Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1983 - Sword's Transmigration

Chapter 1983 – Sword’s Transmigration

While Shi Feng rejoiced over the new combat technique he had successfully created and prepared to test it on the golden Swordsman and three silver Swordsmen on the 30th step, the sound of a system notification reached his ears.

System: Congratulations! You have created a Bronze Combat Technique. Please name your combat technique.

Shi Feng was stunned to hear the notification.

Taking advantage of the distraction, the golden and silver Swordsmen stood and charged towards Shi Feng in a coordinated assault.

By the time Shi Feng snapped out of his daze, it was too late to defend himself. All four attacks struck vital points, and Shi Feng’s body vanished from the 30th step, reappearing at the very bottom of the staircase.

Although Shi Feng had to restart his climb from the bottom, he wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. Rather, he stared at his notification window in astonishment.

What? A Bronze Combat Technique? Dubious, Shi Feng examined the system’s congratulatory message.

Although he knew that he hadn’t created a low-standard combat technique, he didn’t think that it was so amazing to be categorized as a Bronze rank Combat Technique.

Mastering a single Advanced Combat Technique would enable players to challenge opponents of a higher combat standard. Of course, there was a limit to how effective these combat techniques could be. For example, the Advanced Combat Technique, Void Steps, was most effective against Flowing Water Realm experts, but the footwork technique had little-to- no effect against Void Realm experts or above. After all, Void Steps relied on fooling an opponent’s sight. Void Realm experts used more than one sense to locate their opponents.

However, Bronze Combat Techniques were a different story.

Bronze Combat Techniques would even be effective against Domain Realm experts. If a Domain Realm expert failed to cope with a Bronze Combat Technique properly, it could even cost them their life.

Until now, Zero Wing had only possessed a single Bronze Combat Technique—Lightning Flash, which he had only obtained through luck from the Primordial Divine Ruin. The only other way Zero Wing’s players could obtain more Bronze Combat Techniques was by entering Bronze Legacy Tablets, but they were extremely rare and highly coveted by the various superpowers.

Unfortunately, despite many Zero Wing members attempting to learn Lightning Flash, not one of them had mastered the Secret Attack Technique, and Shi Feng was no exception.

Yet, he had just succeeded in creating his own Bronze Combat Technique.

Why wouldn’t he be surprised?

Of course, the technique’s creation had been a coincidence. He had only created it though the inspiration he had gained as he tried to deal with the golden and silver Swordsmen’s relentless assault. If he tried to create another Bronze Combat Technique, he’d simply waste his time and energy.

Just creating a Basic Combat Technique required a solid foundation, and those that were capable of doing so were, without a doubt, geniuses. As for Advanced Combat Techniques, only the various superpowers’ old monsters had any hope of successfully creating one.

Shi Feng’s success in creating a Bronze Combat Technique was nothing short of a miracle.

As Shi Feng reveled in the joy of his new Bronze Combat Technique, the system reminded him to name the technique.

A name? The combat technique he had created was a variant of Sword’s Orbit that he had combined with the Realms of Truth’s principles. After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng decided, Let’s call it Sword’s Transmigration!

Once Shi Feng had entered the technique’s name, the system rang with another notification.

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to create a Bronze Combat Technique. Rewarding one Bronze Legacy Orb and the title ‘Bronze Legatee.’

As the system notification ended, a green orb appeared before Shi Feng.

Creating a Bronze Combat Technique offers such a benefit as well? Shi Feng could not help his surprise to see the green orb.

[Bronze Legacy Orb] (Epic Rank Item)

Can record up to three created Bronze Combat Techniques. Players may learn the combat techniques in immersive environments. Each attempt will cost 100 Magic Crystals.

Cooldown: 1 hour after each use.

Shi Feng had heard of many experts creating their own combat techniques in the past, although those techniques had only been Basic or Advanced rank. However, he hadn’t heard of those players receiving a recording device as he had. If other players wished to learn the combat techniques, they had to either rely on videos or receive the technique creators’ personally tutelage.

Unfortunately, learning a combat technique was easier said than done.

Experts struggled desperately to learn Basic Combat Techniques, even if they had the assistance of a book. It was easy to imagine how much more difficult learning a Basic Combat Technique would be without proper guidelines, not to mention learning Advanced rank or higher combat techniques.

Thus far, the various superpowers had obtained quite a few Bronze Legacy Tablets, yet despite possessing complete legacies that provided detailed instruction, Shi Feng hadn’t heard of a single player mastering a Bronze Combat Technique.

Meanwhile, the Bronze Legacy Orb allowed him to record three Bronze Combat Techniques permanently. This would be a great help. Moreover, the Bronze Legacy Orb had a very short Cooldown. He could allow one player to learn the technique he had created each hour. While the Bronze Legacy Orb wasn’t as effective as an actual combat technique book, which didn’t have a cost or Cooldown, it was better than a Bronze Legacy Tablet.

Following which, Shi Feng examined his new title.

[Bronze Legatee] (Advanced Title)

When using combat techniques, expenditure is reduced by 20%. Enjoy the status of Baron in any city, kingdom, or empire.

Amazing! It actually grants a global Baron status! Developing in the various major cities will be much easier now. The Bronze Legatee title’s benefits surprised Shi Feng.

Although the Demon Hunter title was a Basic Title, it was extremely rare and valuable. After all, it gave him the status of a World Noble, and he had greatly benefited from the title thus far. Meanwhile, the Bronze Legatee title offered him a higher status than the Demon Hunter title. Unlike an ordinary noble, a Baron would have access to greater benefits when purchasing items and Lands in NPC cities.

As he considered the situation, the names of a few super-large-scale neutral cities came to Shi Feng’s mind.

These super-large-scale neutral cities were similar to the Sea of Trees; all of the various superpowers wanted access to these cities to conduct business. Only, unlike the Sea of Trees, these neutral were not located within secret lands; gaining entry to these cities was much easier.

Every one of these neutral cities had a player population of over 20,000,000 in the past, even more than ordinary empires’ imperial capitals. Hence, the various superpowers had frequently fought over dominance in these cities, while first-rate Guilds and below had only been able to watch from the sidelines.

I think the minimum level-requirement to activate a super-large-scale neutral NPC city was Level 70? Now that I have the Bronze Legatee title, I can go and take a look. Shi Feng immediately decided to set aside his Realms of Truth training. He knew that he had already exhausted his current potential at this point, and he wouldn’t gain anything from continuing his training right now. If he wished to progress in the second-floor trial, he needed inspiration. Following which, Shi Feng took out a Return Scroll and left the Extraordinary Tower.