Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2025 - Reversal

Chapter 2025 – Reversal

Cleansed Rue and her entourage were stunned. They couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

They were only able to digest the information after a long moment, and like the other Guild players in the bar, they found the news to be both heavy and outlandish.

“How is that possible? That was the Starlight Alliance’s final town!” Cleansed Rue exclaimed.

Any Guild that paid any attention to the situation in the Witch’s Hill knew how powerful the Starlight Alliance had become. They were also familiar with the alliance’s monster players, which had already displayed frightening combat power. Tier 2 experts weren’t even a match for the High Lord ranked monster players, and the alliance had plenty of Great Lords.

She found it truly hard to imagine that the Starlight Alliance would not increase Golden Flow Town’s defenses after losing Wildhammer Town. After all, Golden Flow Town was the alliance’s last town in the Witch’s Hill, and without it, the Starlight Alliance would have a difficult time wrestling control of the Witch’s Hill from Zero Wing, regardless of how many monster players it had.

“That can’t be true, can it? Didn’t Zero Wing just capture Wildhammer Town? Could the informant have been mistaken? Maybe the information referred to Wildhammer Town?” an upper echelon from the Hundred Flowers Palace asked.

“Are you trying to accuse Green Eye of selling false information?” the Assassin from the adventurer team asked acidically, anger flashing in his eyes as he stared at the Hundred Flowers Palace member.

Those in the intelligence industry prioritized credibility above all else. Accusing the Green Eye of selling false information was the greatest slander one could possibly commit about the adventurer team.

“No, it was just a slip of the tongue,” Cleansed Rue hurriedly apologized before glancing at the several Guild upper echelons behind her.

“This news is no longer a secret. Every Guild in the kingdom likely knows about the event already. If you don’t believe me, you can investigate the Warring Empire yourself. I doubt it will be long before the news spreads throughout Star-Moon Kingdom,” the Assassin said, nodding as his gaze returned to its previously cold indifference. Calmly, he continued, “If you want to set your sights on the Witch’s Hill, based on the current situation, I’d advise against it. Zero Wing captured both Wildhammer Town and Golden Flow Town almost as soon as it decided to do so. Moving against Zero Wing would be utterly foolish after witnessing such prowess.”

Some had once viewed the Starlight Alliance as the last hope of overthrowing Zero Wing in the kingdom, but now, Zero Wing had made an example of the alliance, deterring the various Guilds in Star-Moon Kingdom from considering taking control of the Witch’s Hill and the kingdom itself.

“I very much agree with you. We can no longer imagine Zero Wing’s true strength, and although the Starlight Alliance is formidable, it’s nothing in comparison. The alliance made a massive mistake when it made an enemy of Zero Wing,” a robust, Tier 2 male Berserker said as he approached the stone table the Hundred Flowers Palace and Green Eye occupied.

“While I admit that Zero Wing is very strong, don’t you think you’re blowing things out of proportion? You speak as if you are acutely familiar with the Guild.” the occupants of other tables ridiculed the Berserker.

However, before the jeering could begin, the Tier 2 Berserker removed his Black Cloak and revealed his true appearance. “What?! The Assassin’s Alliance’s Guild Leader is here?!”

The crowd that had been about to laugh at this Berserker promptly fell silent. The Assassin’s Alliance was a bona fide second-rate Guild, and it had been developing rapidly recently. It had already clashed with many first-rate Guilds in the Twin Towers Kingdom and begun to show signs of growing into a top-ranked second-rate Guild. Cruel Sword, the Assassin’s Alliance’s Guild Leader, even ranked on the God’s Domain’s Experts List

If not for Zero Wing’s several great experts overshadowing him, Cruel Sword would’ve been relatively famous in Star-Moon Kingdom.

When they saw Cruel Sword’s face, the various Guild players in the bar stopped treating his claim as a joke. Now, they only had respect for his words.

“Thank you for your warning, Guild Leader Sword.” Cleansed Rue, who still wore her Black Cloak, expressed her gratitude.

“It’s nothing. Vice Guild Leader Rue is being overly polite,” Cruel Sword responded quietly. “However, I’m certainly surprised that the Hundred Flowers Palace wants to develop in Star-Moon Kingdom.”

Meanwhile, the instant Cruel Sword revealed her identity, Cleansed Rue’s expression became vigilant. However, she quickly realized that he had simply used an Advanced Identification Skill. Obtaining such a Skill wasn’t difficult in a top-tier second- rate Guild. She immediately relaxed her guard.

