Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1998 - Sin Realm So much EXP!

Chapter 1998 – Sin Realm So much EXP!

Shi Feng stared at his experience bar in astonishment. After the Thunder Beast had died, his experience bar had increased by 11%. If he were grinding normally, he’d need at least half a day to earn that much EXP, but he had gained so much after less than 20 minutes.

When he remembered that the Thunder Beast as a special Boss, so much EXP made sense.

If a 20-man team killed an ordinary Grand Lord of the same level, every member of the team would receive a significant amount of EXP. Not only was the Thunder Beast seven levels higher than Shi Feng, but he had also killed the Grand Lord without help, monopolizing the awarded EXP. It was only natural that he received so much. Any other Level 70 player would’ve likely gained enough EXP to fill 20% of their experience bar.

When the Thunder Beast had fallen, it had also dropped over 30 items, filling Shi Feng with delight.

Past Level 50, even ordinary Mythic Field Bosses only dropped around 30 to 40 items. Although he was responsible for the Thunder Beast’s First Kill, 30 items were still impressive.

Meanwhile, over half of the items were materials, and all of them were unique materials from the Thunder Beast’s body.

[Thunder Skin) (Epic Rank Material)

When producing leather armor, the Thunder Skin can be used to enhance the armor’s Basic Attributes and grant Lightning Resistance.

[Thunder Claw] (Inferior Legendary Rank Material)

When added to a weapon’s production process, the Thunder Claw increases the weapon’s Attack Power and adds additional lightning-type damage.

All of the materials were unique items for tailoring, leatherworking, forging, alchemy, enchanting, and engineering. Every one of these items was incredibly valuable.

The Thunder Claw was just as valuable as an ordinary Epic Weapon since materials that altered a weapon’s damage to lightning-type were particularly rare.

Any weapon that could use lightning would ignore a significant amount of Defense unless the target had very high Lightning Resistance, but equipment that provided that Resistance was just as rare.

Melee players in the past had dreamed of enlisting a Master Forger to create a custom weapon with lightning-type damage for them. With such a weapon, players would have a massive advantage when fighting monsters or players.

As expected of a Unique Boss. Its loot is amazing. Shi Feng’s eyes glowed as he gazed at the weapons and equipment the Thunder Beast had dropped.

The Thunder Beast had dropped a total of seven weapons and equipment. Six pieces were Level 70 equipment, of which three were Fine-Gold rank, and three were Secret-Silver rank. Of the three Fine-Gold Equipment pieces, one was a cloth chest piece, one was a pair of leather pants, and one was a pair of plate armor boots.

The Lightning Combat Boots pleased Shi Feng the most. Although the cloth armor and leather pants were good, they weren’t quite as powerful as the boots.

Not only did the Lightning Combat Boots add 10 points of Lightning Resistance, but they also possessed a powerful Additional Active Skill called Lightning’s Shadow. When activated, the Skill transformed the wearer into a streak of lightning for ten seconds. Players wouldn’t be able to attack during this time, but they would move as fast as lightning. If the player attacked during the transformation, they’d revert to their original state. The Skill also had a 10-minute Cooldown.

This Skill would undoubtedly make up for a plate armor class’s lack of mobility. Whether the player used the Skill to chase an opponent or flee, it would be exceptionally effective.

Moreover, the Lightning Combat Boots’ Basic Attributes were even higher than those on the Level 60 Fine-Gold boots Shi Feng currently wore.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng switched his current boots for the Lightning Combat Boots, gaining more than 20 points to his Basic Attributes overall. Although the increase was minor, the additional Skill, which would drastically increase his survivability, was far more important.

Level 70 experts would covet the three pieces of Level 70 Secret-Silver Equipment since each item offered Lightning Resistance. Not only would the resistance protect the wearer from lightning-type damage, but they’d also have more defense against Skills and Spells that inflicted numbing effects. The three pieces were even more valuable than ordinary Level 70 Fine-Gold Equipment.

However, the weapon the Thunder Beast had dropped, an extremely rare Epic Growth-type Weapon, was even more impressive than the six pieces of equipment.

[Howling Thunder] (Throwing Weapon, Bronze Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 1,000, Agility 900, and Tier 2.

Attack Power (Value is set at Player’s Strength*1.7)

Strength +36, Agility +27, Endurance +5 Attack Speed +4

Maximum throwing distance: 42 yards When attacking:

Ignore 20% of target’s Defense;

Attack Speed increases by 12%;

20% chance to land a critical hit;

10% chance to trigger a knockback effect;

10% chance to trigger the Thundering Wind effect, increasing Attack Speed by 150% and ignoring Defense completely. Additional Skill 1-

Lightning Guidance: Deals 120% lightning damage every second for five seconds in a 10-yard radius around the targeted area. Can store to a maximum of three Lighting Guidance charges. Each charge has a two-minute Cooldown.

Additional Skill 2-

Sundering Thunder: Causes a Lightning Impact that carries 100% of user’s Strength in a 30-yard cone.

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Upgrading this weapon requires a large amount of Mana. Can be upgraded to Epic rank at maximum. Currently Bronze rank. Requires 1,000 Magic Crystals to reach the Mysterious-Iron rank.

Throwing weapons were extremely rare in God’s Domain, even more so than ornaments. They were also the only ranged attacks available to melee players. Moreover, throwing weapons were categorized by ranks, not levels. They were the only type of weapon that players could use throughout the entire game without becoming obsolete. Hence, every throwing weapon was worth a fortune.

In the past, most melee experts had still used Mysterious-Iron throwing weapons after reaching Level 100. Very few had acquired Secret-Silver or Fine-Gold throwing weapons, and only the most fortunate players had obtained Dark-Gold ranked throwing weapons.

Shi Feng hadn’t switched to another throwing weapon since he had obtained the Blazing Meteor from Seliora. The Blazing Meteor would even be incredibly rare after players reached Level 200, after all.

Of course, he hadn’t expected to get his hands on an Epic Growth-Type throwing weapon after killing the Thunder Beast. The Howling Thunder was even more valuable than ordinary Epic Weapons.

Shi Feng immediately began to upgrade the Howling Thunder since he had so many Magic Crystals on him at the moment.

After a short moment, Shi Feng had upgraded Howling Thunder to Dark-Gold rank. He would need 40,000 Magic Crystals to upgrade it to Epic rank, however, which was ten times more than upgrading it from Fine-Gold to Dark-Gold rank. Since he didn’t have enough Magic Crystals for this final upgrade, he had no choice but to set the matter aside for now. Even so, the Dark-Gold ranked Howling Thunder had already surpassed Blazing Meteor’s power, satisfying Shi Feng.

Shi Feng left the Elemental Altar after he replaced Blazing Meteor with Howling Thunder and retrieved the Sealing Stone from the ancient stone box.

However, as he was about to use the Seven Luminaries Ring to teleport to the Icefire Mountain Range, a gigantic magic array appeared above him, forming a magic barrier that enveloped the area around Shi Feng.

Once the barrier was complete, a group of players wearing Sin Realm’s Guild Emblem emerged from the ground. A playful light flashed in their eyes as they turned to Shi Feng.

“Just as the Guild Leader guessed, you came to Glory Town for a quest! It’s a pity your efforts will go to waste!” the tall, robust Irontooth said as he stepped out of the crowd. Smiling, he continued, “Now, are you going to hand over the item, or will we need to retrieve it from your corpse? Decide!”