Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1995 - Advanced Land

Chapter 1995 – Advanced Land

“How much for this plot of Land?” Shi Feng asked, suppressing the excitement in his heart as he pointed at the dark-blue marker on the map.

In the past, the various superpowers had considered Advanced Lands extremely valuable. Unlike ordinary Lands, players had absolute control of the Advanced Lands they purchased.

In other words, like Guild Towns and Cities, players wouldn’t be limited to the type of construction they could build on the land. Instead of building Shops, Guild Residences, or private houses, players could construct Auction Houses or Battle Arenas.

Though, only a fool would build a Battle Arena in an NPC town as doing so would not yield any profits. NPC towns didn’t have much Mana, and a Battle Arena wouldn’t provide enough benefits to the players training within without a high Mana density.

The wisest way to use a plot of Advanced Land was to build an Auction House!

Auction Houses couldn’t be constructed on ordinary Lands, and NPC towns didn’t usually possess Auction Houses.

Of course, player-constructed Auction Houses didn’t hold much attraction for players. They were already available in NPC cities, and every NPC town and city had a Teleportation Hall, allowing players to travel from one location to another easily. Moreover, NPC Auction Houses were usually connected with multiple other NPC Auction Houses, which allowed players to sell and purchase items from multiple NPC cities. In contrast, player-constructed Auction Houses were only connected with other Auction Houses the player owned.

However, player-constructed Auction Houses had an advantage that NPC Auction Houses lacked: the freedom to choose the form of currency required. Instead of Coins, players could use Credits or Magic Crystals.

Many of God’s Domain’s players dreamed of earning rea卜world money through the game, but transactions involving Credits and in-game items were troublesome. Normally, players were only willing to go through the trouble for bulk or high-value transactions.

However, player-constructed Auction Houses removed the hassle of Credit trades. The services player-constructed Auction Houses offered were convenient for small transactions, and the Guilds operating the Auction Houses could collect processing fees, earning a large sum of Credits. If the Auction House’s trade volume was sufficiently high, the ruling Guild could even earn enough Credits per day to make the various superpowers jealous.

Of course, obtaining such an income was impossible if one relied on a single NPC town’s Auction House, but there was a

saying; many a little makes a mickle. If Shi Feng could construct an Auction House while God’s Domain was still in its early phases, he could earn a fortune.

Moreover, an Auction House in an NPC town would be far more popular than one in a Guild Town. This was due to the more convenient transportation methods. Every NPC town and city in the Purple Thorns Kingdom allowed direct teleportation to Glory Town.

“Lord Bronze Legatee, this plot of Land’s price is somewhat special. In addition to 14,000 Gold, you’ll also have to pay 300 Mana Stones and 300 Pure Magic Cores if you wish to purchase it,” the senior administrator said.

“Mana Stones and Pure Magic Cores?” Shi Feng released a sigh of relief when he heard the senior administrator’s price.

Normally, Advanced Lands cost both Coins and resources. Fortunately, the resources required this time were not particularly valuable.

Shi Feng could easily synthesize Mana Stones from Magic Crystals, and he could collect Pure Magic Cores from killing Level 50-plus Great Lord ranked Demonic Beasts. Neither of these items would be difficult to acquire for Zero Wing.

As for the 14,000 Gold, the cost was practically negligible. Zero Wing had earned quite a bit of profit recently, and he had the compensation the Black Dragon Empire’s various large Guilds had paid for their transgressions. Even though most of the compensation had been paid in materials and Lands, quite a few Guilds had paid with Coins. Overall, Shi Feng currently had over 170,000 Gold in his pockets.

This was also why he had decided to activate a super-large-scale neutral city.

After speaking with the senior administrator, Shi Feng contacted Melancholic Smile and had her send some manpower to Glory Town. He also instructed her to send Mana Stones and Pure Magic Cores.

In less than an hour, Shi Feng had received the required 300 Mana Stones and 300 Pure Magic Cores. He then purchased the Advanced Land, in addition to two plots of ordinary Lands, spending a total of 18,000 Gold.

After purchasing the Lands, Shi Feng used the Auction House Design, which the Guild had recently acquired, and instructed his Guild’s architects to construct the Auction House on the Advanced Land. He then spent another 5,000 Gold to construct a Guild Residence and a Shop on the two plots of ordinary Land.

Suddenly, three extremely eye-catching buildings rose within Glory Town. The Candlelight Trading Firm was especially impressive, and although it wasn’t as majestic as the Advanced Auction House, it was a three-story building. Moreover, it occupied just as much area as Zero Wing’s new Residence.

Glory Town’s players immediately noticed the appearance of Zero Wing’s Residence and the Candlelight Trading Firm. The town wasn’t particularly large, after all, and none of the town’s Lands had been purchased by any major powers. Glory Town was merely a border town, a temporary leveling area for a small number of independent players. There was no real value to purchasing the Lands here.

“Why is there a player-constructed Auction House? Didn’t they say that it wasn’t possible to construct Auction Houses in N PC towns?”

“Zero Wing is so awesome! It has even pulled off something like this!”

“But what’s the point in constructing an Auction House here? Player-constructed Auction Houses don’t usually have a lot of items for sale. The customer base is so much smaller than NPC Auction Houses, so there isn’t much point in using a player- constructed one.”

“True, but isn’t Zero Wing Star-Moon Kingdom’s overlord. It also has a big city like Zero Wing City. This Auction House here should be connected to the one there. If that’s the case, it should have a lot of items for sale.”

Glory Town’s players were all curious about the Candlelight Auction House that now graced their town. They immediately entered to inspect the building and its services.

However, once players examined the items for auction, they were stupefied.

The Candlelight Auction House had just as many items as the Auction Houses in NPC cities. Most importantly, many items could also be purchased with either Coins or Credits. Players could even spend Credits to buy a single piece of Bronze Ore. This discovery excited the players that didn’t have many Coins but had spare Credits lying around.

Moreover, the weapons and equipment the Candlelight Auction House offered were much cheaper.

“Amazing! The Candlelight Auction House is simply amazing!”

“Crap! There are so many pieces of Level 55 Mysterious-Iron Equipment for sale! You won’t even find this many in NPC cities’ Auction Houses!”

Everyone’s eyes turned bloodshot as they read through the item lists in the Candlelight Auction House. Meanwhile, news of Glory Town’s new Auction House soon reached the Purple Thorns Kingdom’s official forums with a particularly eye-catching title.

Candlelight Auction House appears in Glory Town!