“We have no other choice. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Hundred Flowers Palace’s current predicament,” Cleansed Rue said grimly, her mood souring as she mentioned her Guild’s struggles.

“Ah, that’s right It’s truly a pity.” Cruel Sword lowered his head and fell silent

“But Guild Leader Sword, you are impressive. Not only have you led the Assassin’s Alliance to flourish in Star-Moon Kingdom, but your Guild’s performance in the Twin Towers Kingdom has also been noteworthy,” Cleansed Rue said with a hint of admiration in her gaze. Her eyes also held a flash of anticipation. “Are you here to sell some information on the powers in the Twin Towers Kingdom? The Hundred Flowers Palace is willing to purchase the information for a high price.”

The Palace had also intended to develop in the Twin Towers Kingdom and had investigated the situation there, but the Guild hadn’t invested significant resources yet, focusing on securing the hidden class, Demonblade Knight, by slaying abyssal monsters

Now that the situation in Star-Moon Kingdom had reached this point, the Hundred Flowers Palace had no hope of developing in the kingdom. If Zero Wing were able to crush a local power like the Starlight Alliance so decisively, eliminating a foreign power would be child’s play.

If the Hundred Flowers Palace tried to establish itself in Star-Moon Kingdom, it would face utter annihilation.

No power would tolerate others in its territory, where resources were limited. Otherwise, God’s Domain’s various powers wouldn’t compete so desperately.

Hence, the Twin Towers Kingdom was the Palace’s last hope.

The Twin Towers Kingdom was in chaos due to the threat of abyssal monsters. Even so, quite a few powers contested for control of the kingdom. Meanwhile, the Assassin’s Alliance was one of the few outstanding performers in the battle for prominence, but the Guild had only focused on developing in maps near Star-Moon Kingdom.

“Information on the Twin Towers Kingdom?” Glancing around him, Cruel Sword replied, “This isn’t the place for that discussion. Let’s head to one of the rooms upstairs.”

He had already attracted the crowd’s attention in the bar, and although others couldn’t listen to their private discussion, there was the possibility that one of these players possessed a special Skill that would allow them to do so.

Cleansed Rue nodded, understanding that the bar was too public for their talk.

Cruel Sword and Cleansed Rue then left for a VIP room on the second floor alongside their subordinates. Although the VIP room was not large, its design was magnificent, and it could easily accommodate more than a dozen people.

“Guild Leader Sword, let’s be straightforward. If you are willing to sell detailed information on the Twin Towers Kingdom, we’re willing to offer you five pieces of Epic Equipment,” Cleansed Rue said as soon as she took a seat.

“The Hundred Flowers Palace is truly a first-rate Guild. Even after falling so far, it still has such a stable foundation,” Cruel Sword commended, surprised.

Obtaining a single piece of Epic Equipment was incredibly difficult, and despite the Assassin’s Alliance’s recent achievements, the Guild had fewer than 20 Epic items. The Guild treated these items as their foundation, refusing to sell them under any circumstances.

“We offer the price because the Assassin’s Alliance is worth it. Do you agree to our offer, Guild Leader Sword?” Cleansed Rue asked, smiling.

The Assassin’s Alliance’s performance in the Twin Towers Kingdom had been exceptional. It operated alongside quite a few first-rate Guilds, and the fact that the Assassin’s Alliance had laid claim to a significant portion of the kingdom, despite its second-rate status, was astounding. Without enough strength and understanding of the kingdom, accomplishing such a feat would’ve been impossible.

“I understand your determination to develop in the Twin Towers Kingdom,” Cruel Sword said. With a serious expression, he continued, “However, I’m afraid you are asking the wrong Guild. If the Hundred Flowers Palace wishes to develop in the Twin Towers Kingdom, you shouldn’t look to the Assassin’s Alliance.”

“Why not?” Cleansed Rue gave Cruel Sword a confused look. She didn’t understand what he was trying to tell her. Was the man refusing to cooperate? Or was he dissatisfied with the compensation she offered?

“Don’t misunderstand me. It’s not that I don’t want to trade with you, but I’m afraid that my Guild doesn’t have the ability you are looking for,” Cruel Sword explained when he saw the Vice Guild Leader’s heavy expression.

“You must be joking. If the Assassin’s Alliance can’t help us, then who in the kingdom can?” Cleansed Rue wondered if the man before her were playing some kind of joke.

“No! You might think that I’m joking, but I’m telling you the truth,” Cruel Sword said as he shook his head. “If your Guild wishes to develop in the Twin Towers Kingdom, you need to visit Zero Wing. If you do, your Guild might be able to make a comeback.”