Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2019 - Destruction of Wildhammer

Chapter 2019 – Destruction of Wildhammer

The instant Shi Feng activated Miniature World and Ring of Brilliance, a silver ripple spread out from him. When the silver ripple passed through the non-Zero Wing members, their bodies immediately felt heavier as their Basic Attributes decreased. Even their reaction speeds had become slightly sluggish.

Meanwhile, this silver ripple quickly engulfed the entire Wildhammer Town.

“What’s going on? Why can’t I contact the outside world?”

When the ripple stopped expanding and disappeared, a translucent barrier enveloped the entire Wildhammer Town. Some of the players inside the town quickly discovered that communications with the outside world had been completely cut off. They couldn’t even access Star-Moon Kingdom’s official forums.

The Starlight Alliance members present in the town started panicking.

Not only were their Basic Attributes and physique heavily suppressed, but they were also rendered incommunicado. They naturally wouldn’t be able to ask for reinforcements and could only deal with the 1,000 Giant players, who suddenly had their Attributes enhanced, all by themselves.

They were already at an absolute disadvantage even when fighting against the Giants in their normal state. Now that the gap in Attributes had been further widened…

“Alright, I won’t mind if anyone else inside the town wishes to help the Starlight Alliance. Now, let’s start a delightful fight!” Shi Feng said as he swept a glance at the various independent players and adventurer teams, who were showing hints of wanting to take action.

Although Shi Feng did not speak that loudly, it would be hard for everyone not to hear him as the street was deathly silent right now. The various independent players and adventurer team members involuntarily avoided his gaze, their eyes wide with fear.

“Amazing! With just a few words, Black Flame scared the players that were planning to take advantage of the situation into inaction!”

“Of course! After seeing all the cards Zero Wing has revealed thus far, in addition to hearing Black Flame’s calm tone, who would dare make an enemy out of Zero Wing now?”

“As expected of Zero Wing’s Guild Leader. With his charisma and intelligence, the Starlight Alliance will definitely have their hands full dealing with Zero Wing. With this, the Starlight Alliance will most likely have a difficult time getting the players inside the town to help out.”

When the upper echelon of the various Guilds that were not part of the Starlight Alliance saw this scene, they felt great admiration for Shi Feng. At the same time, their wariness of Zero Wing also further increased.

At this moment, Eight Feathers, who had reached the battlefield, waved his hand. Immediately, several players hidden along the street took out Tier 3 large-scale destruction Magic Scrolls and aimed the scrolls at Shi Feng. In the next moment, gigantic magic arrays bloomed above the main street, one after another.

“Black Flame! Pay for your arrogance!” Eight Feathers shouted as he glared at Shi Feng and the other members of Zero Wing. “Attack!”

Nine Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spells activated simultaneously, the AOE of the Spells covering the entire main street.

The power of the Spells was much greater than the attacks of the Defense Turrets. Shields also wouldn’t be effective against these Spells; MTs could only endure them. Even if the Giant Shield Warriors activated their Lifesaving Skills and survived this combined attack, they would most likely have very little HP remaining.

As for Shi Feng, even if the Swordsman was more amazing, he would not be able to kill the nine players activating the nine Magic Scrolls within the scrolls’ short activation time.

The nine gigantic magic arrays in the sky immediately released a blinding glow and started rapidly sucking up the Mana available in Wildhammer Town’s main street

However, even after seeing that the nine Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spells were about to activate, Shi Feng still showed no intention of dodging. Instead, he merely waved his hand casually.

Forbidden Domain!

A gray ripple spread out from Shi Feng and shattered the magic arrays in the sky, allowing the rampaging Mana to calm down. Following which, the nine large-scale destruction Spells vanished without accomplishing anything.

What?! Why does he have a large-scale Silencing Domain?! Eight Feathers’ eyes widened as he checked the nine players responsible for activating the large-scale-destruction Magic Scrolls. At this moment, the Magic Scrolls these players previously wielded had already disappeared. This situation was clearly the effect of the Silenced debuff.

