Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2026 - Zero Wing’s Hidden Strength

Chapter 2026 – Zero Wing’s Hidden Strength

“Visit Zero Wing?”

Cleansed Rue wasn’t the only one confused; the several Hundred Flowers Palace upper echelons behind her revealed similarly shocked expressions.

Based on the information they had obtained, Zero Wing only operated in Star-Moon Kingdom, the Ore Empire, and the Black Dragon Empire. Although they had found Zero Wing’s shadow in the Twin Towers Kingdom, the Guild hadn’t accomplished anything in the kingdom thus far.

Yet, Cruel Sword told them that if their Guild wanted to develop in the Twin Towers Kingdom, it needed to speak with Zero Wing?

“That’s right. If you want to gain a foothold in the kingdom, you should speak with Zero Wing,” Cruel Sword said, nodding his head. “Rather, if the Hundred Flowers Palace wishes to develop in the Twin Towers Kingdom successfully, it can only do so with Zero Wing’s help.”

“Does Zero Wing really have that much power?”

The Palace’s upper echelons gave Cruel Sword skeptical looks.

Zero Wing was impressive for reaching its current state without any background or support, but based on the information they had gathered, the Guild shouldn’t have any relation to the Twin Towers Kingdom. They found it hard to believe that Zero Wing could help them develop in the kingdom.

“Of course it does!” Cruel Sword insisted. “The Assassin’s Alliance has only developed so rapidly in the kingdom due to Zero Wing’s assistance.

“I’m sure you know about the abyssal monsters in the Twin Towers Kingdom and how dangerous it is in the fields. If one cannot avoid these monsters, developing in the kingdom would be incredibly difficult. Meanwhile, Zero Wing can construct magic arrays that repel the abyssal monsters, preventing them from approaching a specific area.

“My Guild only established itself in the kingdom due to the magic arrays Zero Wing set up. Unlike the other Guilds in the kingdom, the Assassin’s Alliance has taken almost no damage. It’s only natural that the other Guilds are no match for us.”

“A magic array that can repel abyssal monsters? Zero Wing has such a thing?”

Realization dawned on Cleansed Rue and the others after listening to Cruel Sword’s explanation.

In reality, the Twin Towers Kingdom had just as many resources as Star-Moon Kingdom, but the abyssal monsters’ invasion had crippled it. Even so, the temptation of a new class had lured many players to the kingdom.

If a Guild could construct magic arrays that repelled abyssal monsters, it could monopolize the various resource-rich maps in the Twin Towers Kingdom. It was easy to imagine how quickly a Guild could develop with such an advantage. It was no wonder why the Assassin’s Alliance’s performance in the kingdom had been so impressive, leaving the various first-rate Guilds in its dust.

If what Cruel Sword said was true, then the Hundred Flowers Palace truly needed to visit Zero Wing.

“Thank you for sharing such integral information, Guild Leader Sword,” Cleansed Rue thanked the man. “I’ll have someone deliver the five pieces of Epic Equipment I’ve promised tomorrow.”

Although Cruel Sword hadn’t provided any details about the various powers in the Twin Towers Kingdom, such information paled in comparison to what he had told her about the magic arrays that could repel abyssal monsters.

“Let’s forget about the Epic Equipment. I simply told you this to gain an ally in the Twin Towers Kingdom. Whether or not you persuade Guild Leader Black Flame to help you is entirely up to you. I haven’t actually done anything,” Cruel Sword said, refusing the offer.

“No! I must thank you! Moreover, I’d like to ask you to introduce us to Zero Wing,” Cleansed Rue firmly insisted, shaking her head.

She had some understanding of the Assassin’s Alliance’s situation in the Twin Towers Kingdom. Due to the Guild’s recent growth, the various first-rate Guilds in the kingdom had secretly banded together to hinder the Assassin’s Alliance’s progress. As a result, the Guild hadn’t been able to operate in the kingdom’s central region.

She also knew why Cruel Sword rejected her offer. If the Assassin’s Alliance had a powerful ally, it could reduce the pressure it faced. The Hundred Flowers Palace was undoubtedly a good fit for the position. However, no one would doubt that Cruel Sword had provided the Palace with this information.

