Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2005 - Treasure Trove of Materials

Chapter 2005 – Treasure Trove of Materials

These Enraged Gargoyles actually have a chance of dropping this? Shi Feng could not help but become a little excited as he stared at the glowing, golden pebble on the ground.

This pebble was known as the Earth’s Spirit

This was an extremely rare material that only dropped from special earth-type Elemental Creatures; ordinary earth-type Elemental had no chance of dropping it. Meanwhile, on the market, one Earth’s Spirit could sell for 50 Silver.

Furthermore, one could synthesize an Earth Essence from 100 Earth’s Spirits.

Like Sun Essence, Earth Essence could be used when crafting power sources for mechanical tools. It could also strengthen the power cores, infusing the core with Attributed Mana.

Shi Feng had actually obtained an Earth’s Spirit after killing four Enraged Gargoyles. Why wouldn’t he be excited?

Even now, Zero Wing had only collected a few Sun Essences. They were simply too difficult to procure, and Earth Essence was just as rare.

When Shi Feng turned to look at the rest of the wandering Enraged Gargoyles, he realized that this cavern was a true treasure trove. He then retrieved the Bible of Darkness and Fire Spirit, summoning a Level 85, Tier 3 Demon and the Level 80 Flame Dragon to annihilate the Enraged Gargoyles.

He had no intention of slowly grinding these monsters. Instead, he directed his Demon to lure and gather multiple groups of these Enraged Gargoyles and Gargoyle Warriors. The Enraged Gargoyles were only Lords, and both types of Gargoyles were melee monsters. The Level 85, Tier 3 Demon could easily maneuver around most of their attacks.

The Demon had gathered every monster within the cavern and a few from the distant tunnel. There were easily over a hundred Gargoyles chasing the Demon. So many monsters could annihilate a 1,000-man elite team without effort, and not even the Level 85, Tier 3 Demon would last long against the group. In fact, the Demon had already lost more than a quarter of its HP by luring these monsters. If the Demon hadn’t had such a level advantage, these Gargoyles, all of which possessed incredible combat standards, would’ve long since devoured it.

“Excellent! Attack!” Shi Feng ordered the Fire Spirit to join the fray as the Tier 3 Demon ran back from the distant tunnel.

When the Fire Spirit had become a Level 80, Tier 3 Archaic Species, it had gained plenty of Tier 3 Curses. The Flame Dragon alone could make up for the DPS of several Tier 3 Great Mages.

Shortly after the Demon left the tunnel, a sea of fire engulfed the area behind it. The dirt floor under the inferno melted, transforming into a field of molten lava. The moment the Gargoyles entered the lava field, their Movement Speeds decreased by 90% as if they had stepped into a muddy swamp. They also lost over 400,000 HP per second.

Joining the attack, Shi Feng used Flame Domain, and a towering fire pillar enveloped the tunnel’s entrance, catching every Gargoyle within. Although his Flame Domain only dealt a little more than -200,000 damage each second, which couldn’t compare to the Fire Spirit’s DPS, it was still an impressive amount of damage.

As the Gargoyles tried to flee the lava field, the Flame Dragon cast another Tier 3 Curse.

A vortex of raging flames manifested in the center of the Gargoyle army, pulling the monsters into the fire and preventing them from escaping the lava field. At the same time, damages exceeding -300,000 appeared above the Gargoyles’ heads every second, and this damage increased as time passed.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Shi Feng and the Tier 3 Demon used one AOE attack after another.

Under the constant bombardment, the Enraged Gargoyles quickly lost all of their HP and collapsed, items appearing beside their corpses, but despite their high levels, they awarded very little EXP.

By the time the Gargoyles escaped the lava field, only two dozen or so monsters remained of the 100-plus group. Aside from five Gargoyle Warriors, the surviving monsters were Enraged Gargoyles with only a strand of HP remaining.

Shi Feng immediately instructed his Tier 3 Demon and Flame Dragon to destroy the Gargoyle Warriors while he took care of the low-HP Enraged Gargoyles.

After another ten minutes or so, every lured Gargoyle was dead, leaving a spread of items behind.

Although the dropped items were only materials, Shi Feng was delighted by the outcome. He had gained 16 Earth’s Spirits from this wave, as well as various rare ores. He had even acquired Titan Ore, a metal that was exceptionally rare in the outside world.

Although Titan Ore was not as good as Fine Titan Ore, which could be smelted into Fine Titan Ingots directly, Shi Feng could create Fine Titan Ingots with his harvest However, he’d need ten times as much Titan Ore to do so.

After tidying up the loot, Shi Feng continued to rely on the Tier 3 Demon to lure monsters from the tunnel, clearing the tunnel out while advancing.

The cave was like a maze, and the farther Shi Feng ventured, the more monsters he encountered. The monsters also grew stronger as he progressed through the tunnel system. However, this strength increase wasn’t in the form of Basic Attributes, but combat standards. The monsters he had initially fought had combat standards at the early stage of the Trial Tower’s fourth floor, but he soon encountered monsters on par with the fourth floor’s middle-stage. While this increase might not seem significant, the difficulty of eliminating these monsters increased by a large margin.

If not for the Tier 3 Demon and Fire Spirit’s Attribute and level advantages, Shi Feng wouldn’t have been able to explore this maze.

However, as Shi Feng traveled deeper into the cave system, his group’s overall combat power also increased. With the Bible of Darkness’s Cooldown and duration, he could command up to three Demons at a time. Combined with the Fire Spirit’s overwhelming firepower, dealing with large groups of Gargoyles wasn’t much of a problem, although his progress through the tunnel was painfully slow.

After fighting for four consecutive days, Shi Feng finally emerged from the underground maze. Although several traps had nearly claimed his life, he, fortunately, had the Flame Dragon to help with the burden, forcing his way through the tunnel.

Although the past four days had been an incredible challenge for Shi Feng, he had secured a bountiful harvest He had collected more than 3,200 Earth’s Spirits and over 11,000 pieces of Titan Ore. If sold, he could easily make a fortune off these items.

Despite how little EXP the Gargoyles rewarded, Shi Feng had slain enough to raise his experience bar to 43% of Level 70.

His leveling speed was only slightly slower than ordinary expert players of his level.

As Shi Feng left the underground maze, he arrived before a vast, ancient shrine. Although the shrine had fallen into ruin, the gigantic crystal suspended in the center still shone brilliantly and exuded a frighteningly dense Mana.

When Shi Feng entered the shrine, he felt a chill assault his body, and he unconsciously halted his advanced.

Is the system joking? The corners of Shi Feng’s eyes twitched as he stared at the crystalline statue in the center of the shrine. The towering, crystalline statue’s eyes glowed with a crimson light, and the dense, ambient Mana flooded into the statue, disintegrating the crystal and revealing the monster within the shell. As more of the monster’s body was exposed to the open air, its aura grew stronger. It took no time at all for its aura to grow stronger than that of an ordinary Mythic monster. Why is a Ferocious Beast guarding this place?

Before Shi Feng could process the situation, the Level 80 Mythic ranked Ancient Earth Serpent was freed from its crystalline prison and shot forward. Before the three Tier 3 Demons and Fire Spirit could react, the Earth Serpent threw the summoned creatures, sending them crashing into the surrounding stone pillars. After getting rid of the four obstacles, the serpent spread its jaws and pounced on Shi Feng.