Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2006 - Altar

Chapter 2006: Altar

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The Ancient Earth Serpent's sudden attack caught Shi Feng off guard. Moreover, it was so fast that even Tier 3 apex experts struggle to react in time. Needless to say, responding to this attack was impossible for a Level 70, Tier 2 player like Shi Feng.

[Ancient Earth Serpent] (Ferocious Beast, Mythic)

Level 80

HP ? ? ? ? ? ?/ ? ? ? ? ? ?

It's over…Shi Feng could only watch as the Ancient Earth Serpent's massive jaws descended on him. With no other choice, he activated Absolute Domain, but even he doubted that the Invulnerability Skill would be useful against the Earth Serpent…

The Ancient Earth Serpent was an apex monster, even among Ferocious Beasts. It had been capable of slaughtering Gods in ancient times, and its Life Rating was now weaker than a Dragon's.

According to legend, the strongest Ancient Earth Serpent had even devoured Gods. Since the Ancient Earth Serpent's stomach was a gate to another dimension, the swallowed Gods had been trapped until death had come to claim them.

Although the Ancient Earth Serpent before him was only a Level 80 Mythic monster, it was a bona fide Ferocious Beast. He couldn't avoid being eaten even if he activated an Invulnerability Skill.

Sure enough, the Ancient Earth Serpent swallowed Shi Feng whole. After devouring Shi Feng, the Ancient Earth Serpent began to attack the Tier 3 Demons and Flame Dragon, which had just recovered from the previous attack.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng found himself surrounded by darkness. Although he hadn't received any damage, a powerful suction prevented him from moving. He could only allow the force to drag him towards the small dot in the Ancient Earth Serpent's stomach.

Although the dot seemed small, it grew as Shi Feng approached.

Have I failed?Shi Feng watched the black dot grow in frustration.

Although he had not challenged the Thunder Axe City's Exploration Quest personally before, he had learned about it in the past. Based on what he had heard, the Guardian Boss should've been an ordinary Mythic monster. There hadn't been any mention of a Ferocious Beast.

As long as one used the Sealing Stone to reduce the Guardian Boss's strength, they could complete the Exploration Quest.

But if the Guardian Boss were a Ferocious Beast like the Ancient Earth Serpent, the Sealing Stone would be meaningless. Not even Level 80 players could contend with a Level 80 Grand Lord ranked Ancient Earth Serpent. Even summoning a Tier 4 existence to fight would result in the same outcome.

The Ancient Earth Serpent's Life Rating was in no way inferior to that of Dragons. Even at the Grand Lord rank, the Ancient Earth Serpent could easily defeat Tier 4 monsters. Moreover, as a Ferocious Beast, the Ancient Earth Serpent possessed an extraordinary life force. Unlike other monsters, the serpent recovered 2% of its HP per second and wielded heaven-defying Innate Skills.

A Level 150 Mythic Ancient Earth Spirit had appeared in God's Domain in the past. To raid it, a superpower had formed a 100-man expert team of 95 Tier 4 players and five Tier 5 players. The team had been the best any superpower could muster, but it had still been annihilated in the end…

The Level 150 Ancient Earth Serpent had only been slain after players had reached Tier 6.

Although the Ancient Earth Serpent he currently faced was only a Level 80 Mythic monster, not even a 100-man team of Level 100, Tier 3 players had any hope of defeating it.

A short moment later, the mysterious force within the serpent pulled Shi Feng into the black dot. He immediately felt time and space warp around him. When he opened his eyes, he was stupefied by the scene before him.

Where is this?Shi Feng observed his surroundings in a daze.

He stood on an altar that floated in an endless void. A magic barrier, which prevented this world's boundless power from crushing the altar, enveloped it. In addition, a colossal serpent of immeasurable length had wrapped itself around the city-sized altar. This was none other than the gigantified Ancient Earth Serpent.

If not for the magic barrier, Shi Feng had no doubt that the Ancient Earth Serpent could easily devour the altar in a few bites…

Examining the altar on which he stood, Shi Feng realized that it was empty. Only twelve light pillars were located in the altar's center, in addition to an eye-catching Treasure Chest made of Seven Luminaries Crystals at the core.

Seven Luminaries Crystal was intensely rare and valuable in God's Domain. One could sell a fist-sized crystal and earn enough money to live the rest of their life without worrying about food or shelter.

Shi Feng couldn't help but walk towards the Treasure Chest when he saw it, but when he was over 200 yards away, the twelve light pillars released a blinding glow. Responding to his movements, the light pillars launched one beam attack after another at the intruding Swordsman. Not only were these attacks incredibly fast, but they were also nimble and flexible.

Twelve light beams assaulted Shi Feng from multiple directions in the blink of an eye.

Absolute Domain's duration had already ended, and not daring to be careless, Shi Feng activated Heavenly Dragon's Power and brandished his two swords.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Every one of the twelve beam attacks had Tier 4 Strength, and the instant his blades encountered the beams, Shi Feng felt his arms go numb. Fortunately, he had successfully stopped all twelve attacks from landing and deflected a few. In the end, he only lost a little over 10,000 HP. With Heavenly Dragon's Power, he could afford to block another 40 waves of attacks without a problem.

However, as the twelve light pillars brightened again, Shi Feng noticed that the altar had begun to disintegrate around the edges.

It seems I have no choice but to give it my all!Shi Feng understood that his life was on the line. If he did not reach the Treasure Chest quickly enough, either the twelve light pillars would kill him, or he'd die from falling into the endless void.

Shi Feng dashed toward the Treasure Chest. However, as he grew closer to it, avoiding the light pillars' attacks became trickier.

Why does this situation seem so much like the Realms of Truth trial?Once Shi Feng was within 100 yards of the Treasure Chest, he realized that the light pillars' attacks were not without purpose. He also understood that no player could set foot within 100 yards of the Treasure Chest unless they had entered the Realms of Truth.Is this place testing players' advancement in the Realms of Truth?

The closer Shi Feng got to the Treasure Chest, the more frenzied the twelve light pillars' attacks became. After some point, the light pillars had begun to launch far more attacks. If he hadn't already reached the Ascension Realm and weren't able to utilize the beam attacks to nullify others, he wouldn't have been able to advance.

Faced with more frequent attacks, Shi Feng executed Sword's Transmigration, the strongest combat technique in his arsenal. Although the combat technique was a massive burden on his Stamina and Concentration, he had no choice if he wanted to move farther.

However, he continued to lose HP rapidly after executing Sword's Transmigration. Seeing this, he activated Void Shield.

Once Shi Feng was within 50 yards of the Treasure Chest, the attacks' ferocity increased yet again. At this time, Void Shield's energy reserve quickly drained, and his HP began to plummet again.

80%... 60%... 30%...

When only 20 yards separated him from his target, Shi Feng knew that he didn't have enough HP to last as he crossed the remaining distance. He was at his limit. If attacks' intensity increased any further, he would have no hope of survival.

Screw it!Realizing that he couldn't get through this trial in his current state, Shi Feng steeled his heart and activated Blade Awakening, the second Legacy Berserk Skill he had learned. His Basic Attributes and Physique skyrocketed, significantly improving his reactions. Following which, he activated Blade Dance, a Legacy Skill he was not adept at using.

He then retrieved Netherworld Brilliance, the weapon he had ignored in his bag for so long, and used it, Killing Ray, and the Abyssal Blade to block the incoming beam attacks.

As he executed Sword's Transmigration with three swords, the technique's defensive capabilities rose considerably.

In no time at all, Shi Feng arrived before the Seven Luminaries Treasure Chest.