Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1988 - Three-star Reward

Chapter 1988 – Three-star Reward

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to accept a Three-star Unique Exploration Quest You have the right to choose between two options.

System: The first option will reduce the quest difficulty by 15%, but the reward will remain the same.

System: The second option will maintain the quest difficulty but increase the reward by one rank.

System: You have ten minutes to consider. If you do not make a decision within ten minutes, the difficulty will remain the same by default.

I have such an option? Shi Feng read his notification window in surprise.

He had picked up Three-star Exploration Quests in the past, but this was the first time the system had presented such an option.

While the Thunder Axe City’s Exploration Quest was more difficult than ordinary Epic quests, it awarded far more. It would also grant him the opportunity to occupy Thunder Axe City before other players. That benefit alone was worth the effort of completing the Giant’s Hideout Exploration Quest

If he could lower the quest’s difficulty by 15%, it would become easier than completing an ordinary Epic Quest, giving him a much higher chance of completing it However, he could increase his reward by one rank if he maintained the quest’s difficulty. In other words, he would receive the reward of an Inferior Legendary Quest That was just as tempting, and Shi Feng had accepted the Giant’s Hideout Exploration Quest with the understanding of the quest’s difficulty.

After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng decided on the second option, maintaining the quest difficulty and upgrading his reward.

The Exploration Quest’s reward was a large part of the reason he had chosen it, aside from access to Thunder Axe City’s resources. Although the Adventurer’s Association did not mention the quest reward, he knew what to expect.

Conversion slots for players!

It wasn’t easy to convert to a neutral race in God’s Domain, especially for the races with powerful racial traits. The stronger a race was, the more difficult the Conversion Quest would be. However, the Giant’s Hideout quest awarded conversion slots for players upon completion. With these slots, he could convert the players into a Giant without having to complete the Conversion Quests.

As far as he could remember, the Giant’s Hideout quest awarded 1,000 conversion slots upon completion. While the players he converted would not be able to enter most NPC cities in God’s Domain, they could enter towns and cities Guilds and neutral races operated.

With a bunch of powerful MTs, Zero Wing would have a much easier time raiding Team Dungeons and Field Bosses. The Giants’ racial traits were too perfect for MTs to pass up, and unlike Half-elves and Beastkin, becoming a Giant didn’t improve a player’s five senses or magical abilities. Instead, it granted a massive boost to players’ Basic Attributes.

If a Tier 1 MT converted to the Giant race, they would gain the Strength and Defense to rival Tier 2 MTs. Their HPs would increase drastically, as well. In return, though, their Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and reaction speed would decrease, making it more difficult to complete future Promotion Quests.

If a Tier 2 MT converted to a Giant, they’d become more powerful than human, top-ranked Tier 2 MTs, although they wouldn’t reach the Tier 3 standard.

The superpower that had completed the Giant’s Hideout quest in the past had increased its strength by a large margin very quickly due to the 1,000 Conversion slots. Its development speed had easily surpassed the other superpowers, and although the other superpowers had sent their own experts to attempt the Conversion Quest, they hadn’t been able to catch up due to the amount of time needed to complete the quest.

After Shi Feng made his selection, the NPC clerk took out an ancient, yellowish-brown Magic Scroll and handed it to Shi Feng.

“Lord Spirit Slayer, this Magic Scroll will help you temporarily remove the magic seal on the path. However, you can only use it once, so please choose your timing carefully. If you expended the Magic Scroll without completing your quest, a replacement will cost 1,000 Magic Crystals,” the NPC clerk respectfully explained.

“I understand.” Shi Feng nodded as he accepted the Magic Scroll.

Quests from the Adventurer’s Association were different from Exploration Quests found elsewhere. If players failed the quests they had accepted from the Association, they’d at most lose some Coins or Magic Crystals; they wouldn’t suffer penalties that affected their performance in battle, such as Basic Attribute reductions. This was why most players preferred to accept quests from the Adventurer’s Association.

