Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1993 - Kingdom Uproar

Chapter 1993: Kingdom Uproar

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Crocodile Breaker's death shocked the spectating crowd and Sin Realm's retreating members; none of them could believe what they had just seen.

"He's dead?!"

"This is a trick, right?! The Heavy Sword actually died in a single move?!"

Players new to the Purple Thorns Kingdom might not be familiar with Crocodile Breaker, but those who resided in the kingdom knew his name and nickname quite well. He had become many players' nightmare.

Many of the kingdom's expert players that had resisted Sin Realm had died by Crocodile Breaker's hand, yet such a powerful expert had died instantly. No one would believe them if they retold this tale.

"That player is amazing, Brother!" Cool Summer exclaimed as she watched Shi Feng loot the battlefield. "He might even be stronger than you!"

"Mhm! His swordsmanship is so fast!" Smiling Breeze nodded in agreement. Shi Feng's performance had shocked him, as well. "I've seen almost every top-ranked Swordsman in the kingdom in action, but none of them are close to his level. Just who is he?"

Not only was he a Tier 2 player, but he was also an Assassin, the class famed for its speed, but he hadn't been able to keep up with Shi Feng's attack. He hadn't even caught the moment this Swordsman had executed the Skill. By the time he had realized what was happening, Shi Feng's attack was over, and Crocodile Breaker was dead.

When he tried to put himself in Crocodile Breaker's shoes, he doubted that he'd be able to activate Vanish, an almost instantaneous Lifesaving Skill, in time.

When he recalled his decision to send Shi Feng and his sister away while he protected them from behind, he found the idea laughable.

Crocodile Breaker's death had undoubtedly dealt Sin Realm's members quite the mental blow. As a result of their momentary pause, only a small number of the Guild players had actually escaped Glory Town. The NPC soldiers captured the rest of them. The players that had died lost a level and a piece of equipment as a result, in addition to resurrecting in the town's prison to spend three days behind bars.

"Friends, Sin Realm's people have left. If you intend to flee, you should do so now. I doubt it will be long before the Guild sends reinforcements. It will become far harder to leave Glory Town once they arrive," Shi Feng addressed Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer once he finished collecting the items Sin Realm's members had dropped.

Shi Feng's warning snapped Smiling Breeze out of his daze, and he gratefully replied, "Thank you. I'm Smiling Breeze, and this is my little sister, Cool Summer. May I have your name, friend?"

"Ye Feng," Shi Feng answered truthfully.

Although he had considered using Black Flame, it would cause a commotion if the public learned that Zero Wing's Guild Leader had appeared in the Purple Thorns Kingdom. The kingdom's various major powers would certainly pay more attention to him, and if that happened, it could affect his quest.

"Ye Feng? Could you be Zero Wing's Honorary Elder?" Smiling Breeze stared at Shi Feng in surprise.

Zero Wing had become considerably famous in God's Domain. Its success in repelling a veteran super-first-rate Guild's offensive and joining the Secret Chamber of Commerce had earned the Guild some notoriety, increasing Zero Wing's chances of becoming a super-first-rate Guild itself in the future.

With so much attention on Zero Wing, it was only natural for the public to grow familiar with the Guild's peak experts, including Ye Feng. Thus far, Ye Feng had displayed great strength in multiple battles in Star-Moon Kingdom. Not only had he become well-known in his own kingdom, but he had become extremely famous among the Purple Thorns Kingdoms' expert players. During their free time, expert players enjoyed discussing nearby kingdoms' experts and comparing themselves to figure out who was stronger.

Cool Summer stared at Shi Feng in shock, as well. She felt as if she were dreaming.

"Brother, is this really happening?! We actually got to meet Zero Wing's Honorary Elder, Ye Feng!" Cool Summer whispered to Smiling Breeze, her eyes glowing with excitement.

Even existences like Crocodile Breaker were out of reach for independent players like them, not to mention an Honorary Elder from a Guild with the potential to become a super-first-rate Guild. A single sentence from Ye Feng was enough to cause most second-rate Guilds to shudder with fear.

