Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2014 - Soul Cleansing

Chapter 2014 – Soul Cleansing

I still don’t have full control? When Shi Feng heard the system notification, he was disappointed. This Soul Fire really is troublesome.

He could only shed his worries about the Soul Chain by gaining full control of the Soul Fire. However, he hadn’t expected two Tier 3 Mysterious Flames to not be enough.

Tier 3 Mysterious Flames were as valuable as Fragmented Legendary items. It was easy to imagine how hard they were to obtain, yet the system informed him that he needed more. Who knew when he would encounter another Tier 3 Mysterious Flame?

“It really is surprising that you managed to obtain two Tier 3 Mysterious Flames in such a short time. Although you haven’t gained full control over the Soul Fire, fusing it with two Tier 3 Mysterious Flames has increased your compatibility with it. Now, you won’t have to worry about the Soul Chain’s corrosion for another 300 days,” Sharlyn, who wore a crimson dress, said and nodded approvingly as she watched Shi Feng. “Moreover, there are benefits to being compatible with the Soul Fire, so don’t look so dejected.”

“Benefits?” Shi Feng muttered skeptically as he gazed at the blue fire enveloping his body. He didn’t understand how the Soul Fire’s present state could benefit him in any way.

His entire body stung with pain. Any ordinary player would wail like a ghost if they were in his position, but even though he could endure the pain, it made concentrating difficult. At this moment, he’d likely even fail to execute the simplest combat technique.

“Learn to appreciate what you have. The Soul Fire is currently cleansing your soul,” Sharlyn explained as she rolled her eyes at Shi Feng.

This is Soul Cleansing?! Sharlyn’s words astonished Shi Feng. So, this is the Soul Fire’s advanced ability?

He had heard about Soul Cleansing during his previous life. It was one of the few methods to improve players’ Concentration Attribute. If ranked by importance, one could argue that Concentration stood above Stamina.

When players fought in God’s Domain, they used two Hidden Attributes: Stamina and Concentration. In the event of Stamina exhaustion, players would lose the ability to move. In the case of Concentration depletion, players would pass out.

God’s Domain provided far fewer methods of increasing one’s Concentration than those available for improving Stamina, which was one of the reasons that the former was more important. Generally, players’ Concentration only improved when they increased their Basic Attributes and tiers.

Concentration’s ability to affect a player’s mental state was another reason. Players had only discovered this quite some time after God’s Domain had launched.

This effect was similar to the experience players had when in areas with high Mana density. In truth, players felt more comfortable around denser Mana due to the Mana elevating their Concentration. In other words, higher Concentration allowed players to focus and maintain their calm more easily.

The higher a player’s Concentration was, the more physical control they’d have; this was the third, and most important, reason. Players could manipulate their physical limits more easily, which was why, after reaching higher tiers, players could execute actions or techniques that their bodies couldn’t previously handle.

For example, a Tier 2 player might struggle to master a complex Advanced Combat Technique, but could do so after reaching Tier 3.

These were the reasons that all of God’s Domain’s experts had frantically sought to improve their Concentration in Shi Feng’s previous life. Unfortunately, the available methods to do so were just as rare as Fragmented Legendary items. The various superpowers would’ve even gone to war over a discovered method.

In the past, there had been multiple instances of items that could increase Concentration appearing in the Dark Auction. The various superpowers had even willing traded Fragmented Legendary items for items that only granted a 5% boost to Concentration. They had even exchanged Fragmented Legendary Weapons for items that granted a 10% boost without hesitation.

As far as Shi Feng could remember, Soul Cleansing provided between 5% and 15% more Concentration.

He had never dreamed that he’d get to experience the phenomenon now.

After ten minutes or so, the blue flames finally subsided. When they did, Shi Feng felt more refreshed than he ever had before. Both his physical control and mental clarity had improved drastically.

He immediately unsheathed Killing Ray and executed Sword’s Transmigration.

Mesmerizing stars twinkled around Shi Feng. If ordinary players were to see this scene, they’d assume that he had used some Skill rather than a combat technique.

Amazing! Shi Feng’s eyes glowed with excitement as he stared at the Sacred Sword in his hand.

When he had used Sword’s Transmigration in the past, the Bronze Combat Technique had taken a massive toll on his Stamina and Concentration. He could only execute the technique about 20 times before it affected his physical performance.

However, not only could he execute Sword’s Transmigration with greater precision after undergoing the Soul Cleansing, but his Stamina and Concentration consumption had decreased as well. Now, he estimated that he could execute Sword’s Transmigration 30 times before it affected his performance. This improvement was simply terrifying.

Moreover, his sword slashes were visibly faster and nimbler than before. He had only been able to alter his swing four times before, and only five times when he fought in peak condition, but now, he could execute five alterations without reaching his limits…

Shi Feng felt as if he could fight a Domain Realm expert without losing ground even without relying on Sword’s Transmigration and when both combatant’s Basic Attributes were equal.

Once Shi Feng finished reveling in his recent improvements, he left the library and made his way to the Guild Residence.

By now, 1,000 Tier 2 Shield Warriors and Berserkers had gathered in Zero Wing’s Residence, waiting in the second-floor hall.

“Why did the Vice Guild Leader suddenly recall so many of us? Are we going to attack the Starlight Alliance?”

“That’s likely. However, we won’t be able to take out those monster players with just Shield Warriors and Berserkers.” “Maybe we’re going on a quest?”

Many of these Tier 2 experts were curious about Aqua Rose’s sudden summons, and they all discussed the situation as they waited.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing’s members felt a surge of motivation after witnessing so many expert players gather. They hadn’t realized that their Guild had so many Tier 2 experts. If there were already 1,000 Tier 2 Shield Warriors and Berserkers, it was easy to imagine how many more Tier 2 experts were in Zero Wing.

Moreover, every one of these Tier 2 players had already reached Level 60. Only peak experts had reached such a high level thus far. Many peak experts from first-rate Guilds had only recently reached Level 60.

“Guild Leader, everyone’s here,” Aqua Rose said as Shi Feng entered the Guild Hall. Worriedly, she continued, “But, Guild Leader, do you intend to fight the Starlight Alliance in the Witch’s Hill? I have seen those monster players’ strength. Without Berserk Skills, our Tier 2 experts have no hope against them.”

“Those monster players?” Shaking his head, Shi Feng said, “No, that’s not the plan.”

Aqua Rose could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. If they faced the Starlight Alliance in the Witch’s Hill now, they’d be at a severe disadvantage. If they wanted to defeat the alliance, they had to accumulate enough Magicbreaking Crossbows and Basic Combat Devices.

“My target is the Starlight Alliance’s Wildhammer Town!” Shi Feng declared. “Notify everyone to prepare Master Regeneration Potions. Those that don’t have any can collect some from the Guild Warehouse. Once they’re ready, send them to teleport to Zero Wing City!”