Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1980 - Second Floor Unsealed

Chapter 1980 – Second Floor Unsealed

The moment Shi Feng chose to remove the seal on the Extraordinary Tower’s second floor, he instantly lost 100,000 of the 110,000 Magic Crystals he had recently collected.

The divine runes on the Extraordinary Tower’s exterior then lit up with a steady, colorful brilliance. Mana flooded toward the tower from far beyond the Lost Town’s boundaries, rapidly increasing the town’s Mana density.

After several seconds of this, the Lost Town’s Mana density was even higher than in Silverwing Town, and after a few more seconds, it could rival the density in Zero Wing Gity.

Everyone within the Extraordinary Tower felt the change.

Due to the increased Mana density, the players within the tower received a Well Rested buff, indicating that they could accumulate 15% of the Double EXP buff after resting in the Lost Town for 48 hours.

Sure enough, this Extraordinary Tower is really amazing. Shi Feng was slightly surprised at how dense the Mana had become.

The Mana density within the tower was at least 20% higher than in Zero Wing City. This meant that players would recover their Stamina and Concentration 20% faster inside the Extraordinary Tower than they would in the city.

Even if players practiced Advanced Combat Techniques, they could train continuously at an adequate pace in such a Mana- rich environment. To God’s Domain’s expert players, training here was the ultimate dream.

If Zero Wing offered such a precious training ground for lease, the various superpowers would likely form a long line for a chance to rent it since mastery of an Advanced Combat Technique would provide their players with a huge boost in combat power. Refinement Realm experts would be able to challenge Flowing Water Realm experts, and Flowing Water Realm experts would be able to challenge Void Realm experts.

However, Advanced Combat Techniques were not easy to master. Executing such techniques consumed a lot of Stamina and Concentration. Meanwhile, players’ regeneration of Stamina and Concentration was normally extremely slow. Hence, players could practice their Advanced Combat Techniques for only a very limited number of times each day, yet mastery of Advanced Combat Techniques required a lot of practice. Thus, the higher Mana density inside the tower was a great boon.

Shortly after Shi Feng released the seal on the Extraordinary Tower’s second floor, the divine runes and magic arrays carved on the inner walls lit up as well. Unfortunately, if he wanted to use the second floor’s training system, he’d have to pay 5,000 Magic Crystals per day. Even a first-rate Guild could afford such an expense for only a few days.

The Manatite vein Zero Wing had recently acquired was the only reason Shi Feng dared to activate the second floor now.

Despite the Guild’s recent expansions, Zero Wing would still have nearly 20,000 extra Magic Crystals after daily expenses. Hence, the Guild could afford to maintain the second floor’s operation.

Shi Feng then left the top floor and prepared to face the second-floor challenge.

Although he had comprehended the Realms of Truth’s principles and had mastered the Truth Realm to reach the Ascension Realm, he had relied on his personal understanding to accomplish these feats. He hadn’t received any official training or guidance, but now that the system’s specialized training for the Realms of Truth was before him, he had to put it to good use. Furthermore, he had to prepare for using the Ancient God’s Secret Key he had obtained.

Obtaining an Ancient God’s Secret Key was incredibly difficult. Who knew when he would find another one?

If he wished to maximize the Secret Key’s value, he’d have to grow as strong as possible. He’d be able to secure better items from the Secret Key only with better survivability.

As Shi Feng descended the staircase to the Extraordinary Tower’s first-floor training ground, he noticed that it had implemented a similar system to that which had stopped players from entering the tower before he had taken ownership of the town. Players on the first floor were required to approach a magic array in the center. On their way there, the tower bombarded the players with various attacks, although the attacks didn’t cause any damage. They only repelled the players.

The only difference between the first-floor training ground and the initial defense mechanism was the attack pattern they used.

When Shi Feng had found the Extraordinary Tower and tried to enter, he had faced only head-on attacks. However, in this training ground, players were attacked from every direction. Of course, players couldn’t use any Skills or Spells; they had to rely on their own abilities to reach the center of the room.

Fire Dance and her companions were moving towards the central magic array, but no matter how they tried to contend with the incoming attacks, the result was the same. None of them could get within 100 yards of the array. The training ground’s radius was only 200 yards, yet no one could cross half this distance.

Even Violet Cloud and Fire Dance, who were both close to reaching the Flowing Water Realm, barely crossed the 60-yard mark. The best among the other Refinement Realm experts could reach only the 50-yard mark. As for non-Refinement Realm experts like Remnant Cloud and Stubborn Bone, they couldn’t even make it to 30 yards.

The first-floor training ground was far more difficult than the Extraordinary Tower’s defense mechanism.

“Guild Leader, this place is amazing! We already have to face more than a dozen head-on attacks before we reach the 10- yard mark. The attacks are so fast, too! Unlike players’ and monsters’ attacks, these attacks seem to appear and disappear abruptly. It’s impossible to predict the attack trajectories and dodge. And that’s not even the best part! Once we cross the 10-yard mark, we’re attacked from all directions. No human can stop these attacks!”

“That’s right! Not only do the attacks come from every direction, but you have to deal with more attacks as you move forward. When you reach the 50-yard mark, the attacks even change their trajectories without warning. And the further you progress, the more the attacks change. These transformations are so frustrating. Even Big Sis Fire got defeated shortly after crossing the 60-yard mark.”

When Zero Wing’s players noticed Shi Feng’s approach, they burst into a round of enthusiastic comments. Despite their slow progress, they were all immensely excited, feeling as if the doors to a whole new world had just opened up before them.

They were all experts that had joined Zero Wing’s main force. Even the weakest among them was close to the Half-step Refinement Realm standard, and many of them had mastered multiple combat techniques. Even so, they felt like infants learning to walk when they faced the training ground’s trial, able to apply only a tiny fraction of their knowledge and combat experience.

This was especially true for people like Remnant Cloud and Stubborn Bone, who had just joined Zero Wing’s main force.

They had never imagined that Zero Wing had found such an awe-inspiring training ground. They all felt as if they were learning something even more amazing than combat techniques.

As they continued to challenge the trial, their reactions and ability to make instant judgments improved. However, they knew that they couldn’t rely on these improvements to pass this trial. They needed to ingrain the appropriate reactions and the attack’s transformations in their minds until they could react instinctively.

It felt as if this trial were trying to engrave a complete set of Basic Combat Techniques into their bones, enabling them to execute a technique with every movement.

“It seems you all have gained a significant harvest. I hope some of you break through the first floor’s training ground in one week. I’ll be waiting on the second floor,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. He then headed for the magic array at the center of the training ground.