Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2008 - Miniature World

Chapter 2008 – Miniature World

After Shi Feng selected the target of evolution, countless streams of light suddenly flowed from the Sacred Source Crystal into the Ring of Gospel. Due to the Sacred Source Crystal’s power, the incomplete divine runes and magic arrays engraved on the Ring of Gospel started completing themselves.

A few seconds later, a purple-gold ring exuding a frightening aura that even froze the surrounding space appeared before Shi Feng.

What powerful pressure! At this moment, the pressure from the Ring of Gospel surpassed even the aura of an ordinary Mythic monster. Even Shi Feng felt slightly uncomfortable when subjected to it.

The Ring of Gospel was one of the extremely few domain items in God’s Domain. It was exceedingly useful to both individual players and Guilds. However, as an Epic item, it had a major flaw—it needed to be fed 20,000 Magic Crystals every seven days, a price no ordinary Guild could afford. As for Zero Wing, this was still a significant expenditure even after obtaining the Manatite vein.

Hence, Shi Feng had decided to upgrade the Ring of Gospel in order to rid himself of this troublesome flaw.

Shortly after, the Ring of Gospel released the surrounding space. Only then could Shi Feng finally move his body again. As for the Ring of Gospel itself, it returned to his hand. At this moment, though, the ring gave off a completely different feeling than before.

The ring felt extremely heavy. However, this weight did not originate from the ring itself but was a pressure coming from the surrounding space. Meanwhile, this pressure had reduced his combat power by a minimum of 50%, a phenomenon he had never experienced before when using the Ring of Gospel previously.

Could a deviation have occurred during the upgrade? Shi Feng could not help worrying. Hurriedly, he inspected the ring’s Attribute Panel.

When an item’s quality increased, normally, its effects would grow stronger. However, some items would encounter an error during the upgrade process and develop different effects. Some items would even have their nature altered completely. Although such occurrences were extremely rare, the chances were not zero. It was also the outcome that players dreaded seeing the most

[Ring of Gospel] (Fragmented Legendary Rank Item)

Crafted by the Dark Shaman King after gathering the world’s energy, this ring contains a miniature world. The ring’s inner space was further perfected using a Sacred Source Stone. The ring can suppress an area’s space, granting the wielder absolute dominance over the space.

Additional Skill 1-

Miniature World: Freezes the space within a radius of 5,000 yards. All enemies within the area cannot use teleportation tools or teleportation-type Skills, and communication with the outside world is severed. Weakens enemies’ physiques by 30% and decreases Basic Attributes by 30%, Movement Speed by 50%, and reaction speed by 30%. Maintaining Miniature World costs 5,000 Magic Crystals every 10 minutes. No Cooldown. (Cannot be used before binding.)

Additional Skill 2-

Ring of Brilliance: Improves all allies’ physiques by 20% and increases Basic Attributes by 20% within a 2,000-yard radius. Increases an area’s Mana density by 100%. Maintaining Ring of Brilliance costs 2,000 Magic Crystals every 30 minutes. No Cooldown. (Cannot be used before binding.)

As the Ring of Gospel contains an inner world, it is strongly rejected by the outside world. Existences below Tier 4 will be greatly suppressed by the external world’s power when using this ring. The higher tiered the user is, the weaker the suppression will be.

It didn’t deviate? Shi Feng breathed out a sigh of relief when he saw the Ring of Gospel’s Attributes.

Although the upgrade had increased the usage requirement, the Ring of Gospel’s Skills had also received significant improvements. Previously, the Ring of Gospel simply placed a seal on the affected space. Now, the ring directly froze it.

One could say that the Ring of Gospel’s strength had improved from its original Intermediate Magic Array standard to the Advanced Magic Array standard. Moreover, Miniature World was even more powerful than the average Advanced Field Magic Array, as it was a combination of a Field Magic Array and a Barrier Magic Array. Only, the number of Magic Crystals required to operate it remained horrifying. Fortunately, he no longer needed to feed the ring 20,000 Magic Crystals every week.

With this improvement, the Ring of Gospel would be useful in both raiding bosses and large-scale combat out in the fields.

