Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2022 - True Slaughter

Chapter 2022 – True Slaughter

As soon as Sky View gave the command, the monster players and Tier 2 experts under his lead charged toward the central plaza.

“Black Flame! Surrender your life!”

Once Sky View was within 50 yards of Shi Feng, he activated his Berserk Skill, and the surrounding Mana surged toward him. His aura intensified until it was no weaker than the monster players’ around him. He then pointed his staff at Shi Feng.

Small, crimson magic arrays began to surround Shi Feng. Spears of raging fire then flew from the arrays, one after another.

Tier 2 Curse, Violent Flame Spears!

This Curse was normally as powerful as a Tier 3 attack, and with the effects of Sky View’s special Berserk Skill, it had grown even more powerful. Now, each flame spear had the power to rival an attack from a Grand Lord of the same level.

Even a Tier 2 MT with active Berserk and Lifesaving Skills would die instantly if they faced 28 flame spears from multiple directions.

However, Shi Feng effortlessly deflected the spears with his swords. Moreover, he had done so without moving. In the end, every flame spear had brushed past him and crashed into the ground without accomplishing anything.

Seeing that his first attack had failed, Sky View promptly cast his second ultimate move, the Tier 2 Curse, Flaming Fangs.

Although Flaming Fangs only consisted of five attacks, far fewer than Violent Flame Spears, Sky View had full control of all five. In comparison, he could only aim the Violent Flame Spears when he activated the Spell. Once the Spell launched the attacks, the spears’ trajectories couldn’t be altered.

The five Flaming Fangs circled Shi Feng like a crimson ring around him. With how fast the Flaming Fangs moved, guessing where and when they’d strike was almost impossible.

“Die!” Once he found an opportunity, Sky View swung his staff.

The five Flaming Fangs flew toward Shi Feng’s blind spots, altering their trajectories multiple times as they approached. Boom! Boom! Boom!

A round of explosions shook the battlefield, but Shy View didn’t express joy even after releasing his attacks. He had practiced Flaming Fangs tirelessly to master the Spell. He had even created a Basic Combat Technique of his own to amplify the Spell’s effectiveness, yet the galaxy of stars that had manifested around Shi Feng had rendered all five Flaming Fangs useless.

It was as if all of the effort he had invested was in vain…

“Guild Leader Sky, we’ll help you!” Shadowlight Axe ran towards Sky View alongside a dozen or so monster players.

“No! Wait!” Sky View yelled at Shadowlight Axe to stop as he watched Shi Feng, who remained unharmed.

With the experience of countless life-or-death battles in God’s Domain, Sky View had honed his instincts to an extraordinary level. He was particularly sensitive to the threat of death and danger. After his brief clash with Shi Feng, he knew that the man wasn’t as simple as rumors had made him seem.

His Flaming Fangs’ attacks had the Strength of a Grand Lord of the same level, yet Shi Feng had blocked all five of without any Skills; the man had simply relied on his own Strength. Shi Feng’s Strength definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. With a single mistake, they could all die in an instant.

If they wanted to contend with a player of such Strength, they would need multiple Great Lord ranked monster players or the Starlight Alliance’s peak experts with active Berserk Skills. However, only one of the dozen or so monster players accompanying Shadowlight Axe was at the Great Lord standard. Based on Shi Feng’s serene performance, the three of them wouldn’t be enough to take the Swordsman down.

Furthermore, Shi Feng hadn’t activated a Berserk Skill. Sky View realized that he’d need many more people to defeat this man.

He’s already honed his instincts to such a beast-like level? Shi Feng flashed Sky View a surprised look as the man kept his distance.

While Sky View and Shadowlight Axe watched Shi Feng warily, Roaring Flame and Wind Cloud had arrived with their respective teams.

“Black Flame! We’ve sealed off all paths out of this plaza! You and your Guild members have no hope of escape!” Wind Cloud shouted, smiling faintly at Shi Feng.

The town only had six paths that led to the central plaza, and the Starlight Alliance’s monster players had blocked all six. Moreover, they had used a spatial seal to lock down Golden Flow Town, preventing players from using Teleportation Skills or tools. Not even Tier 3 Instantaneous Movement Magic Scrolls would be effective within the seal. Now, all they had to do was eliminate Shi Feng and his Giant players.

“The seal’s complete already?” Sky View could not help his grin after hearing Wind Cloud’s declaration. “Guild Leader Black Flame, it would seem that today, you will finally fall! Are you going to hand your life over obediently? Or should we take our time with killing you? Make your choice!”

If Shi Feng’s Giant players had any hope of fleeing Golden Flow Town before, the Starlight Alliance’s players had dashed it. Now that the seal was in place, it was only a matter of time before Shi Feng and his force fell.

“Sky View, why are you wasting your words on him? Why don’t we just kill him?” Shadowlight Axe asked.

“What a pity. I really wanted an exciting battle, but I guess that won’t be possible,” Roaring Flame sighed as he glanced at the eager crowd around him.

“Black Flame, how can you appear so calm in the face of death? Truly arrogant!” Sky View was displeased with what he saw as he watched Shi Feng, who still maintained his composure. He then laughed and ridiculed, “Or is the almighty Guild Leader Black Flame scared stiff? Do you think you can turn the tables by using the same large-scale-destruction Spell you used in Wildhammer Town? Even if you do, it will be futile! We aren’t going to stand still and let you destroy us! Even with that Spell, we won’t let you accomplish anything here!”

The Starlight Alliance members nodded in agreement. They then began to spread out.

When they had learned about the means Zero Wing had used to capture Wildhammer Town, they had organized appropriate countermeasures. They had divided their main combat power into several groups. They would not let Zero Wing destroy their main combatants so easily again.

“It seems that everyone is here now,” Shi Feng said as he eyed the hundreds of monster players and smoke monsters around him. In a mild tone, he continued, “In that case, let’s begin the real battle!”

“Still so calm in the face of death!?”

“Do you truly think that you have a chance?!”

“Black Flame, your arrogance ends here!”

“Get out of the way! I’ll hack him down with my axe!”

The Starlight Alliance’s upper echelons were enraged when they heard Shi Feng’s reply. They clearly had the upper hand, yet Shi Feng remained defiant.

However, as the Starlight Alliance’s ranged members moved within 40 yards of the Swordsman, beginning to cast their Spells and nock their arrows, Shi Feng pulled a crimson globe from his bag.

Suddenly, a colossal magic array formed above the crowd, driving the ambient fire-type Mana berserk.

In the blink of an eye, the fire-type Mana gathered before Shi Feng and formed an eight-meter-tall Flame Dragon. Once the Fire Spirit took shape, it released a deafening roar.

“It seems that you’re all mistaken about something. I haven’t remained here because I couldn’t leave. Rather, I’ve been waiting for you to gather around me.

“Let me say it again; let’s begin the real battle!”