When nearby players overheard Shi Feng's introduction, they couldn't help but gape at the Swordsman.

They finally understood why Shi Feng had been so relaxed during the earlier exchange with Sin Realm's members and shrugged off Crocodile Breaker's mighty aura.

"That's right," Shi Feng replied, at a loss for words after seeing the two siblings' surprise.

Both Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer had been beyond his reach in the past. Smiling Breeze had been one of the top-ten Assassin experts in the Black Dragon Empire during his peak, and if not for his status as an independent player, he would've likely reached Tier 5.

As for Cool Summer, she had only been a step away from becoming a Grandmaster Alchemist. Second-rate Guilds hadn't had a prayer of encountering her, and even first-rate Guilds had treated her like a VIP, doing almost anything to recruit her.

"May I know what plans you two have after this?" Shi Feng asked.

"Remaining in the Purple Thorns Kingdom is no longer possible now that we have a tracking mark on us. We'll probably head over to the Black Dragon Empire and check out the situation there," Smiling Breeze replied, sighing.

"The Black Dragon Empire? That is certainly a good place to develop," Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought. He then sent the two players friend requests and said, "Zero Wing has a Branch Guild in the Black Dragon Empire as well. If you encounter any trouble or run into Sin Realm's people, you can contact me. If you need to buy or sell anything, you can also do so at the Candlelight Trading Firm. I'll make sure you both enjoy the membership benefits."

Although Shi Feng had considered inviting Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer to join Zero Wing, he knew that they'd never accept. Many superpowers had tried to recruit them in his previous life, as well, even offering incredibly lax conditions that barely restricted their freedom. In the end, however, the siblings had rejected every offer.

This proved to him that these two weren't interested in joining any Guild. So, he shouldn't try to force the situation. Befriending them would be a wiser choice. If these two ever changed their minds, they'd at least consider joining Zero Wing.

"Thank you!" Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer expressed their gratitude. Continuing, Smiling Breeze said, "We really don't know what to say. If you need our help with anything in the future, please feel free to ask! We'll help you to the best of our abilities!"

Ordinary players might not understand the benefits of Zero Wing's protection and the Candlelight Trading Firm's membership, but they did. Countless independent players dreamed of such an advantage.

After conversing with Shi Feng for a little while longer, Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer departed from Glory Town. Meanwhile, the players on the main street were in an uproar over Shi Feng's battle with Sin Realm's members. Some players had even uploaded the battle videos they had recorded to the Purple Thorns Kingdom's official forums.

The instant the battle videos were available, they become the most popular topic of conversation throughout the kingdom.

Many of the kingdom's players had negative opinions of Sin Realm due to its tyrannical behavior, but since the Guild was so powerful, they were forced to endure its control.

Now that Sin Realm had suffered a massive defeat in Glory Town, with one of its seven great experts falling in battle, it was only natural that the populace's general mood was quite jubilant.

For a time, the kingdom's population grew curious about Shi Feng's identity, and many players found themselves admiring the Swordsman. As news of the battle spread, everyone soon discovered that Shi Feng was actually Zero Wing's Ye Feng. Due to this revelation, the entire kingdom was in an uproar, with many players expressing their desire to join Zero Wing, hoping that the Guild would establish a Branch Guild in the Purple Thorns Kingdom.

The overwhelming reaction even surprised Shi Feng.

At this point, over 200,000 players, a truly frightening number, had voiced their desire to take down Sin Realm.

Just how much of a tyrant is Sin Realm in the Purple Thorns Kingdom?Shi Feng was astonished as he read the forum post containing a petition to deal with the offending Guild.

The average large Guild didn't even have 100,000 members; only second-rate and above Guilds could amass such a collection.

It didn't take long for news of the matter to reach the Purple Thorns Kingdom's various major powers, especially the kingdom's tyrant, Sin Realm.