Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2010 - Titan Bloodline

Chapter 2010 – Titan Bloodline

System: Congratulations! You have completed the Exploration Quest, “Giant’s Hideout.” Rewarding one Giant’s Holy Stone, Adventurer’s Association Reputation +20, and Adventurer’s Association Contribution +1,000.

System: Congratulations! You have activated the neutral city Thunder Axe City. Rewarding one Thunder Axe Crystal, Thunder Axe City Reputation +100, and Thunder Axe City Contribution Points +2,000.

The two notifications echoed in Shi Feng’s head three times, leaving him dazed.

The rewards for pioneering Thunder Axe City sure are abundant. Not only did I get 2,000 Contribution Points, but I also earned a Thunder Axe Crystal? Shi Feng looked at the glowing, dark-gold crystal that had appeared in his hand in astonishment.

Thunder Axe City was hidden deep within the Icefire Mountain Range. Normally, players could only reach the city through a teleportation array within the range’s outer region once it had been activated. Teleporting to Thunder Axe City from another NPC city was impossible, making it inconvenient for players to visit frequently. However, as a trade city, Thunder Axe City overflowed with opportunities and resources. Even if the journey were tough and inconvenient, players would force themselves to visit.

Fortunately, there was more than one method of entering Thunder Axe City. One could also do so through the city’s special tools.

The city had two special tools that allowed players to visit with ease: the Thunder Axe Insignia and the Thunder Axe Crystal. The Insignia only allowed the holder to teleport to Thunder Axe City, whereas the crystal allowed the user to open a teleportation gate, allowing a large group of players to pass through, saving plenty of travel time.

However, these tools were particularly difficult to acquire. Players had to become an ordinary noble in Thunder Axe City before they could trade the city’s Contribution Points for the Insignia. As for the Thunder Axe Crystal, one could only purchase the crystal with Contribution Points after becoming a Viscount.

The Contribution Points were already exceedingly difficult to acquire, not to mention gaining status in Thunder Axe City.

Thunder Axe City was massive, with countless quests and opportunities to offer, but there were very few quests that awarded CPs. Moreover, players would only earn a small number of CPs from the quests that awarded them. Only high- ranking quests rewarded a higher number, but those were incredibly difficult to come by.

Even the most hardworking player would fail to collect 2,000 CPs after a full year of work. Meanwhile, purchasing the Thunder Axe Crystal required 5,000 CPs…

While the Thunder Axe Crystal had limited uses to individual players, it was extremely useful to Guilds. With the crystal, Guild members wouldn’t have to waste time traveling to the city. With the time they saved, they could do far more in Thunder Axe City.

Following which, Shi Feng stored the Thunder Axe Crystal and turned his gaze toward the Giant’s Holy Stone he had received from the Great Elder.

Based on what he had learned in the past, the Exploration Quest’s reward included the Epic ranked Giant’s Crystal. One could use it to convert 1,000 Level 50-plus players into Giants, bypassing the Conversion Quest.

Unfortunately, players under Level 50 would have to visit Thunder Axe City and complete the Conversion Quest normally to convert into a Giant. The Conversion Quest’s application fee was 20 Gold per person.

In other words, by completing this Exploration Quest, one could forgo the 20,000 Gold in application fees while allowing selected players to skip the troublesome Conversion Quest and become members of the Giant Race.

However, what the Great Elder had just given Shi Feng wasn’t the Giant’s Crystal, but the Giant’s Holy Stone…

Huh?! Fragmented Legendary rank?! When Shi Feng called up the Giant’s Holy Stone’s Attribute Panel, he was shocked. Isn’t this quest reward a little too generous?!

[Giant’s Holy Stone] (Fragmented Legendary Rank)

A holy stone created after condensing the Ancient Titin race’s Bloodline.

Effect 1-

Converts up to 1,000 players to the Giant race. Targeted players must be Level 50 or above. No Cooldown. Effect 2-

Grants up to three Giant players a strand of the Titan Bloodline. No Cooldown.

Shi Feng had no particular feelings regarding the Holy Stone’s ability to convert 1,000 players into Giants. The Giant’s Stone he had expected to receive could do the same, but the Holy Stone’s ability to grant players the Titan Bloodline was just too powerful.

Among God’s Domain’s numerous races, the Titan’s Life Rating was the closest to that of the Gods’. Despite not being Gods, Titans were born with a portion of a God’s abilities. When a Titan became a Tier 6 God, they became incomparably formidable. However, the closer one’s Life Rating was to that of a God, the more difficult it would become to cross the final threshold to the Tier 6 standard. According to Shi Feng’s memories, only the King among Titans had reached Tier 6. Not even the ten saints of Titan City had been Tier 6 Gods. In Shi Feng’s opinion, they were only Demigods. Even so, they had the power to rival Tier 6 Gods.

Tier 6 God-ranked players couldn’t compare to Tier 6 NPC Gods. Any random Tier 6 God could beat the living daylights out of a Tier 6 player; only multiple Tier 6 players had a chance against a Tier 6 God if they worked together. It was easy to imagine how frightening Titan Demigods were.

Meanwhile, the Giant’s Holy Stone before him was capable of granting Giant players the Titan Bloodline, which was far more powerful than the Dark Iron Bloodline he had obtained. Moreover, he could grant the Bloodline to three players.

These Titan Bloodlines were even more valuable than three Fragmented Legendary items.

The Giant race offered exceptional racial traits; if this Bloodline were included in the equation…

Shi Feng didn’t even dare imagine how powerful a player with this Bloodline would become. Titans were nearly perfect beings, unlike Giants, who had obvious flaws.

With this, the players that convert into Giants have hit the jackpot. Shi Feng could not help but feel slightly envious as he gazed at the Giant’s Holy Stone.

Giant players would face far more difficulties when challenging their Promotion Quests than human players, but with the Titan Bloodline, that difficulty wouldn’t be as high. With this Bloodline, the Promotion Quests shouldn’t be more difficult than that of ordinary humans. This meant that the experts who became Giants could reach far greater heights.

Giant players would become terrifying after reaching Tier 5, not to mention Tier 6.

In the past, one Giant expert had reached Tier 5 thanks to a ton of resources from his Guild. Whether or not he had been strong enough to contend with Tier 6 God-ranked experts, he had ranked among the top 20 Tier 5 players in God’s Domain. Those top 20 Tier 5 experts had all worn top-tier equipment, held at least one Legendary item, and wielded special Legacies. Their combat standards had been at the absolute apex of God’s Domain.

Yet, this Tier 5 Giant expert had forced himself into the top 20 ranks despite carrying zero Legendary items. It was easy to imagine how powerful the Giant race was.

If possible, Shi Feng would convert into a Giant, obtaining the Titan Bloodline, as well, but he was a Guild Leader. He had many matters in the game to deal with that required that he remain human; he simply couldn’t afford to become a Giant.

Shi Feng then departed from the Great Elder’s mansion and headed toward the City Hall. This was the main reason that he had activated Thunder Axe City.

Thunder Axe City’s resources were far beyond those in the Sea of Trees. The two cities were on entirely different levels. Nearly 10% of the ores and herbs first- and second-rate Guilds had required in the past had been sourced from Thunder Axe City.