Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1994 - Unexpected Joy

Chapter 1994 – Unexpected Joy

Purple Thorns City, Sin Realm’s Residence:

The glorious, magnificent Guild Hall was hectic due to the incident in Glory Town. The Guild members in the building struggled to control their bloodlust after learning about the defeat, and some players had even tried to form an expedition to flatten Glory Town.

Meanwhile, Sin Realm’s upper echelons had gathered in the Guild Leader’s office.

“Guild Leader, we’ve looked into the situation. The player that killed Crocodile Breaker is Ye Feng, Zero Wing’s Honorary Elder!” an indifferent man in purple-gold robes and carrying a silver staff addressed the emaciated man in the Guild Leader’s seat.

Although the emaciated man looked like a shriveled tree, he felt like a towering mountain. Some of the Guild’s upper echelons didn’t even dare to look him in the eye due to the powerful pressure he gave off.

Sin Realm’s members only felt awe and reverence towards this emaciated man.

He was the strongest Guild Leader in Sin Realm’s history.

Lone Beacon!

Sin Realm had still been considered a lowly second-rate Guild a few years ago, but after Lone Beacon had become the Guild Leader, Sin Realm had rapidly developed. Now, it was a publicly-acknowledged first-rate Guild.

Under Lone Beacon’s leadership, Sin Realm had increased its development speed after joining God’s Domain. The Guild was now even stronger than some veteran first-rate Guilds and had taken full control of the Purple Thorns Kingdom. Many first- rate and super-first-rate Guilds had even failed to accomplish such a feat.

“Zero Wing’s Ye Feng?” Lone Beacon’s lips curled into a smile. “That is interesting. As soon as we lay our hands on the Witch’s Hill, someone from Zero Wing appears in the Purple Thorns Kingdom?”

“Guild Leader, this Ye Feng is too arrogant! He actually dared to kill Crocodile Breaker in our own territory! It’s a slap to the face!” a robust, tanned Berserker growled angrily. “Please, let me lead a team to teach this guy a lesson! We’ll show Zero Wing that just because it barely resisted an offensive from Miracle, that doesn’t mean that it can strut around before Sin Realm!”

“Irontooth is right, Guild Leader! Ye Feng has come to our territory alone and killed Crocodile Breaker. If we don’t take care of him, we’ll become a laughingstock in the kingdom. Everyone will assume that we fear Zero Wing!” the other Guild upper echelons promptly voiced their agreement.

It might have been acceptable if Zero Wing had sent an army into Purple Thorns Kingdom, and the two Guilds had clashed, but Shi Feng had come here on his own. He had even publicly announced his identity before the kingdom’s populace. If they didn’t deal with this player and prove to Zero Wing that they weren’t to be trifled with, then Sin Realm’s reputation would be in tatters.

“Alright. Irontooth, take a team to Glory Town,” Lone Beacon said, nodding. He, too, felt that it was necessary to teach Zero Wing a lesson. He then continued, “However, Ye Feng is extraordinarily strong. Take the Steel Puppet with you as a precaution.”

The Guild’s upper echelons were surprised by Lone Beacon’s decision.

Sin Realm had only obtained the treasured Steel Puppet after many difficulties. The Guild had lost more than 10,000 lives and numerous Tier 3 Magic Scrolls. Although the Steel Puppet couldn’t fight on its own like a summoned creature, needing a player’s control, it could kill players as easily as killing ants. The Steel Puppet wouldn’t have any issues dealing with Tier 3 experts, much less Tier 2 players.

Yet, Lone Beacon wanted to use the Steel Puppet against a single expert player from Zero Wing. He was simply making a mountain out of a molehill.

Now that Shi Feng bore the Death Mark, the Guild could easily track his movements. Sending Irontooth and his team, along with some Magic Scrolls and Magic Array Scrolls, would be more than enough. There was no need to mobilize the Steel Puppet.

“The Steel Puppet?” Irontooth rejoiced when he heard his Guild Leader’s command. Hurriedly, he replied, “Leave it to me! I’ll make sure Ye Feng regrets ever setting foot in the Purple Thorns Kingdom!”

Following which, Irontooth, one of Sin Realm’s seven great experts, walked out of the Guild Leader’s office to organize a team for his trip to Glory Town.

In the meantime, Shi Feng had arrived at Glory Town’s Town Hall.

Although Glory Town was not located in a high-resource map, based on the situation, Shi Feng felt that this was an excellent place to make money and recruit expert players for Zero Wing.

Although the monsters around Glory Town were average in all aspects, a specific rare herb was available in the area—the Phantom Flower, the main material for producing the Basic Level Strengthening Potion.

Even in a herb-rich country like the Purple Thorns Kingdom, the Phantom Flower was far from common, and it didn’t even grow in Star-Moon Kingdom. Other kingdoms and empires that contained the Phantom Flowers didn’t produce the flowers in large quantities, either. This was why Cool Summer had come to Glory Town.

Due to the Basic Level Strengthening Potion’s popularity in the past, the Phantom Flower had become incredibly valuable. Each flower had initially sold for 3 Silver, but the price had eventually skyrocketed to 15 Silver.

Currently, one could count the number of Basic Level Strengthening Potion Recipes that existed in God’s Domain on one hand. Since so few players grinded in high-level maps right now, the demand for this potion wasn’t particularly high yet, either. However, as players progressed in the game, they would need more EXP per level, making it far more difficult to level up. Fighting higher-leveled monsters would soon become a necessity if players wanted to increase their level quickly.

At that time, the Basic Level Strengthening Potion would become intensely popular, which, in turn, would increase the scarcity of the Phantom Flowers.

Although Shi Feng didn’t yet have the recipe, he could take advantage of the situation to stockpile Phantom Flowers. Producing Basic Level Strengthening Potions would become impossible without them, after all. Naturally, more of the potion’s recipes would surface as time passed.

“Lord Bronze Legatee, how may I be of service today?” The Town Hall’s senior administrator took the initiative to approach Shi Feng as he entered the building.

“I wish to buy two plots of Land,” Shi Feng replied.

“Very well. These are all the Lands available for sale in the town,” the senior administrator said as he revealed a map of Glory Town.

Despite being an Advanced Town, Glory Town’s size was only the size of an Intermediate Town. As a result, it didn’t have many Lands for sale. As Shi Feng inspected the Lands in the town’s central district, he noticed a dark-blue marker. It was particularly eye-catching since the rest of the markers on the map were light-blue.

How is this possible? There’s actually a plot of Advanced Land for sale? Shi Feng was stunned as he stared at the dark-blue marker.