Once he left the Association, Shi Feng made his way to the Teleportation Hall and traveled to a border town in the Purple Thorns Kingdom. This was also the closest town to the Icefire Mountain Range.

Unbeknownst to Shi Feng, his actions in the Adventurer’s Association had aroused quite the commotion. No quest requiring a 1,000-Gold deposit was ordinary, and many players within the Association had begun to search for the Giant’s Hideout quest

Although multiple players couldn’t accept some of the Adventurer’s Association’s quests, they would show up on the list of available quests until they were completed.

“What’s going on? Why isn’t there such a quest on my list of Exploration Quests?”

“Maybe we aren’t a high enough rank?”

“That can’t be possible! I’m a two-star adventurer! Was that guy a three-star adventurer? That’s even less possible! Not even the first-rate Guilds’ peak experts, who have focused on the Adventurer’s Association’s quests, have reached the three-star standard yet!”

“A three-star quest? Who was that guy?”

After Shi Feng left, the players within the Adventurer’s Association fell into a heated discussion. They all wanted to know the identity of the player who had accepted this mysterious Exploration Quest.

News of the event quickly reached the Star Alliance’s Residence in Star-Moon City.

“I’ve never considered that the Adventurer’s Association had hidden such a major quest. Have someone notify Crimson Feather and the others. Tell them to become three-star adventurers as quickly as possible,” Galaxy Past, who sat in the Guild Leader’s office, commanded after reading the report he had received from a subordinate.

The various large Guilds often had numerous teams focus on different aspects of development. Some teams specialized in completing the Adventurer’s Association’s quests and raising their rank within the Association, while other teams focused on quests that were only available out in the fields, and other teams focused on increasing their Reputation in particular NPC cities. By doing so, Guilds could secure greater advantages in the game.

“HI notify Crimson and the others immediately!” Purple Eye, who currently wore a set of luxurious, dark-blue robes, replied. “Guild Leader, what should we do about the Witch’s Hill situation? The Guilds that own the two Guild Towns in the area have invited us to join their alliance, and I’ve heard that multiple corporations are now supporting the towns. Even Sin Realm, a first-rate Guild from the Purple Thorns Kingdom, has joined the alliance. Why don’t we join as well?”

The Witch’s Hill had already become the center of attention in Star-Moon Kingdom. The map was the sole producer of Primordial Crystal Fragments, and as long as players reached Tier 2, they could enter the Otherworld Gate, which offered bountiful resources.

If the Star Alliance could secure a foothold in the Witch’s Hill, it could help the Guild’s development considerably.

“Sin Realm, is it?” After giving the matter some thought, Galaxy Past shook his head and said, “Let’s wait and see for now. Tell them that our Guild has some matters to settle first, so we can’t join them at the moment.”

“Are we really going to give up on such a good development opportunity?” Purple Eye asked, confused.

“According to the Secret Pavilion’s information network, the Evil God’s Temple hides in the Sin Realm’s shadows. I doubt that Zero Wing will tolerate the Guild Town’s parading much longer,” Galaxy Past said, chuckling. “If those two towns can truly defend themselves, we can join them then.”

“I understand.” Purple Eye nodded. She then sent the Guild Towns’ representatives a reply.

The upper echelons controlling the Guild Towns in the Witch’s Hill received Galaxy Past’s reply at the same time.

“He has rejected the offer?”

“How cowardly. He is actually willing to ignore such a golden opportunity? It seems Zero Wing has beaten the Star Alliance into submission already.”

“I agree. How can the Star Alliance even be considered a first-rate Guild with such a cowardly attitude?”

“The Star Alliance’s cooperation doesn’t matter. Once we’ve completed our preparations, not only will we destroy Zero Wing City, but we’ll also keep more of the profits for ourselves. We’ll make Galaxy Past regret his decision!”

Multiple major powers’ upper echelons revealed delighted grins as they gazed at the map of the Witch’s Hill on the table before them from within a secret meeting room.