Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1999 - Instant Kill

Chapter 1999 – Instant Kill

As Irontooth finished his question, the players around him burst into action. Wasting no time, these players formed a tight circle around Shi Feng.

The Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights stood at the forefront with their shields raised, followed by the Berserkers and Swordsmen who offered their MT companions support. The ranged DPS players and healers stood farther behind. Sin Realm’s members left Shi Feng no room to flee.

Even if Shi Feng could tear through the encirclement and escape, the area had been sealed off with a magic barrier. He was trapped unless he could destroy it.

“Based on this pressure, you must have used an Intermediate Magic Array?” Shi Feng thought aloud as he glanced at the players channeling the array. This magic array had also reduced his Basic Attributes by 25%.

In God’s Domain, magic array’s suppression was far less effective against players than monsters, and the higher-tiered a player was, the weaker the suppression would be.

To rob a Tier 2 player of 25% of their Basic Attributes, one would need to use an Intermediate Magic Array at the very least.

“You’ve guessed correctly. This Earth’s Wind is an Intermediate Magic Array, and even a Mythic monster would need some time to destroy it While within the array, you won’t be able to use Teleportation Spells or tools,” Irontooth informed his prey, sneering. “We prepared this magic array for you specifically. Is it to your satisfaction?”

Earth’s Wind was one of the few sets of Intermediate Magic Array Scrolls Sin Realm possessed. They had originally saved it to use against particularly powerful Field Bosses.

However, to ensure Shi Feng’s death and teach Zero Wing a lesson, Lone Beacon had decided to send the Scrolls with Irontooth’s party.

“You don’t really think one Intermediate Magic Array is enough to take me down, do you?” Shi Feng calmly asked as he eyed the several hundred Sin Realm players before him.

Around 50 of these players were Tier 2 experts. The rest of them were only Tier 1 players. The strongest player among them was Irontooth, a mere Level 59, Tier 2 Shield Warrior, and Shi Feng could tell that his combat standards were not quite as powerful as Crocodile Breaker’s. This man was only an ordinary Refinement Realm expert.

This team wasn’t enough to deal with a peak expert head-on. Peak experts had exceedingly powerful Basic Attributes, and even if those Attributes had been reduced by 25%, they were still higher than ordinary Tier 2 experts’. Naturally, killing ordinary Tier 2 experts would be child’s play; they’d only need a little more time to complete the task.

“Of course, a single Intermediate Magic Array and these ordinary experts won’t be enough to deal with you,” Irontooth said, smiling at Shi Feng. “But what if these experts have Violent Blood Potions?”

Earth’s Wind would suppress Tier 2 experts’ Basic Attributes by 25%, but a peak expert could still easily annihilate ordinary experts of the same level and tier while subjected to the array’s effects. A 100-man team of ordinary Tier 2 experts still wouldn’t be enough to take Shi Feng down. This team would need over a dozen Refinement Realm experts working together to have any chance of victory.

Although Sin Realm did not have that many Refinement Realm experts, it did have the extremely valuable Violent Blood Potions.

Sin Realm had gone to great lengths to obtain the recipe for this potion, and after consuming it, players would gain an additional 1,200 points to every Basic Attribute. Moreover, these Attribute Points would add to players’ base Attributes. With their weapons and equipment’s percentage modifiers, the potion’s effects would be even greater. Meanwhile, the Violent Blood Potion had a 20-second duration and five-minute Cooldown.

An ordinary Tier 2 expert would instantly gain the combat power of peak experts after drinking the potion.

Unfortunately, the materials to produce the Violent Blood Potion were incredibly rare and valuable, and not even an Advanced Alchemist would have a high success rate when brewing it. To ensure Shi Feng’s defeat, Irontooth had specifically received four Violent Blood Potions from the Guild.

With four peak experts and an Intermediate Magic Array’s suppression, they could even kill a superpower’s apex expert, much less Shi Feng.

When Irontooth had finished speaking, three Tier 2 experts near him took out their Violent Blood Potions and drank them. The intensity of the trio’s auras instantly skyrocketed.

The three Tier 2 players in question were a Berserker, a Swordsman, and an Assassin. In this line-up, the Berserker would act as the MT, the Swordsman would offer support, and the Assassin would find the opportunity to land the final blow.

“Ye Feng, today, we will prove to you and Zero Wing that resisting an attack from Miracle doesn’t mean that you can stand up to Sin Realm!” Irontooth bellowed as he pointed at Shi Feng. “Go! Kill this arrogant fool!”

The trio then advanced on Shi Feng. The Berserker used Charge, the Swordsman used Wind Blade, and the Assassin entered Stealth.

The Violent Blood Potion? Watching the approaching Berserker and Swordsman, Shi Feng retrieved Howling Thunder and

flicked it.

Sundering Thunder!

Countless arcs of lightning then surged forth.

Once Shi Feng had upgraded the throwing weapon to Dark-Gold rank, Howling Thunder’s Skills had considerably improved. Now, Sundering Thunder could exert 180% of its user’s Strength and covered a 45-yard cone. The attack’s speed was also extraordinary.

The attack caught the charging trio off guard. The impact sent all three flying while their HPs rapidly decreased. The Sin Realm members that had stood behind the trio had suffered an even more tragic fate. The Tier 1 players within Sundering Thunder’s range died instantly. Only Tier 2 players had survived the attack, although their HPs had fallen to a critical level.

While Sin Realm’s players were stunned, Shi Feng took the opportunity to throw Howling Thunder a second time.

Lightning Guidance!

Suddenly, three arcs of lightning charred the ground beneath the three Tier 2 experts that had consumed the Violent Blood Potions. Numerous arcs of lightning then descended from the sky and bombarded the area around the trio.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Since Lightning Guidance was an AOE attack, players could only evade it by escaping its range. Meanwhile, numbed by Sundering Thunder’s effects, the three Tier 2 experts had no hope of dodging out of Lightning Guidance’s range before the Skill struck.

The expert trio lost their remaining HP to the Skill after three seconds. Not even the healers had time to save them as they lost tens of thousands of HP each second.

How is this possible? Irontooth paled when he saw the three Tier 2 experts’ corpses.

Shi Feng had killed three players with the combat power to rival peak experts without much effort. Moreover, he had accomplished this feat while suppressed by an Intermediate Magic Array…

For a moment, Irontooth couldn’t believe his eyes.

Shi Feng, however, wasn’t particularly surprised by the outcome. Peak experts were considered such due to their ability to react to danger. Some peak experts could even predict an enemy’s attack before the player launched it. While Sin Realm’s expert trio had greater combat power than peak experts, their ability to react was no more impressive than an ordinary expert’s. Furthermore, even with the additional 1,200 points to their Basic Attributes, they were still no match for Shi Feng’s.

“Commander, what should we do?” a Tier 2 Assassin asked.

“As expected of Zero Wing’s Honorary Elder! I had considered giving you an easy death, but since you don’t appreciate my kindness, I’ll make you suffer!” Irontooth snarled. Gritting his teeth, he pulled the Steel Puppet from his bag.