Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1978 - Reputation Soars Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City

Chapter 1978 – Reputation Soars Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City

How lively!

When Shi Feng exited the Teleportation Hall, he was greeted by the sight of a crowded street. Merchant players were busy conducting business along the street, and impromptu teams recruited members for their Dungeon raids.

These impromptu teams were all quite strong, with at least Level 56 members. Some teams even had the leadership of Tier 2 players. At this stage of the game, such impromptu teams were considered incredibly powerful. These teams in other cities were usually led by Tier 1 experts; very few had Tier 2 experts.

Shi Feng also spotted quite a few adventurer teams recruiting members, all of which were extremely powerful with more than ten Tier 2 experts on average. Even a few well-known adventurer teams had come to White River City from other kingdoms.

Most of the players on the street were high-leveled and well-equipped, in fact. Level 57 expert players were a common sight, and there were many independent players wearing multiple pieces of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment.

At this point, White River City’s prosperity actually surpassed Star-Moon City. It looked nothing like an ordinary major NPC city, having developed far more than Shi Feng had expected.

“Zero Wing is amazing! Not only did it repel Miracle in the Black Dragon Empire, but I’ve also heard that it has recently joined the Secret Chamber of Commerce some! I’m definitely going to sign up for Zero Wing’s mass-recruitment!”

“I’ve heard the same. And so many well-known adventurer teams have come to White River City to join the Guild. Even if Zero Wing rejects their application, they’re willing to work as subordinate adventurer teams for the Guild. Because of this White River City has seen a drastic increase in player traffic.”

“I know, right? Although the resources around White River City aren’t anything special, the city has a direct route to the Eclipse Gate, and that area has fairly abundant resources. Even if we don’t make it into Zero Wing this time, it’s not a bad idea to develop here. Furthermore, White River City is Zero Wing’s main headquarters. When the Guild recruits members in the future, we’ll have a far better chance of joining the Guild if we stay here!”

As Shi Feng walked through the streets, he heard many excited conversations regarding his Guild.

Although Zero Wing had displayed immense strength, it still lacked a powerful background and funding. It was a Guild that relied on its own power to survive. Because of that, not many players and adventurer teams had optimistic views of Zero Wing’s prospects, but now, the Guild had also joined the Secret Chamber of Commerce.

Even without the support of a major corporation, Zero Wing wouldn’t have to worry about funding in the future with Secret’s connections. It even had a high chance of becoming a super-first-rate Guild in the future. This presented a golden opportunity for adventurer teams and expert players.

Existing super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds already had well-developed structures. They had also filled most of their available management positions. Climbing the corporate ladder would be extremely difficult for newcomers; even geniuses would need a long time to reach a significant position.

However, Zero Wing was different. The Guild wasn’t yet stable, and its foundations had various holes and lacked talented players.

However, now that Zero Wing had a hope of becoming a superpower, a player had a chance of becoming an upper echelon as long as they joined the Guild and performed well. Becoming the upper echelon in a super-first-rate Guild was much faster than trying to climb the corporate ladder in an already-established super-first-rate Guild.

With such an opportunity before them, how could players and adventurer teams ignore this chance?

This was the reason that White River City had become the focal point of Star-Moon Kingdom. Large numbers of independent players and well-known adventurer teams swarmed the city, instantly pushing White River City’s player population past 10,000,000. Moreover, these players’ quality surpassed that of other kingdoms’ capital cities.

When Shi Feng reached the city’s Candlelight Trading Firm, he discovered that the Guild Residence wasn’t the only busy area. Candlelight bustled with activity, and Liang Jing was busy reviewing the long line of Lifestyle players standing near the Shop’s entrance.

The line outside of the Shop extended from one end of the street to the other. Moreover, the standards of these applying Lifestyle players were considerably high. The weakest applicant was a Basic Lifestyle player, not a single Apprentice stood in line. There were also plenty of Advanced Lifestyle players waiting for their review. The scene stupefied the independent players that had just arrived in the city, and when other Guilds’ members saw this, their eyes nearly fell from their sockets.

All of the various large Guilds offered incentives to recruit Advanced Lifestyle players, but very few usually took the bait, yet more than 100 of these players had eagerly applied to the Candlelight Trading Firm, obediently waiting in line…

The news certainly spread quickly! Shi Feng was a little surprised by the thousands of Lifestyle players applying to join Zero Wing.

He had to admit that joining a top Chamber of Commerce had its benefits. He hadn’t expected Secret’s reputation to be so useful.

Candlelight hadn’t officially started working with Secret, yet so many Lifestyle players had rushed to join Zero Wing. By the time Candlelight collaborated with Secret and started to sell products through the Chamber’s channels, he’d likely see severa times more players trying to join his trading firm.

Shi Feng could relate to a certain degree.

Although the former Candlelight Trading Firm had solid foundations and superb talent-nurturing capabilities, it hadn’t had enough channels to sell its products.

Now that Candlelight had both, Lifestyle players considered it the best place to develop.

Following which, Shi Feng headed to one of Candlelight’s Special Workshops and handed a Resuscitation Potion Recipe to Silent Wonder, leaving it to the Chief Alchemist to decide who should learn the recipe. He then visited his own Special Forging Room and started to craft more Void Field Magic Arrays.

After a little over an hour, Shi Feng had completed five sets of Void Field Scrolls out of eight attempts. These five sets would enable many of Zero Wing’s elite and expert players to grind in the Witch’s Hill’s forbidden land. Then, even without the Void Field, they could simply return to grinding in the forbidden land’s outer region. Now that the area’s monsters had died more than a few times, the respawn rate had decreased. Even the ordinary Tier 2 experts should have no problem helping the Tier 1 players grind there.

Once Shi Feng had settled his affairs in Candlelight, he made his way to Zero Wing’s Residence.

Currently, Blackie and the other main force members sat in the Residence’s second-floor hall. They had been waiting for quite some time, and they all looked forward to the special Stamina training.

One’s combat standard was the basis for their combat power, and the more they fought expert players, the more this idea proved to be true.

They used to overwhelm their opponents with their Basic Attributes, but as players progressed in the game, their advantage continued to lessen.

“Commander, we really lucked out this time! We’ve just joined the Guild’s main force, yet we get to partake in special internal training. I wonder what the Guild Leader has to teach us?” Seven Light, a young, Tier 2 Swordsman, spoke excitedly to the middle-aged man beside him.

“I’ve already told you that I’m no longer Unbounded’s commander. In the future, refer to me as Brother Bone,” Stubborn Bone told the youth beside him, exasperated. “But you’re right; we’ve really gotten lucky this time. We actually get to train under Black Flame personally. I assume he’ll teach us some kind of footwork or body technique.”

Every large Guild had its own internal training programs. Some programs taught combat techniques that were exclusive to the Guild, and others provided lectures. Stubborn Bone, though, was confident that this training session would involve learning a combat technique through practice. After all, Zero Wing was famous for its many techniques.

Quite a few other players in the group were former adventurer team members as well. For example, Remnant Cloud and Graceful Moon, the prior commander and vice-commander of the Firecloud Fox adventurer team, were also present. These former adventurers were all curious about what Shi Feng had in store for them.

“Everyone has gathered, Guild Leader,” Aqua Rose reported when she noticed Shi Feng enter the hall.

“Good. Let’s set off, then.” Shi Feng nodded. He then led the team to the Residence’s first underground floor.