The Silenced debuff made attacks using Skills and Spells impossible. If they were to fight inside this Silencing Domain’s AOE, they would be in an extremely disadvantageous position. Now, their only way to repulse Zero Wing’s members was by utilizing the Defense Turrets and Arrow Towers. Although these defensive structures would have little to no effect against Zero Wing’s Giant players, these defensive structures could still buy them time to escape the Silencing Domain’s AOE.

Just as Eight Feathers was about to have the Defense Turrets and Arrow Towers bombard the main street, a clear and crisp voice suddenly entered his ears.

“Now that you’re done attacking, it’s my turn now. Hopefully, this Spell will be to your satisfaction!” Shi Feng said as he pointed a finger to the sky.

Flame Domain!

Immediately after, Eight Feathers saw a massive, crimson magic array appear overhead, covering nearly half of the entire main street.

“Not good!”

At this moment, the magic array encompassed every Starlight Alliance member on the main street Before Eight Feathers could order a retreat, however, a column of flames descended from the magic array, the flames visible to all the players in Wildhammer Town. The ground within the AOE of Flame Domain instantly turned into lava. Meanwhile, even the Level 80, Tier 2 NPCs didn’t survive, dying and turning into ashes after getting caught within the fiery hell for a few seconds.

After the column of flames disappeared, the scene that appeared had all the onlookers gasping involuntarily.

Several thousand players and a few hundred NPC soldiers had disappeared, just like that. Now, nearly half of the main street was void of life, with plenty of player items strewn across the street.

Most importantly, the players killed by the column of flames were the main fighting force of the Starlight Alliance. This loss was much more severe than if the Starlight Alliance had lost several tens of thousands of Tier 1 elite members. After all, while Tier 1 and Tier 2 experts were somewhat capable of hindering Zero Wing’s Giant players, Tier 1 elite players were practically cannon fodder in front of the Tier 2 Giant players.

As for Shi Feng, after seeing that he had torn a hole in the enemy encirclement, he commanded, “Everyone, advance! Our target is Knight’s Judgment’s Residence!”

A part of the reason why capturing a town or city was considered difficult was the external defenses. Enemies would have a difficult time breaking into the town or city. However, unlike cities, towns did not have defensive magic arrays to prevent enemies from teleporting directly into the town via a Skill or tool.

In a situation where the Defense Turrets and Arrow Towers were ineffective, the only trouble they would face was the Tier 2 players and NPC soldiers garrisoning the town. Previously, the Starlight Alliance’s Tier 2 players and NPC soldiers had a considerable numerical advantage. However, after the blast from Flame Domain, that advantage had diminished. Moreover, Miniature World was also suppressing the surviving players and NPCs. Hence, Shi Feng was no longer worried about facing any problems and commanded his team to head straight for their target.

After Shi Feng gave the command, the 1,000 Giant players promptly charged toward Knight’s Judgment’s Guild Residence. The Tier 2 Giant Berserkers in front easily tore through the Starlight Alliance’s defensive lines. The Starlight Alliance’s members could not even slow Zero Wing’s advance. Only the Tier 2 experts that had activated their Berserk Skills could contend against the Giants.

However, Zero Wing’s Giant players also possessed Berserk Skills. Like rampaging wild beasts, the several Tier 2 Giant Berserkers who had activated Power of Darkness were capable of killing over a dozen players with a single attack. Even the Level 80, Tier 2 NPCs received a one-sided beating when going up against them.

Presented with this scene, the spectating independent players did not dare to leave their current positions, deeply afraid of attracting the attention of these violent Giant players. As for the adventurer teams and members of small Guilds that were previously planning to take advantage of the situation to attack Zero Wing, they had given up entirely on their thoughts. They also celebrated the fact that they had not hastily taken action.

Before the players inside Wildhammer Town could recover from their shock, Zero Wing’s Giant players had already charged into Knight’s Judgment’s heavily fortified Residence, destroyed the Guild Flag located on the first underground floor, and obtained Wildhammer Town’s Town Order. With this, the Starlight Alliance had lost all control over Wildhammer Town.