Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2015 - Approaching Storm

Chapter 2015 – Approaching Storm

“Wildhammer Town?!” Aqua Rose was stunned to hear Shi Feng’s target.

Wildhammer Town was one of the two Guild Towns in the Witch’s Hill. It was also the town that Knight’s Judgement poured its resources into developing. At this point, the town had as many as twelve Defense Turrets…

How were they supposed to capture the town with just 1,000 Tier 2 players?

“Mhm. Wildhammer Town doesn’t need to exist anymore.” Shi Feng nodded, a cold glint flashing in his eyes.

Sensing the killing intent radiating from Shi Feng, Aqua Rose recognized his determination. She was at a loss for words.

Zero Wing had never tried to stop any of the large Guilds from developing in the Witch’s Hill. After all, the more popular the Witch’s Hill became, the more of an asset it would be to Zero Wing. However, not only had the Starlight Alliance openly declared war on Zero Wing, but it had also made multiple attempts to provoke the Guild. It was only natural that Zero Wing issue a response.

Unfortunately, Wildhammer Town’s defenses easily surpassed those of a Basic Town. Even several tens of thousands of elite and expert players might not be enough to capture a normally-fortified Basic Town, much less Wildhammer Town, which the Starlight Alliance had invested a ton of resources and manpower into.

When Shi Feng finished speaking, he turned on his heel and headed toward the Guild Warehouse, leaving behind a worried Aqua Rose in the Guild Hall’s threshold.

Aqua Rose promptly recovered and notified the 1,000 Tier 2 experts of Shi Feng’s instructions. She had them collect their Master Regeneration Potions and teleport to Zero Wing City.

Shortly after the Tier 2 experts left, a few spies hiding in Zero Wing reported to their superiors in the various large Guilds. “What?! Zero Wing plans to fight the Starlight Alliance in the Witch’s Hill?!”

“It seems we’ll get an interesting show in the Witch’s Hill soon. Notify our Guild members! Everyone is to prepare to move at a moment’s notice! Once Zero Wing has been defeated, we’ll attack its Guild members in the fields! We cannot let the kingdom’s other Guilds steal this opportunity to make a name for themselves!”

When the various major powers’ upper echelons learned that the 1,000-man team of Tier 2 experts in Zero Wing’s White River City Residence had teleported to Zero Wing City, they knew that the Guild had gotten serious. They immediately commanded their Guild members to prepare for Zero Wing’s defeat.

When news of Zero Wing’s movements reached the Starlight Alliance, the allied Guilds made their own preparations.

“Zero Wing is finally on the move!”

“Zero Wing is, after all, Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild. To protect its reputation, Zero Wing must fight us. How could it continue in the kingdom if it hides like a coward?”

“Notify the War Riders! Tell them to gather in the Witch’s Hill!”

“We have so many monster players and experts on our side. Including the War Riders, who are equipped for large-scale field combat, we’ll force Zero Wing into ruin.”

“Hopefully, Zero Wing doesn’t surrender too quickly. I don’t want our plan to whittle down Zero Wing’s main force to go to waste.”

“In that case, we should deliberately act weak and let Zero Wing assume that victory is within its grasp. That way, we’ll be able to sap away the Guild’s strength.”

“Right! Let’s do that! Notify our teams to hold back a little. However, they are to kill as many players wielding Magicbreaking Crossbows and Basic Combat Devices as possible.”

The various representatives in the Starlight Alliance’s meeting voiced their opinions. Soon, they all reached a consensus and decided to toy with Zero Wing on the battlefield.

For a time, the experts from the Starlight Alliance’s dozen or so member Guilds gathered in the Witch’s Hill. At the same time, a large group of players from the War Riders adventurer team appeared in Zero Wing City. Despite being adventurer team members, these players moved with the discipline of Guild players. Not only were all of them Level 57 or higher, but they also had over 1,000 Tier 2 players with them. It wasn’t long before the players in the Teleportation Hall noticed these adventurer team members.

“Zero Wing? I’ve been hearing this name for so long. Hopefully, the Guild isn’t too disappointing,” a Level 60, Tier 2 Guardian Knight muttered as he exited the teleportation array and glanced over Zero Wing City’s Teleportation Hall, a hint of excitement shining in his eyes.

When adventurer team experts in the hall noticed this cloaked Shield Warrior with a Mana-imbued shield in the hall, they gasped.

“Why is Roaring Flame here?”

“Are the War Riders participating in the Guild war?”

Many experts were shocked as they stared at this unruly, middle-aged man.

The War Riders adventurer team was among the best adventurer teams in God’s Domain right now. Roaring Flame, the War Riders’ commander, even ranked among the top 100 on the God’s Domain’s Experts List.

Countless adventurer team players in God’s Domain revered him as an idol.

With the War Riders sudden appearance in a backwater area like Star-Moon Kingdom, why wouldn’t these players be surprised?

For a time, tension shot through Zero Wing City due to the War Riders’ presence. Zero Wing’s members were particularly concerned when they saw the War Riders’ multiple 1,000-man teams marching through the city streets.

Meanwhile, in Zero Wing City’s Residence:

“Guild Leader, members of the War Riders adventurer team have appeared in Zero Wing City,” Aqua Rose reported to Shi Feng. “I suspect that the Starlight Alliance has invited them here. Why don’t we eliminate them?”

She was quite familiar with the War Riders adventurer tarn. Unlike orthodox adventurer teams, the War Riders operated like a band of mercenaries. Not only were the adventurer team’s members individually powerful, but they were also particularly adept in large-scale combat as a team. The War Riders had proved their capacity for top-notch battle strategies and formations that allowed the team members to exhibit greater strength than it should reasonably be able to. Many superpowers had suffered significant losses at the War Riders’ hands.

In Aqua Rose’s opinion, the fact that the War Riders had arrived in Zero Wing City spelled nothing good for the Guild. If the adventurer team wanted to develop in the Witch’s Hill, it should seak permission from Zero Wing first. The fact that the adventurer team hadn’t meant that it was under the Starlight Alliance’s employ.

Meanwhile, now that the War Riders were inside Zero Wing City, the Guild had the home-ground advantage. This was the perfect opportunity to remove the adventurer team from the equation. With Zero Wing’s defenses, not even the infamous War Riders had any hope of leaving the city alive.

“Forget it. Even though they have allied with the Starlight Alliance, they haven’t openly opposed us. If we kill them in Zero Wing City, it will only cause a panic among the independent players and various adventurer teams in the city, which would be detrimental to Zero Wing’s development,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he shook his head.

Roaring Flame should’ve considered this, in Shi Feng’s opinion, so the man teleported to Zero Wing City alongside his teammates. Shi Feng had to admit that the Roaring Flame was a calculating individual. It was no wonder why the War Riders had become one of God’s Domain’s true top adventurer teams in the past, an existence that even the various superpowers had feared.

“I guess you’re right, but I don’t like the idea of letting them take advantage of us,” Aqua Rose grumbled, frustrated. Despite the War Riders’ bold use of their teleportation services, they couldn’t do anything about it

“Take advantage of us?” Shi Feng laughed. “Our services are not that easy to take advantage of. Renew the teleportation settings. For today only, adjust Zero Wing City’s teleportation fees to their maximum. The War Riders can use our services as much as they want to.”

“Understood! I’ll see to it immediately!” Aqua Rose joyfully replied.

If they adjusted the teleportation fee to the maximum, even Tier 2 experts would wince at the expense.