Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1989 - Basic Level Strengthening Potion

Chapter 1989 – Basic Level Strengthening Potion

Purple Thorns Kingdom, Glory Town:

Glory Town was built atop a mountain and surrounded by tall walls. Although it was only a border town, its defenses nearly rivaled a fortress.

Huh? There are already so many players here? Shi Feng was a little surprised to see the thousands of players outside of the Teleportation Hall.

The monsters near Glory Town were Level 70 and above, and a neutral map not far away was a Level 80-plus map. Just surviving in Glory Town’s map would be challenging for current players, not to mention setting foot in the neutral map.

Most of the thousands of players Shi Feng could see were Level 56 or above, with the highest at Level 59, and more than a hundred Tier 2 players wandered the street outside of the Teleportation Hall. Moreover, most of the players in the town didn’t wear a Guild Emblem, proving that they were independent players.

Independent players were typically weaker than Guild players in terms of Levels and equipment, yet so many independent players were visiting an area that the various large Guilds had yet to touch. Why wouldn’t Shi Feng be surprised?

The independent players around him didn’t think anything of Shi Feng’s arrival. They simply went about their business.

“Wind Basilisk grinding party is recruiting a healer! Must be Level 57 or higher!”

“Recruiting two Level 57 or above DPS for the Black Cavebat Quest! Tier 2 players get priority!”

Players shouted as they recruited teammates from the street outside of the Teleportation Hall. Whether they planned to quest or grind monsters, they all acted as if this were normal.

However, if Star-Moon Kingdom’s experts saw this, they’d be astonished.

Wind Basilisks and Black Cavebats were Level 70-plus monsters, at least 10 Levels higher than current players. The level suppression would be substantial with such a massive difference. Even Level 60, Tier 2 players would struggle against these monsters, much less Tier 1 players, yet these independent players intended to grind these monsters as if it were natural.

After a short moment, Shi Feng noticed that these parties and teams had recruited quite a few members before they headed past Glory Town’s main entrance to grind or quest…

Is this really the Purple Thorns Kingdom? Shi Feng was momentarily stunned as he watched these teams leave.

He was quite familiar with Glory Town, a place the Purple Thorns Kingdom’s army constantly had to protect from monster assaults from the nearby neutral maps. This wasn’t a safe place. In the past, players had only dared to visit this town after they had reached Level 65.

Wind Basilisks were Level 72 Chieftains, and although the Black Cavebats were only Special Elites, they usually moved in large groups. The Great Black Cavebats that led these groups were also Chieftain ranked monsters.

The six-man parties and 20-man teams Shi Feng had seen might be able to take down one Wind Basilisk or a single group of Cavebats, but only barely. If they accidentally aggroed additional monsters, they could even team-wipe.

These players might have a chance if they all wore top-tier equipment, but that wasn’t the case for these independent players. From what Shi Feng could see, they all wore average equipment With such equipment, killing the area’s high-level monsters would take a long time. In Shi Feng’s opinion, these independent players would be much better off grinding Level 60 or so monsters.

Shi Feng also soon discovered that these players weren’t limited to those outside of the Teleportation Hall. Plenty of players occupied the rest of the town’s streets, as well. Similarly, these players were all Level 56 or above. Shi Feng guessed that there should be more than 30,000 players in Glory Town at the moment, and they were all elites or stronger.

Normally, one would be hard-pressed to find such a gathering of elite and expert players in an NPC town, even in the various empires, yet this phenomenon was occurring in the Purple Thorns Kingdom’s Glory Town…

As Shi Feng reached the town’s main street to investigate further, he noticed that an extraordinarily large number of players were setting up stalls alongside the street. Player stalls took up every available space on both sides of the street, and every one of them sold considerably valuable items. They either sold rare herbs or high-ranking items that were normally hard to find on the market.

Among the items sold, one item, in particular, caught Shi Feng’s attention.

The Basic Level Strengthening Potion!

This was a super-rare potion that, when consumed, granted players an Ignore Levels +7 buff for six hours.

While ignoring a difference of seven levels might not seem like much, fighting monsters that were ten levels higher was still incredibly difficult for Tier 1 players, despite the recent reduction on the system’s level suppression during the previous updates. Only Tier 2 players had the power to do so without too much of a problem.

However, as long as Tier 1 players had sufficient Attributes and combat standards, they could fight higher-leveled monsters efficiently, increasing their leveling speed, after consuming the Level Strengthening Potion. In the past, the Level Strengthening Potion had been immensely popular among elite and expert players.

No wonder why so many players are grinding here. Realization dawned on Shi Feng.

Although the Basic Level Strengthening Potion wasn’t as effective as Zero Wing’s Void Field Magic Array, it was the best option for independent elite and expert players when grinding higher-leveled monsters.

After this discovery, Shi Feng approached one of the stalls selling the Basic Level Strengthening Potions.

More than ten players had lined up at the stall, every one a Level 57 or higher expert. The strongest among them was even a Level 59, Tier 2 expert.

Producing the Basic Level Strengthening Potion was laughably cheap compared to the Void Field, with each bottle only costing 8 Silver to brew. In the past, Basic Level Strengthening Potions had sold for roughly 50 Silver per bottle. Unfortunately, the potion’s recipe was painfully rare and could only be acquired by opening Treasure Chests found in Level 50-plus maps. Moreover, the Luck Attribute wouldn’t affect its drop-rate, so players had to rely on their personal luck to obtain it

Each recipe had easily sold for around 800 Gold in the past due to its rarity.

Meanwhile, only two players manned the stall that sold the Basic Level Strengthening Potions, a man and a woman. Both appeared quite young.

The handsome, young man was a Level 58, Tier 2 Assassin named Smiling Breeze. Most of his equipment consisted of Level 50 Mysterious-Iron and Secret-Silver Equipment, with a few pieces of Level 55 Mysterious-Iron Equipment. Even independent experts would have a hard time getting their hands on such items at this stage of the game.

As for the beautiful, young woman, she was a Level 57, Tier 1 Summoner named Cool Summer, and her equipment was in no way inferior to her companion’s. However, unlike Smiling Breeze, she did not possess a Tier 2 Class Insignia. Instead, she wore an Advanced Alchemist’s Insignia.

Why are these two people? Shi Feng was astonished to see these two players.

He was actually familiar with both of them. After all, the brother and sister duo had been very famous in the Black Dragon Empire in the past Smiling Breeze had ranked as one of the Black Dragon Empire’s top ten Assassins, while Cool Summer had been a Master Alchemist. Moreover, Cool Summer hadn’t just been a Basic Master Alchemist, but an Advanced Master Alchemist. Even the various superpowers had been wary of her.

Although the siblings were independent players, ordinary large Guilds had avoided provoking them due to their superb combat power. Although the younger sister, Cool Summer, hadn’t been as strong as her brother, she had still been a Refinement Realm experts, and the various large Guilds’ ordinary experts had been no match for her in battle.

As Shi Feng wondered why these two were in the Purple Thorns Kingdom, a group of players approached the stall, surrounding it.

“Sin Realm is conducting business here! Anyone who isn’t a member needs to scram!