Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2016 - Giant Conversion Zero Wing, Four Towers of Elements:

Chapter 2016 – Giant Conversion Zero Wing, Four Towers of Elements:

Due to the Four Towers of Elements’ teleportation ability and the Witch’s Hill’s popularity, an extraordinarily large number of players gathered at the towers to use the teleportation service each day. Even though the Starlight Alliance had placed a teleportation seal on Zero Wing City, such teleportation seals could only be maintained for a certain time; constant seals didn’t exist. Hence, for the sake of safe and convenient travel, players still visited the Four Towers of Elements.

However, the players currently visiting the towers were in an uproar.

“What’s going on? Why is the teleportation fee suddenly so expensive? I’m only traveling within the Witch’s Hill map, yet I have to pay more than 1 Gold? This is daylight robbery!”

“Even as a Tier 2 player, I only earn one or two Gold Coins in profit per day in the Witch’s Hill. Has Zero Wing gone insane?”

The players visiting the Four Towers of Elements heatedly debated over the sudden increase in teleportation fees. Meanwhile, the multiple 1,000-man teams that had lined up in one of the towers was just as stunned by the discovery.

“Commander, Zero Wing is too sinister. It raised the teleportation fee. We have 20,000 people that need to travel, which will cost more than 23,000 Gold in total. Zero Wing has done this on purpose,” a female, Tier 2 Cursemancer in a set of gray robes fumed as she complained to Roaring Flame.

Although their adventurer team had a lot of members, they didn’t have nearly as many funds as a first-rate Guild. Currently, they had only saved up around 70,000 Gold in their shared warehouse. If they spent over 23,000 Gold on teleportation fees, they would lose over one-third of their adventurer team’s liquid funds, significantly impacting their ability to purchase resources and nurture new members.

“It seems Zero Wing has noticed us, but this type of greeting is certainly unorthodox,” Roaring Flame said, laughing. “Since Zero Wing doesn’t want to allow us to teleport out of the city, we’ll walk.”

“Zero Wing is cowardly. It is afraid of us working with the Starlight Alliance against its forces, so it has used this plan deliberately to buy time?” the Level 59, Tier 2 Cursemancer asked, clicking her tongue. “I had thought Zero Wing was a mysterious and powerful Guild, but it seems that there’s nothing really special about it after all. Does Zero Wing really think delaying us will change anything?”

With no other choice, the War Riders left Zero Wing City through the city’s entrance.

Meanwhile, a 100-man team stood on the top floor of the tower the War Riders had left. Although these team members had hidden under Black Cloaks, their auras were intense enough to drive Tier 2 players away.

If Shi Feng were present, he would have noticed that this 100-man team consisted of Blackwater’s Heavenly Eagle Legion, established by Xuanwu Chisha. Quite a few of these players were Refinement Realm experts, and Snow Scar, the leader of the team, had recently risen through the ranks on the God’s Domain’s Experts List, earning the title of ‘Spear Demon.’

“So, it’s true; as the report stated, the War Riders have joined the Starlight Alliance. Zero Wing is in for a tough fight.”

“Zero Wing is pitiful. It’s going to lose its position as Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild before we even have a chance to take action.”

“That’s right! Sin Realm has deep connections with Beast Emperor, so the Guild has gotten its hands on the power to transform players into monsters. Based on what we’ve learned, the Star Alliance has prepared over 3,000 monster players to ensure Zero Wing’s destruction. It’s also dispatched another 20,000 experts, and the War Riders are providing reinforcements. As long as Zero Wing leaves this city, the Starlight Alliance will devour it.”

“I’ve heard that Roaring Flame, the War Rider’s commander, is exceptionally strong. Seeing him now, he truly seems powerful. It’s no wonder why he dared to reject the Vice Guild Leader’s recruitment offer.”

“Seeing his strength makes me want to challenge him to a duel.”

“I’d rather duel Black Flame. I want to see if he is as powerful as the rumors make him out to be.”

“Alright, enough! Don’t forget our task!”

As the discussion reached a tipping point, Snow Scar interjected. Everyone on the team immediately shut their mouths. Unlike when the Heavenly Eagle Legion had initially been established, this team was convinced of Snow Scar’s strength and followed his leadership obediently.

“Head to your respective positions and wait Be prepared to act as soon as Zero Wing sends its army out of Zero Wing City!” Snow Scar snapped through the team chat. “Whether Zero Wing wins or loses, we are going to sever its income source.”

“Understood!” The team members then split up and headed toward each of the Elemental Towers. Once they received the command, they’d destroy Zero Wing City’s Four Towers of Elements, the city’s greatest income source.

Zero Wing! Although our plan is despicable, you only have yourself to blame for standing in Blackwater’s way! Snow Scar

glanced at the distant Zero Wing Residence one final time before heading to his appointed location.

While the various major powers were paying close attention to the situation in the Witch’s Hill, 1,000 Tier 2 Shield Warriors and Berserkers had gathered in the second-floor hall of Zero Wing’s Residence. Even now, they didn’t know why Shi Feng had called them there, and they couldn’t help but discuss the situation amongst themselves. They had only fallen quiet after Shi Feng and Aqua Rose had entered the hall.

“Since everyone here is a core member of our Guild, I’ll just come out with it We want you to fulfill a specific task, but it requires that you convert to the Giant race, gaining far greater Strength. If you do not wish to convert, you may leave. I’ll find a replacement later. If there are no problems, line up before me to complete the conversion,” Shi Feng stated after sweeping a glance over the players in the hall.

“Convert to the Giant race?” Aqua Rose was stunned when she heard Shi Feng’s intentions.

She knew a little about race conversion, so she understood the benefits of converting to a neutral race, especially the Giants. The Giant race had been fathered by the Titans and wielded incredibly strong combat power. The Giants were far superior to humans. However, a race conversion wasn’t accomplished so easily.

The players in the hall remained silent for some time, but once they recovered from their daze, they expressed their shock. They were all core members, so they knew about the benefits of converting to a neutral race, not to mention the legendary Giant race. The Giants were a mysterious race and even more powerful than Beastkin and Half-elves.

After a moment of processing Shi Feng’s offer, they rushed to line up before their Guild Leader, hoping to be the first to become a Giant.

Seeing his players’ excitement regarding the conversion, Shi Feng retrieved the Giant’s Holy Stone and began to change the players before him. After ten minutes or so, all 1,000 Shield Warriors and Berserkers had become four-meter-tall Giants, and with so many of them, the hall seemed a little crowded.

“So strong!” Aqua Rose exclaimed as she examined the Giant players. She could feel an intense pressure radiating from every one of the Tier 2 Giants. With all 1,000 in one place, their combined aura was astounding.

“Good! Let’s head to Wildhammer Town and pay the Starlight Alliance a visit!” Shi Feng nodded approvingly at the 1,000 Tier 2 Giants before him. He then activated Spatial Gate, opening a teleportation gate that led to Wildhammer Town’s area.