After upgrading the Ring of Gospel, Shi Feng stored it and walked to the teleportation array engraved at the altar’s center. His body then transformed into a streak of light and disappeared from the altar. After he left, the altar crumbled rapidly and vanished into the void.

By the time Shi Feng opened his eyes again, he had appeared inside a grand Teleportation Hall.

This place is…Thunder Axe City? Shi Feng was surprised to see the four-meter-tall Level 200 NPC soldiers inside the hall. He had expected to get teleported to outside the Icefire Mountain Range, not directly to Thunder Axe City.

Normally, after Thunder Axe City was activated, players had to enter the city via the teleportation array in the Icefire Mountain Range’s outer area. Meanwhile, activating the outer area’s teleportation array required one to use the Rubik’s Cube obtained through the Exploration Quest on the teleportation array. Only after arriving inside Thunder Axe City and handing the Rubik’s Cube over to the Thunder Axe Giants’ Great Elder would players be able to fully activate Thunder Axe City.

Now that he had directly teleported to Thunder Axe City, he could save up on a lot of travel time.

Just as Shi Feng was about to exit the Teleportation Hall, he suddenly noticed a bunch of new messages from Aqua Rose and Blackie.

Why are there so many messages? Did something happen? Shi Feng eyed the messages with some confusion.

His communication with the outside world had been severed when he entered the cave. However, when he was doing his quest inside the cave, he had logged off to rest every day. During these break periods, he would contact Aqua Rose and Blackie to get an update on the latest developments in Zero Wing and God’s Domain. Before he logged into the game this evening, Aqua Rose and Blackie hadn’t reported any problems. Now, after just a few hours, the two of them had sent him more than ten messages in total.

Shi Feng immediately contacted Aqua Rose.

“Guild Leader, are you done with your quest?” Aqua Rose asked.

“Mhm, it’s mostly finished,” Shi Feng replied, nodding. “I received quite a few messages from both you and Blackie. Did something happen outside?”

The fact that he was challenging a high-ranking quest and unable to make contact with the outside world was something the Guild upper echelons knew. Hence, they wouldn’t contact him unless there was something extremely important. After all, his quest was very dangerous, and even the slightest mistake could result in failure. He could not afford any disturbance whatsoever.

“Originally, today was just like any normal day. Although our Guild members have continuously clashed with the various large Guilds at the Witch’s Hill, there were no large-scale battles involving more than a thousand players. However, just three hours ago, players capable of transforming into monsters appeared among the enemy. These players are extremely strong, and every one of them could rival High Lords of the same level in terms of Basic Attributes. Some of these players even have Attributes of a Great Lord. Moreover, these players are all experts, so they could slaughter even our Tier 2 experts with ease.

“Our Guild members are no match for these people. Currently, several thousand members have already been killed. Due to these monster players, our members can’t grind at the Witch’s Hill at all,” Aqua Rose said, frustrated.

Although their side had killed a few of these monster players, the difference in the casualties the two sides suffered was massive. Until now, they hadn’t even killed 500 of these monster players, yet their side had already suffered more than 5,000 casualties. Moreover, the only reason why they managed to kill these monster players was mainly the Magicbreaking Crossbows and Basic Combat Devices. However, there were simply too few of these tools available, so contending against these monster players was simply impossible.

Players transforming into monsters? Shi Feng frowned upon hearing Aqua Rose’s words. How willing of them.

He knew a little about matters regarding players transforming into monsters. It was indeed possible to accomplish this feat by utilizing special Legacies or tools. The Evil God’s Temple’s Legacy was one such example. Only, the Evil Dragonification process was the ability of one of the Evil God’s Temple’s Peak Legacies. Moreover, transforming a player into an Evil Dragon required the sacrifice of a large number of players. Going through such a transformation process simply wasn’t worthwhile for regular Guilds.

Shi Feng had Aqua Rose notify all Guild members operating in Zero Wing City to stop grinding in the Witch’s Hill and shift to other locations instead. After all, it wouldn’t be wise to continue clashing with these monster players without proper countermeasures.

As for Shi Feng himself, he hastened his steps and headed straight for the Great Elder’s mansion.