kingdom are rushing to join Zero Wing in the hopes of securing a conversion slot Although living in human cities will be inconvenient after joining a neutral race, the combat power you get in return is definitely worth it Moreover, once we reach higher levels, we’ll be able to explore more neutral maps. The inconveniences players face as a neutral race will become insignificant”

“Honestly, it isn’t really necessary to join Zero Wing if you want to become a Giant All of the powers in God’s Domain, aside from those in Star-Moon Kingdom, have begun to look into the conversion process due to the performance of Zero Wing’s Giant players. They all hope to amass their own force of Giant experts. It is only a matter of time before someone reveals the conditions for becoming a Giant. Once they do, even independent players like us will have an opportunity to convert.”

The independent players on the streets talked about the battle in the Witch’s Hill passionately. Their eyes glowed as they discussed Zero Wing’s Giant players, and many of them wanted to convert.

At this point, both independent players and the various powers were eager to become Giant players. The era of the Giants had officially begun.

Seeing this, Shi Feng merely smiled as he continued toward the Candlelight Trading Firm.

While the Giant race was impressively powerful, it also had glaring flaws. These flaws included promotion difficulty. Without a Guild’s support, even expert players would struggle to reach Tier 3.

Shi Feng had only chosen to convert 1,000 Shield Warriors and Berserkers into Giants due to Zero Wing’s precarious position. Normally, he would’ve only converted players after ensuring that they understood the implications of the process.

Of course, these Giant players could return to their human state at the cost of a few Levels. If they struggled with their Tier 3 Promotion Quests, they could simply convert back. A few lost Levels wouldn’t be a problem compared to gaining the Giant race’s advantages while they were still at Tier 2.

Moreover, he could determine the truly talented players among the group by converting them into Giants. Before converting, no one would know whether or not they’d be suitable for the race. Once he discovered these talented players, he could grant them the Titan Bloodline, reducing their promotion difficulty and allowing them to shine as true Giant experts.

As for the various large Guilds’ search into the Giant conversion, both Aqua Rose and Youlan had expressed some concerns on the matter. However, Shi Feng paid it no mind. It was only a matter of time before the public discovered Thunder Axe City, and he had already activated the teleportation array that led to it.

Moreover, players would need some time to complete the Conversion Quest, if they used the normal method of becoming a Giant Meanwhile, Zero Wing would reap all of the possible benefits from the Giant race.

It wasn’t long before Shi Feng reached his destination. When he arrived at the Candlelight Trading Firm, he found that Melancholic Smile had already prepared the necessary manpower and materials to begin the Guardian Puppet’s production.

Zero Wing urgently needed capable combatants, so it should work on increasing its members’ levels and the number of Giant players in its employ, but in Shi Feng’s opinion, producing the Guardian Puppets was more meaningful.

In the past, war weapons like the Combat Puppets were a large part of the reason that the various second- and third-rate Guilds had survived the presence of first-rate Guilds and superpowers.

Sin Realm’s decision to use the Steel Puppet against him had been foolish. Combat Puppets weren’t meant to kill individual players. They were only truly valuable when they defended or attacked towns and cities.

Had Sin Realm utilized its Steel Puppet to protect Golden Flow Town, capturing the town would’ve been far more challenging. If Sin Realm had used enough Combat Puppets, Shi Feng would’ve been forced to rely on more than just his Giant players.

Likewise, if he crafted a certain number of Guardian Puppets, the various superpowers wouldn’t be able to threaten Zero Wing.

Inside his spacious Special Forging Room, a small mountain of materials sat atop his work desk. These materials would only be enough to produce one power source for the Guardian Puppet.

Let’s begin! Shi Feng took in a deep breath as he examined the design and materials before him. He then activated the Soul Fire’s and Philosopher’s Hand’s abilities, quickly melting down the Fine Titan Ingots and Mana Stones on the table.

The most difficult part of constructing the Guardian Puppet was its power source. To attempt the production, one had to be an Intermediate Master Forger at the very least. Moreover, an Intermediate Master would have a painfully low success rate. Fortunately, the Philosopher’s Hand’s ability could upgrade Shi Feng to Advanced Master Forger for a short time. This was why Shi Feng dared to attempt producing the Guardian Puppet.

Time passed quickly. Before he had realized it, half a day had passed since Shi Feng had begun to work on the Guardian Puppet.

Dark Night Empire, Silver Pine City:

Silver Pine City was the seventh-largest NPC city in the Dark Night Empire and fully under the Hundred Flowers Palace’s jurisdiction. However, players from other large Guilds roamed the city as if they owned the place. It did not look like the Hundred Flowers Palace’s territory.

Meanwhile, the normally lively Hundred Flowers Palace Residence was as quiet as the grave.

The Palace’s members watched one Guild upper echelon after another enter the Guild Hall’s first-floor hall, shock gripping their hearts when they saw the upper echelons’ faces. Some of these upper echelons had come from other kingdoms and empires, and even the rarely-seen Guild Elders made an appearance.

“What’s going on? Why are all of the Guild’s upper echelons gathering here?”

“Isn’t that Crimson Heart, the First Vice Guild Leader? Wasn’t she managing the Branch Guild in the Holy Hill Kingdom? She’s actually made a trip here?”

The Hundred Flowers Palace’s members went into an uproar when they saw the silver-armored, soldierly woman with crimson eyes.

Although Crimson Heart was the Guild’s First Vice Guild Leader, she disagreed with the Guild Leader’s management choices and had led a group of players to develop in the Holy Hill Kingdom. Her endeavors in the kingdom had been quite successful, and she paid no heed to the main branch’s matters. Even when the Palace’s main branch had fallen into a precarious state, she had refused to make an appearance.

The Guild’s members had never expected Crimson Heart to visit the main branch at this time.

When the crowd saw the three players following Crimson Heart, they couldn’t help but gape. The highest-leveled player among them had reached Level 61. At that level, one could rank among the top 30 experts on the Dark Night Empire’s Ranking List Moreover, all three players wore Level 60 Equipment, with the weakest piece at Secret-Silver rank. Level 60 Secret-Silver Equipment was currently considered top-tier equipment, and not even the various superpowers had many pieces. In addition, these three players had a few pieces of Level 60 Fine-Gold Equipment on them. Most importantly, they all wore two or three pieces of Epic Equipment It was a dazzling sight

Many of the Hundred Flowers Palace’s upper echelons were stupefied to see these three players, as well. They had never considered that Crimson Heart’s development in the Holy Hill Kingdom had been so profitable.

“Crimson, you’re finally here. And here I thought that you planned to abandon the Hundred Flowers Palace,” a Level 60, Tier 2 male Berserker carrying a greatsword on his back commented, smiling when he saw Crimson Heart enter the meeting room.

“My opinions simply differ from the Guild Leader’s, but I am still a member of the Hundred Flowers Palace! Of course, I have to make an appearance for such an important matter! Moreover, Rue has fallen too far! The Hundred Flowers Pavilion can solve its own problems! We don’t need outsiders’ help!” Crimson Heart sapped, frowning as a flash of rage lit her eyes.

As soon as Crimson Heart fell silent, a commotion broke out outside of the meeting room.

Shortly after, Cleansed Rue joined the Guild’s upper echelons with a dozen or so players trailing behind her, all of which wore a six-winged emblem on their chests.