Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1985 - Strengthening Fire Spirit Candlelight Trading Firm's private warehouse:

Due to the Holy Grail, Divine Might filled the entire room. The Divine Might’s powerful pressure would even suppress Tier 1 expert players until they moved as slow as turtles. Despite having the Strength to rival Great Lords of the same level, even Shi Feng felt uncomfortable as he entered the warehouse, his movements becoming somewhat sluggish.

Shi Feng hadn’t originally planned to use the Holy Grail since the Power of Evolution was so costly, and he wouldn’t get a refund if the evolution attempt failed.

However, if he wished to complete a super-large-scale neutral city’s activation quest, he needed to grow stronger. He had to rely on the Fire Spirit.

To increase his chances for success, he had no choice but to gamble on the Holy Grail.

As Shi Feng arrived before the stone platform housing the Holy Grail, he retrieved a crimson crystal ball from his bag. The crystal ball was none other than the Fire Spirit.

Despite being an Epic item, he could only use it to summon one Tier 2 Fire Spirit of the same level in exchange for 5 Magic Crystals. It was a toy compared to the Bible of Darkness. Even a Tier 2 Summoning Scroll could call forth a stronger creature than the Tier 2 Fire Spirit. The item simply didn’t deserve its Epic rank.

This was also why Shi Feng had decided to upgrade the Fire Spirit. The stronger an item was, the lower its chances would be for success, and before devouring any Mysterious Flames, the Fire Spirit could only be considered an Epic item at best. Its quality would only increase after absorbing powerful Mysterious Flames. If nurtured properly, this crystal ball could even become stronger than Fragmented Legendary items.

Shi Feng then had the Holy Grail scan the orb in his hand.

Dark-purple mist emerged from the grail, enveloping the crimson orb in Shi Feng’s hand. After five seconds, Shi Feng received a system notification.

System: Designated item cannot be evolved to Fragmented Legendary rank.

“Cannot be evolved?” Shi Feng was stunned.

He had never imagined that the Fire Spirit was so special. Despite being an Epic item, the Holy Grail couldn’t force an upgrade to Fragmented Legendary rank.

However, as Shi Feng began to feel disappointed, the sound of a second notification reached his ears.

System: Do you wish to sacrifice 5,000 HP to enhance Fire Spirit’s effects?

Enhance its effects? Shi Feng was surprised again to read the words in his notification window. However, he was stupefied to see the cost of this enhancement. How fraudulent! Evolving the Blacksteel Insignia had only cost 1,000 HP, yet enhancing the Fire Spirit’s effects cost 5,000?

Five thousand HP was significant even to a Tier 2 MT. Very powerful Level 70, Tier 2 MTs would only have 100,000 HP at most, and the cost was taken from the player’s base HP. Taking into account the percentage HP modifiers on weapons and equipment, players would lose far more than just 5,000 HP.

But even after considering his options, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and agreed to the cost.

While 5,000 HP was a painful amount to lose, even for him, the Fire Spirit was extraordinarily valuable. Most importantly, he wasn’t attempting to evolve the item to Fragmented Legendary Rank; he could only enhance its effects. Logically, the risk of failure shouldn’t be as high.

Moreover, HP wasn’t particularly important for a Swordsman player like himself, and he could also rely on his Bloodline to compensate for the loss. With the Bloodline, he gained a lot more HP than ordinary players with each level-up. He wouldn’t suffer as much of an impact by losing 5,000 HP as other players.

After Shi Feng agreed to enhance the Fire Spirit, more purple mist spilled out of the Holy Grail, far denser than it had been a moment ago. So much mist spilled out that it filled the private warehouse.

As the purple mist continued to seep into the Fire Spirit, the miniature Flame Dragon woke and roared again and again. The sound pierced through its crystalline cage and echoed throughout the warehouse.

Due to the purple mist’s invasion, the baby Dragon began to grow.

In less than ten seconds, the baby Dragon had transformed into a mature Flame Dragon and was nearly twice as large. Intelligence flashed in its eyes, no longer lacking emotion as it had earlier.

Was it a success? Shi Feng could not help his growing excitement as he gazed at the adult Flame Dragon.

God’s Domain’s players might not know about Fire Spirits, but Shi Feng was very familiar with the items. He also recognized how valuable an intelligent Fire Spirit was.

To put it simply, the difference between a Fire Spirit with higher intelligence and an ordinary Fire Spirit was like the difference between an expert and an ordinary player. Even if both Fire Spirits possessed the same Basic Attributes, the combat power they could exert would be worlds apart.

Many powers had gotten their hands on Fire Spirits in the past, but trying to increase a Fire Spirit’s intelligence wasn’t easy. One would only have a chance of triggering an intelligence growth by sacrificing Tier 2 and above Mysterious Flames. Unfortunately, despite many owners feeding their Fire Spirits the appropriate Mysterious Flames, very few had succeeded in increasing their Fire Spirit’s intelligence.

A Fire Spirit was a very special Epic item with endless potential. Countless experts had even guessed that by feeding the item enough Mysterious Flames, a Fire Spirit could grow to become a Tier 6 God. Even Tier 6 God-ranked players would flee from a Tier 6 God with higher intelligence.

Once the purple mist had dissipated, Shi Feng carefully picked up the Fire Spirit and inspected its Attribute Panel.

As expected of the Holy Grail. Despite the fact that I haven’t fed it any Mysterious Flames, the Fire Spirit has already grown so much? Shi Feng was ecstatic when he saw the Fire Spirit’s updated Attributes.

The new Fire Spirit didn’t summon an ordinary Tier 2 Fire Spirit, but a bona fide Tier 2 Advanced Fire Spirit with higher intelligence. Moreover, the Advanced Fire Spirit would be ten levels higher than the player that summoned it.

An Advanced Fire Spirit’s Life Rating was only slightly inferior to an Archaic Species, and since it had higher intelligence, its combat power could rival ordinary Great Lords of the same level. An Advanced Fire Spirit would provide far more assistance than ordinary Tier 3 monsters as well, possessing even more Spells than a Tier 2 Elementalist. A Tier 2 Advanced Fire Spirit would likely beat a challenging Tier 2 peak expert black and blue.

Advanced Fire Spirits could cast their Spells with a 100% Completion Rate, and their Basic Attributes were far higher than Tier 2 players of the same level-

while Shi Feng marveled at the new and improved Fire Spirit, Melancholic Smile contacted him and reported, “Guild Leader, I’ve gathered the Tier 1 Mysterious Flames you asked for.”

“Good! I’ll head there right away!” Shi Feng nodded. He then disconnected the call and visited his Special Forging Room on the top floor.