Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2001 - Fire Spirit Appears

Chapter 2001 – Fire Spirit Appears

The Steel Puppet stumbled four steps back after Shi Feng’s attack, nearly losing its footing.

How is this possible?! Shock filled Irontooth’s eyes as he stared at his Puppet’s cut.

With a single attack, the Steel Puppet had instantly lost 3 points of its 1,000 total durability. Shi Feng’s Attack Power was ridiculously high, practically rivaling Mythic monsters.

Irontooth wasn’t the only one dumbfounded, either. Sin Realm’s nearby players were stunned. They had never considered that a player with the strength to stand against the Steel Puppet would exist at this stage of the game. Rather than a player, Shi Feng was a monster.

After his first attack succeeded, Shi Feng charged towards the Puppet once more.

Shadow Blade!

Ten strikes thrust toward the colossal construction, each attack carrying 100% of Shi Feng’s Strength.

“Scram!” Irontooth bellowed as he controlled his Puppet. The Steel Puppet’s four arms began to rotate, creating a storm that countered all ten of Shi Feng’s attacks. The Puppet’s sabers created wind blades as it blocked the attacks, which flew towards Shi Feng, forcing him to defend himself.

The storm calmed after three seconds, resulting in a severa卜meter-deep crater where the Steel Puppet stood The 50-yard- radius area around the construct was void of life.

So, this is one of the Steel Puppet’s Skills? Shi Feng revealed a bitter smile as he watched his adversary. Truly amazing. It seems that it’s truly impossible to defeat a Bronze Combat Puppet as a Tier 2 player.

Every one of the Steel Puppet’s attacks resembled a Defense Turret. The fact that it had four arms meant it wielded four turrets. It could launch attacks without rest. Only, unlike actual Defense Turrets, the Steel Puppet wasn’t capable of ranged attacks. Even so, it was strong enough to trouble any ordinary Tier 3 expert.

Furthermore, the Steel Puppet had high Defense and powerful Skills, every one of which was more powerful than the average Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spell.

These were the reasons that the various major powers used Combat Puppets as their most devastating trump cards.

Although Shi Feng had the strength to fight any ordinary Mythic Monster while suppressed by an Intermediate Magic Array after activating Twofold Berserk, the compounded Skills only lasted a little over 20 seconds. He couldn’t defeat the Steel Puppet in such a short time.

“Ye Feng, although you are quite strong, the Steel Puppet isn’t limited to normal attacks! I’ll give you a taste of its true power!” Irontooth sneered as he glared at Shi Feng.

He had been surprised that Shi Feng had actually damaged his Puppet, but the Steel Puppet had three Skills that were incomparably powerful.

The Skill he had used to drive off Shi Feng had been a Defensive Skill with a powerful knockback effect. When activated, the Skill would force all enemies within a 50-yard radius back.

Both of the Puppet’s remaining Skills were Offensive Skills: Steel Meteor and Death’s Judgment. Steel Meteor was a singletarget Skill, whereas Death’s Judgment was an AOE.

Since both Skills consumed a lot of Magic Crystals, he had avoided using them, but he didn’t have the leeway to conserve Magic Crystals with how this fight had progressed.

Suddenly, the Steel Puppet’s back bulged. Hundreds of magic bullets shot out of its back and flew towards the distant Shi Feng. Although each magic bullet only contained power at the peak of Tier 3, the attack could even instant-kill a Tier 3 player since it fired several hundred at once.

However, as everyone expected the magic bullets to shred Shi Feng, golden, divine runes began to appear around the Swordsman.

The moment the magic bullets encountered the divine runes, they evaporated like snowflakes landing on a burning furnace.

In the blink of an eye, the several hundred magic bullets vanished as if they had never existed…

An Invulnerability Skill? Irontooth’s expression darkened slightly as he watched the divine runes circling Shi Feng’s body. But then he smiled and said, “Steel Meteor only has a 30-second Cooldown. I want to see just how you plan to block the next wave.”

Sin Realm’s watching members laughed. Shi Feng might possess heaven-defying combat power, but at the end of the day, he was only a player. How could a lone player possibly defeat a war weapon?

“I might not be a match for the Steel Puppet, but I doubt that is the case for your magic barrier,” Shi Feng said as he glanced at Irontooth. He then dashed towards the magic barrier.

“Crap! Stop him!” Irontooth shouted to his subordinates.

As Shi Feng had said, although he couldn’t defeat the Steel Puppet, he’d have no issues destroying the Earth’s Wind Magic Array. The barrier could only endure a few Mythic-level hits before it shattered.

Sin Realm’s members responded by bombarding Shi Feng with ranged attacks, but with Twofold Berserk, Shi Feng’s Movement Speed was just too high. Sin Realm’s members could barely follow him with their eyes, much less land an attack.

In a split second, Shi Feng had reached the Earth’s Wind’s magic barrier.

Purgatory Pentaslash!

As the five sword lights descended, the impact cracked the magic barrier. Boom!

Following an explosion, the Earth’s Wind Magic Array transformed into countless particles of light and disappeared.

Shi Feng immediately recovered his Basic Attributes and regained the ability to use tools.

“Ye Feng, don’t even think about escaping!” Irontooth charged forward with his Steel Puppet as the magic barrier faded.

Although Shi Feng was very fast, the Swordsman still wasn’t as strong as the Steel Puppet. As long as he kept up the chase, he’d have no problems reaching his target.

“Escape?” Shi Feng laughed. “It’s impolite not to return what one receives. Since you want a fight, I’ll give you one!”

After saying so, Shi Feng retrieved the Fire Spirit from his bag and spent 300 Magic Crystals to activate it.

Suddenly, a massive, crimson magic array appeared above him, enveloping the battlefield. The array began to fervently absorb the ambient Mana, concentrating it to form an eight-meter-tall Flame Dragon.

This Flame Dragon was none other than the Fire Spirit.


The Fire Spirit released a furious cry as it descended, its roar shaking the very ground beneath it. At the same time, a frightening aura spread across the ]battlefield.

“A Level 80, Tier 3 Archaic Species?!”


The Sin Realm members, who had been charging towards Shi Feng, slid to a halt as they stared at the Fire Spirit, which was roughly as large as the Steel Puppet, in abject horror.