Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1990 - Heavy Sword

Chapter 1990 – Heavy Sword

The town’s main street fell silent as the shouted announcement echoed. Very quickly, the players waiting in line distanced themselves from Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer’s stall. Even the expert players that had waited to purchase Basic Level Strengthening Potions had retreated.

“Why are Sin Realm’s people here?”

“Does Sin Realm plan to expand its control to Glory Town?”

“Damn it! Sin Realm’s members again?! They’ve already prevented us from grinding in the normal resource maps, and now they want to claim this town, too?!”

“I don’t think that’s it. Glory Town isn’t a resource-rich map. By the looks of it, it seems they’re interested in the Basic Level Strengthening Potion.”

“Those two players are certainly unlucky. They’ve actually attracted Sin Realm’s attention just for selling some products.”

As the crowd watched Sin Realm’s 100-man team, which had already surrounded Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer’s stall, they flashed the Guild players indignant looks. They also pitied the sibling pair.

But despite their true feelings, the surrounding players only dared to discuss the situation in whispers. Even though only 100 of Sin Realm’s members were here, which the crowd outnumbered by several-fold, no one dared to voice their opinions loudly enough for the Guild players to overhear. Even the Level 59, Tier 2 experts gritted their teeth and reluctantly left the scene.

They all knew that they wouldn’t have a future in the Purple Thorns Kingdom if they provoked Sin Realm. They’d be lucky if they only died a few times. In the past, players’ accounts had been crippled, forcing them to start over, due to Sin Realm…

In the Purple Thorns Kingdom, Sin Realm was king!

Other kingdoms generally had two or three first-rate Guilds and over a dozen second-rate Guilds. The Purple Thorns, however, only had one first-rate Guild: Sin Realm. The kingdom’s second-rate Guilds could also be counted on one hand.

Sin Realm had absolute control over the Purple Thorns Kingdom.

Otherwise, independent players wouldn’t have bothered to come to a place like Glory Town to grind.

Under the crowd’s hateful gazes, the fierce, young man leading Sin Realm’s team stepped forward. He wore dark-gray armor and carried a greatsword with a deathly aura. As he emerged from the Sin Realm group, the crowd gasped.

“What?! Crocodile Breaker?!”

“Why is the Heavy Sword here?!”

This young man’s appearance gave the watching players goosebumps.

Sin Realm had seven great experts, and every one of them was one of the Guild’s core upper echelons. Crocodile Breaker was one of these great experts. His role in the Guild was to deal with players that opposed Sin Realm, and he had easily over 3,000 expert player deaths under his name. He had even set the record for defeating 100 players single-handedly, and those 100 hadn’t been random nobodies. They had all been Guild experts, and one had even ranked on the God’s Domain Expert List.

The reason behind Crocodile Breaker’s astonishing success was his unbeatable Strength. He had even whittled the expert that ranked on the God’s Domain Expert List down until the player had died.

Due to Crocodile Breaker’s immense Strength, he had gained the nickname ‘Heavy Sword.’

While the watching players were surprised by Crocodile Breaker’s appearance, the young man arrived before Smiling Breeze’s stall.

“Pack up. Today, you two have the honor of joining Sin Realm,” Crocodile Breaker proclaimed, flashing Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer an arrogant grin. “The Guild Leader has decided that you two will be instantly promoted to core members when you join, and you won’t have to grind for GCPs like everyone else. If you perform well, you might even become Guild Elders in the future. If you don’t have any questions, come with me.”

Although Crocodile Breaker’s words seemed like an invitation, his imposing aura hinted that he’d slay the sibling pair if they rejected his invitation. When his aura and pressure washed over the spectators, they shuddered.

However, many of the watching experts envied Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer for receiving this forceful invitation.

Although Sin Realm behaved like a tyrant in the Purple Thorns Kingdom, it had the strength to stand behind its actions. Becoming one of the Guild’s core members was a golden opportunity. At the very least, one could freely roam the Purple Thorns Kingdom. Even the upper echelons from the kingdom’s second-rate Guilds had to tread lightly around Sin Realm’s core experts. As for Sin Realm’s Guild Elders, even the kingdom’s Guild Leaders treated them with respect.

As everyone expected the siblings to leave with Crocodile Breaker, Smiling Breeze shook his head and stated, “Thank you for your invitation, but my sister and I are used to living on our own, and we prefer to keep it that way.”

Cool Summer nodded in agreement with her elder brother.

As soon as Smiling Breeze finished speaking, however, the crowd felt the surrounding temperature fall by several degrees. An intense killing intent filled the street, so powerful that even the various Tier 2 experts felt a chill crawl down their spines.

“You’re rejecting Sin Realm’s invitation?” A cold glint flashed in Crocodile Breaker’s eyes as he stared at Smiling Breeze. “Do you know the consequences for those who reject Sin Realm’s goodwill?”

As Crocodile Breaker finished his question, the Sin Realm members around him stepped forward, clearly ready to act at a moment’s notice based on their postures.

“Is Smiling Breeze stupid? He actually rejected Sin Realm?”

“Sin Realm has even sent Heavy Sword for this. Does that guy think he can escape with his life?”

The crowd watched Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer in shock. They had never expected to find players who would dare to reject Sin Realm within the Purple Thorns Kingdom. The overbearing Guild had even annihilated peak adventurer teams, and those teams’ upper echelons had been so crippled that they had to delete their accounts and start over. Getting rid of two independent players would be child’s play for Sin Realm.

Even Smiling Breeze felt a little nervous in this situation.

He had no doubt that if he continued to reject the invitation, Crocodile Breaker and his minions would take action.

Although NPC soldiers patrolled the town, he wasn’t confident of escaping if Crocodile and the other Sin Realm members attacked. It would take the NPC soldiers too long to react and arrive to stop Sin Realm’s members.

As Smiling Breeze tried to find a way out of this predicament, a low voice rang out of the crowd.

“Excuse me, but are you still selling Basic Level Strengthening Potions?”

As this voice broke the silence, the tension on the street loosened considerably. Almost as one, the crowd turned toward the voice’s origin. They were all curious to know what fool dared to interfere with Sin Realm’s affairs.

As they turned, the spectating players found themselves looking at a cloaked player. At a glance, everyone assumed that this player was a young Swordsman. As the Swordsman approached Smiling Breeze’s stall, his leisurely gait made it seem as if Sin Realm’s players were nothing in his eyes.