Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2011 - Advanced Shop

Chapter 2011 – Advanced Shop

Shi Feng’s carriage slowed to a stop before a majestic castle. A steady flow of NPCs entered and left the building, many of which were members of other neutral races.

This majestic castle was none other than Thunder Axe City’s City Hall, located within the very heart of the city.

Tall walls, decorated with divine runes and magic arrays, protected the castle. The wall’s defensive capabilities were even beyond Tier 5 NPCs’ power. This was the safest location throughout Thunder Axe City.

Before Shi Feng reached the castle’s entrance, a Level 180, Tier 3 NPC soldier stopped him.

“Lord Bronze Legatee, this is an important location in Thunder Axe City. If you wish to enter, you must register first,” the Tier 3 NPC soldier respectfully informed Shi Feng as he retrieved a Magic Crystal.

“I understand. Please register me, then,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

Thunder Axe City’s City Hall wasn’t like those in other NPC cities. Players could enter City Halls in human cities without registering or gaining permission. However, not only did players have to register, but they also had to obtain an ordinary noble rank in the city before they could enter this City Hall.

Players had to register due to the magic array around the City Hall. If the magic array didn’t recognize their auras, it would attack and suppress them the moment they entered the building.

Security was so strict due to the importance of Thunder Axe City’s City Hall. Rather than a City Hall, it was more appropriate to view it as a treasury or trade market. The City Hall stored all kinds of treasures the Giant race had collected since ancient times, including Legendary items.

Once players became nobles in Thunder Axe City, they could freely trade with the city’s Giants.

The Giant race had lived in Thunder Axe City since ancient times, so they had accumulated countless treasures. As long as players had the ability and resources, purchasing a Legendary item wouldn’t be a problem.

This was also why so many players and powers had been adamant in visiting Thunder Axe City in the past.

A few superpowers’ experts had purchased Legendary items from the Giants back then, while far more had purchased Fragmented Legendary items.

Of course, some superpowers had tried to rob Thunder Axe City’s City Hall, but less than a handful had succeeded. Moreover, all of those players had been Tier 6 God-ranked experts. When these God-ranked players had attempted the heist, their Guilds had invested a ton of resources and manpower to assist them. Even so, they had only claimed one or two Fragmented Legendary items before fleeing for their lives. In doing so, however, these superpowers had earned the city’s ire and had been banned from entering Thunder Axe City ever again. The cost of the endeavor simply hadn’t been worth the superpowers’ investments.

The NPC solder had Shi Feng’s aura recorded in the system after a short moment, allowing him to enter the City Hall.

NPCs of various races filled the castle’s first-floor hall as they conducted their business with the Giants. Although Shi Feng wanted to trade with the Giants as well, he couldn’t even afford an Epic item with his current strength and resources. Hence, he glanced at the NPCs before heading toward the castle’s second floor.

When Shi Feng reached the second-floor hall, he noticed far fewer NPCs than on the first floor. There were only several dozen NPC merchants here, all of which sought to purchase the city’s Lands.

Suddenly, a beautiful female Elf dressed in formal wear approached Shi Feng with a smile. She asked, “Lord Bronze Legatee, how may I be of service?”

A senior administrator? Shi Feng was slightly surprised when this female Elf greeted him. However, he quickly snapped out of his daze and responded, “I wish to purchase some Lands and Advanced Shops in Thunder Axe City. Can you recommend some?”

Normally, only the ordinary administrators received visiting players in the City Hall, so he had been caught off guard when this senior administrator welcomed him.

Although this Elven beauty was only a Level 200, Tier 3 senior administrator, Shi Feng could feel the intense pressure radiating from her. The pressure she gave off was no weaker than Weissman’s, who was both White River City’s Magistrate and a Tier 4 Great Wizard. This was why Elves were so frightening. Even at Tier 3, they could easily cast Tier 4 Spells.

“Alright, please follow me.” The Elven administrator nodded and led Shi Feng to a reception room on the third floor.

Once inside the reception room, the senior administrator handed Shi Feng two lists. One list contained the city’s available plots of Land, while the other contained Thunder Axe City’s available Advanced Shops. However, the lists contained very few of both, with less than 50 entries in total.

If other players saw these lists, they’d be astounded. Most random NPC cities had more than 500 plots of Land for sale, yet Thunder Axe City had less than 50.

However, Shi Feng was ecstatic to examine the lists.

It was already impressive that the two lists had 50 prospects. Thunder Axe City was unique, and its Lands weren’t easy to purchase. This prevented the various superpowers from monopolizing the city’s benefits, giving other powers and players a chance to thrive within the city.

A Bronze Legatee’s status in Thunder Axe City sure is high. Shi Feng sighed ruefully as he examined the first list. There are actually 19 Advanced Shops available?

When he had been a Baron in Thunder Axe City in the past and tried to purchase an Advanced Shop, he had only been given 12 to choose from.

Advanced Shops were often available in neutral cities. Like in the Sea of Trees, Thunder Axe City had Advanced Shops, such as Advanced Grocery Stores, Advanced Restaurants, Advanced Smithies, and Advanced Bars, to offer.

However, no power would normally be willing to purchase neutral cities’ Advanced Shops.

These Advanced Shops’ incredibly high prices were the first reason.

The second reason was Advanced Shops’ lack of use. These Shops’ main customers were NPCs, not players, and one could only earn Coins and other items from NPCs.

Typically, this was an ineffective way of doing business since trading Coins and items with other players was far more effective.

However, Thunder Axe City was a special case. Since it was a resource and trade city, a large number of neutral NPC merchants gathered here. In addition, the local Giants harvested the ores and herbs from the Icefire Mountain Range. As a result, the city offered a wider variety of items, selling these items at far below market value. Unlike in other neutral cities, Thunder Axe City’s Advanced Shops had been quite popular in the past, becoming the main source of resources for God’s Domain’s powers in the city.

The various major powers had avoided renting Thunder Axe City’s Advanced Shops because the only type of income they could earn in doing so was Coins; it was not possible to conduct business with forms of currency. Hence, the various major powers and merchant players in the past had resorted to purchasing the Advanced Shops, even if those in the city’s outskirts had cost 20,000 Gold…

No matter how many times I visit Thunder Axe City’s City Hall, I always feel like a poor bastard here. Shi Feng sighed and shook his head as he looked at the prices on the list.

The cheapest Advanced Shop cost more than 20,000 Gold. There was also an Advanced Grocery Store that cost 40,000 Gold, and a Smithy for 53,000 Gold. Although both Shops were in the city’s inner area, both were merely 1-star Shops. According to Shi Feng’s knowledge, the cheapest 2-star Shop in Thunder Axe City cost 70,000 Gold, while those in the city’s inner area cost more than 100,000 Gold. However, Thunder Axe City rarely sold 2-star Shops.

But when Shi Feng read the list’s last entry, he was flabbergasted.

What?! A 2-star Shop?!