Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2018 - Battle at Wildhammer

Chapter 2018 – Battle at Wildhammer

Due to the frightening power the axe-wielding Giant player had just displayed, the bystanders on the street had fallen silent. When they looked at the shattered ground beneath the Giant player’s feet, they could not help but grow nervous.

“So strong!”

“Zero Wing isn’t seriously attacking Wildhammer Town, is it?”

“Has Zero Wing gone insane?! It actually dares to attack Wildhammer Town directly?!”

If they had been confused about why such a small group from Zero Wing had appeared in Wildhammer Town, they weren’t now. Zero Wing intended to strike out against the Starlight Alliance, and it would use Wildhammer Town to do it, the alliance’s most important base.

Just as the surrounding crowd whispered among themselves, Zero Wing’s Tier 2 Giant players annihilated the first 100-man patrol squad that had greeted them. Even Knight’s Judgment’s Tier 2 players fell helplessly before the Giant Berserkers.

After witnessing the Giant players’ combat power, the bystanders fled the scene, only daring to watch the battle from a long, safe distance.

“Commander, the bystanders have left the battlefield. Should we open fire?” One of the players on duty at the Defense Turret turned to Eight Feathers, asking for confirmation.

Zero Wing’s Giant players had displayed far greater combat power than they had expected. The patrol squad had consisted of 100 elite and expert players from Knight’s Judgment, yet these several dozen intruders had wiped out the squad in less than ten seconds. The Giant players’ mighty Strength had carved out numerous craters on the town’s main street If these players were allowed to wreak havoc, Wildhammer Town would suffer significant damage.

“Sure enough, Zero Wing has come prepared. Open fire! Annihilate them before they leave that street! We cannot let them cause damage to the rest of the town!” Eight Feathers commanded through the team chat Even he felt slightly threatened as he watched Zero Wing’s Giant players. If they were allowed to destroy the town and kill these players, the consequences would be unimaginable.


Upon hearing Eight Feathers’ command, the players manning the town’s Defense Turrets went into action. Very quickly, over a dozen Defense Turrets turned and fired upon the Giant players simultaneously.

A series of explosions rang out from the Defense Turrets. With the turret’s range and AOE attacks, Zero Wing’s members had no hope of escaping the blast radius in time.

However, a dozen or so Tier 2 Shield Warriors among the Giant players suddenly stepped forward and raised their shields, receiving the cannon shells.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

The cannon shells exploded as they collided with the shields, and the resulting shockwaves were so intense that even the players some distance away could feel them. However, once the dust settled, the revealed scene stupefied the watching players.

Not only had the Giant Shield Warriors survived the attacks, but they also remained in their original positions; not one of them had taken a single step back. Moreover, the Shield Warriors hadn’t even lost 10% of their HPs.

“How high is their Defense?! Those were Tier 3 attacks!”

The players manning the Defense Turrets stared at the barely injured intruders in astonishment

The Defense Turret’s cannon shells could even deal over -300,000 damage to Tier 3 NPCs. The attacks would kill players instantly if they landed. A Tier 2 Shield Warrior with both a Berserk Skill and a Lifesaving Skill might survive, but only barely. However, the Giant players had taken almost no damage after receiving the Defense Turrets’ attacks. They would look as good as new if they simply dusted off their armor.

“Commander, what should we do?” the players manning the Defense Turrets asked Eight Feathers desperately.

“Prepare to fire another around! Once the Cooldown ends, fire!” Even Eight Feathers watched Zero Wing’s Giant players with a grim expression. Finishing them off would take quite some time with how high these Giants’ Defense and Strength were. Meanwhile, these dozen or so Giant players would wreak havoc in Wildhammer Town.

The moment Eight Feathers finished issuing his command, he caught sight of more Giant players emerging from the black hole. He was so shocked that his mind froze momentarily.

But contrary to his expectations, these Giant players didn’t start a rampant slaughter. After exiting the black hole, the new arrivals guarded their position alongside the first group of Giants.

“Quick! Notify the Guild Leader! Request reinforcements to Wildhammer Town immediately!” Eight Feathers barked as a foreboding feeling overwhelmed him.

When one normally launched a surprise attack on an opponent’s town, they’d do their best to avoid the town’s defenses and cause as much destruction as possible. After all, the Defense Turrets and Arrow Towers’ power was no laughing matter, and every Guild Town had plenty of NPC soldiers for security.

Once the invaders were surrounded, they’d be doomed.

However, Zero Wing’s Giant players showed no intention of doing so. They simply stood on the main street and wasted time as they fell into a defensive formation. No matter how one looked at the situation, their behavior seemed foolish.

The more time Zero Wing wasted, the more of an advantage the town’s defenders would have.

But was Zero Wing truly that foolish?

As Eight Feathers watched more Giant players gather on the main street, his hands began to tremble. However, he didn’t tremble with excitement, but because he had considered a possibility.

His enemy didn’t care about advantages or disadvantages. Zero Wing had full confidence in its ability to capture Wildhammer Town.

The players manning the Defense Turret felt that Eight Feathers was making a mountain of a molehill. The intruders were merely a small group of Giant players, not a 1,000,000-strong army. Did they really need every Guild in the Starlight Alliance to send reinforcements?

However, despite their opinions, they followed the Ranger’s orders and contacted their Guild Leader, letting him decide what should be done.

After a short moment, 1,000 Giant players had gathered in Wildhammer Town. The crowd’s breathing grew heavy as they watched the invaders. A single Giant player could easily negate a Defense Turret’s attack, and a thousand of these monstrous players now stood in the middle of their town…

Tension shot through the town’s independent players and those from Knight’s Judgment.

When everyone began to assume that nothing else would emerge from the black hole, a figure, which was considerably smaller than the Giant players, appeared. When they saw this figure, both the independent players and Knight’s Judgment’s members grew even more nervous.

“Black Flame?!”

“Black Flame is leading the attack himself?”

Everyone in Star-Moon Kingdom knew the name ‘Black Flame.’ He was a legendary existence that had the power to stand against a Tier 4 Mythic monster by himself for a short time. Even now, everyone could easily recall his achievements.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you actually decided to visit Wildhammer Town personally? This is truly surprising. To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?” Eight Feathers asked, deliberately dragging his words to buy time.

Relying on a bunch of Defense Turrets and NPC soldiers wouldn’t be nearly enough against an expert with Mythic-level combat power. They needed to use their Guild’s trump card, but activating it required time.

“Since the Starlight Alliance has declared war on Zero Wing, we are here to issue our response and wipe the Starlight Alliance from Star-Moon Kingdom’s map!” Shi Feng responded, his tone casual. It was as if he knew that Eight Feathers was trying to buy time and didn’t mind at all.

“Do you think that’s really possible with just 1,000 players?” Glancing at the time, Eight Feathers grinned and shouted, “Activate the magic array!”

Suddenly, a gigantic magic array manifested, enveloping the main street and several adjacent streets. The intruding expert’s Basic Attributes plummeted as the powerful pressure from the array washed over them.

This was Wildhammer Town’s trump card_a large-scale Intermediate Magic Array that could even survive against a Mythic monster’s attacks for a considerable amount of time. The enemy players caught within the array would lose at least 20% of their Basic Attributes.

“Why not?” Shi Feng responded by activating Miniature World and Ring of Brilliance.