“Introduce you?” After giving the matter some thought, Cruel Sword said, “Alright. I’ll talk to Zero Wing about this matter, but I can’t guarantee that the Guild will agree to a meeting.”

After Cleansed Rue and Cruel Sword finished their discussion, Cleansed Rue left the bar with her subordinates and made their way to Zero Wing’s Residence.

She was in such a hurry because of the fact that the Twin Towers Kingdom was the best hope for the Hundred Flowers Palace, and the Guild didn’t have much time left. The longer they delayed shifting their base of operations, the more their Guild would suffer.

As Cleansed Rue and her entourage walked through Zero Wing City’s streets, they noticed that the news of Zero Wing’s dominance in Golden Flow Town had already spread throughout the city. Excitement filled the air, and the merchant players were particularly lively. They found it hard to imagine that not long ago, an intense killing intent had enveloped Zero Wing City.

“There are so many merchant players and Tier 2 players here. Zero Wing City has almost caught up to Dark Night City.”

“This city may not be a match for Dark Night City yet, but the political situation in Dark Night City is chaotic. On the other hand, Zero Wing has full control of its city.”

“That’s true! It really makes you wonder how strong Zero Wing actually is. Zero Wing City is already so impressive, and the Guild has so much influence in the Black Dragon and Ore Empires. It even has influence in the Twin Towers Kingdom!”

The Hundred Flowers Palace’s upper echelons, who rode an advanced horse carriage, gained a newfound appreciation for Zero Wing as they watched players roam the city streets. They had never considered that Zero Wing had hidden so much of its power.

They hadn’t expected that their Guild, a bona fide first-rate Guild, would have to cooperate with Zero Wing to continue its existence in God’s Domain, either.

“Do you think that Zero Wing will agree to work with our Guild?” a female Cleric asked worriedly, gripping a wooden staff in her hands.

“The Hundred Flowers Palace is a first-rate Guild. Even though we have fallen from our peak, we are still much stronger than any ordinary Guild. If Zero Wing wants to secure more resources from the Twin Towers Kingdom, why wouldn’t it agree to cooperate?” a bearded, middle-aged man stated confidently.

“While you’re not exactly wrong,…” Although the female Cleric wanted to offer a retort, she held back.

Zero Wing had the ability to produce a magic array that could repel abyssal monsters. In other words, Zero Wing had the initiative. And while Zero Wing could cooperate with many other Guilds, the Guild was the Hundred Flowers Palace’s only hope.

“Alright, enough talking. We’ve arrived.” Cleansed Rue also knew how disadvantageous the Palace’s current position was, and she was just as worried as her companion. Once the horse carriage rolled to a stop, she disembarked.

Their carriage had stopped before the main entrance to Zero Wing’s Residence.

When Cleansed Rue and her subordinates left the carriage, they were stupefied by the scene before them.

Hundreds of four-meter-tall players stood beyond the main threshold, all of which had reached Level 60. They also wore Level 55-plus, top-tier equipment, and some even sported pieces of Level 60 Fine-Gold Equipment. Their auras were so intense that even peak experts like Cleansed Rue and her entourage couldn’t help but shudder.

However, these Giants weren’t the most eye-catching scene within the Residence. Rather, what caught Cleansed Rue’s attention were the eight, two-story-tall, crimson tanks parked within. These crimson tanks were none other than the rumored Hell Tanks. However, Zero Wing had used these Hell Tanks constantly in the Ore Empire, and they weren’t easy to move elsewhere.

In other words, these eight Hell Tanks weren’t the war weapons that defended Silverwing Town. Zero Wing had only recently built these tanks.

While Cleansed Rue and the others stared at the war weapons in astonishment, a beautiful woman in luxurious clothing approached. When they saw this woman, the representatives from the Hundred Flowers Palace couldn’t help but gasp.

Their reaction hadn’t been a result of witnessing the woman’s elegance and beauty, but because of her Level and equipment

Not only was she a Level 61, Tier 2 Summoner, but she actually possessed three pieces of Epic Equipment. And they had never heard of this woman before!

“Hello, you must be from the Hundred Flowers Palace, correct? I am Youlan, Zero Wing City’s trade manager. Our Guild Leader has heard of your situation from Guild Leader Cruel Sword,” Youlan said as she beamed an elegant smile at Cleansed Rue’s group. “Please, follow me.”