Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1977 - Tier 2 Training

Chapter 1977 – Tier 2 Training

Seeing the collapsed Void Lizard, Zero Wing’s 1,000-man raid team breathed a sigh of relief, joy surfacing on their expressions.

The bountiful EXP the Mythic monster had granted wasn’t the only reason for their joy; they also celebrated the loot the Boss had dropped. The dazzling mountain that had appeared beside the monsters’ colossal body made every member of the raid team drool.

At first glance, there were easily more than 50 items in the pile. Over a dozen among them were weapons and equipment that had the glow of Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold items.

However, the only item in the small mountain of loot that caught Shi Feng’s eye was the bottle of Void Blood. With this, he could craft a few more sets of Void Field Scrolls. As for the remaining items, the most valuable was the Resuscitation Potion Recipe. In Shi Feng’s opinion, the Level 60 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment were average at best. The best piece of equipment that had dropped was the Void Shoes, a set of Epic ranked cloth armor boots.

Shi Feng instantly handed the Void Shoes to Violet Cloud, increasing her Epic item count to five. With Death’s Sigh, Violet Cloud could now easily contend with peak experts.

“I’m beat!” Cola complained as he let his body fall to the ground. “I never thought that fighting a higher-leveled Mythic monster would cost so much Stamina. Had the Boss lasted any longer, I would’ve died from exhaustion.”

Compared to fighting the Void Lizard, the Grand Lords he had faced earlier were child’s play. The Void Lizard had lasted more than an hour, and he had stayed on high-alert throughout the fight due to the Boss’s high combat standard. If he had made the slightest mistake, he would’ve taken a direct hit, and he had no doubt that one hit would’ve been enough to end his life instantly.

Fighting the Void Lizard was more mentally exhausting than grinding monsters for ten hours without a break. Cola had lost Stamina at a severe rate, and although the system didn’t provide an indicator for Stamina, Cola guessed that he had less than 20% remaining based on how tired he felt. Had the raid continued for any longer and his Stamina fallen below 10%, he would receive a penalty to his combat power. He wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the Void Lizard’s attacks, and it definitely would’ve instant-killed him.

Turtledove and Ye Wumian, who also rested on the ground, nodded in agreement.

Fighting a Mythic monster that was ten levels higher than they were was truly exhausting. In fact, this raid had been even more intense than raiding the Void Serpent.

Cola and the other Tier 2 MTs weren’t the only ones exhausted. Everyone that participated in the raid practically had less than 30% Stamina remaining. Only Shi Feng didn’t seem tired as he moved towards the pile of loot that had manifested beside the Boss’s feet. Every Zero Wing member was shocked.

Shi Feng had fought on the frontline during the entire raid. His total damage output had also topped the raid chart, exceeding second place by more than double. Occasionally, he had even helped the MTs tank. Shi Feng should’ve used more Stamina than anyone in the raid, yet he looked as if he had done nothing but watch. Fire Dance, who had come in second for damage dealt, was drenched in sweat, clearly just as exhausted as the MTs.

“Is the Guild Leader a monster? He’s not even tired after such a long, arduous battle?” Zero Wing’s Tier 2 experts were confused as they watched Shi Feng collect the loot

They were all Tier 2. Logically, there should not be much of a difference between their total Stamina, and Shi Feng had fought far harder than they had, yet they were nearly out of Stamina…

“That’s normal. You guys made too many excess movements during the fight Most importantly, you guys haven’t adapted to the flow of battle, allowing you to fight at peak condition constantly. It is only natural that you run out of gas more quickly.” Shi Feng could not help but laugh when he overheard his teammates’ conversation.

In truth, he was just as surprised by how much Stamina he still had. He had never expected the added benefit after reaching the Realms of Truth.

“Guild Leader, do you have any training methods?” Cola asked, desire flashing in his eyes.

Although Cola had reached the Refinement Realm and could reduce his Stamina consumption during fights a little, he was still leaps and bounds behind Shi Feng. He even wondered if Shi Feng had twice the Stamina he had.

Stamina was extremely important to expert players. If he could learn a technique that allowed him to reduce Stamina consumption, he could rely on his Stamina to whittle down an expert of equal standards in a fight. After all, fighting an expert player consumed Stamina much faster than fighting a Boss monster. Such a technique would be of great help whether he fought Boss monsters or expert players in the future.

“Training, is it?” Upon hearing Cola’s question, Shi Feng realized how important it was to train his team in Stamina control.

Although controlling one’s Stamina wouldn’t improve their combat power, it would have a massive impact on the player’s performance.

When grinding in the fields, players’ grinding efficiency was largely dependent on their Stamina. If players had various tools to aid in their Stamina recovery, they could increase their grinding efficiency. However, such tools were very rare and valuable. Players simply couldn’t afford to use them constantly.

However, if players entered the Realms of Truth, not only could they increase their combat power, but they could also increase their leveling speed. After all, the lower one’s Stamina consumption was, the longer they could fight.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng decided that it was time to train Fire Dance and the others in the Lost Town.

Since the Guild had lacked powerful combatants previously, Tier 2 players like Fire Dance didn’t have the leeway to leave the frontline, but now that Zero Wing had more than 1,000 Tier 2 players, Fire Dance and her companions could afford a break. Furthermore, the difference in the equipment standard of the various superpowers’ peak experts and Zero Wing’s core upper echelons shrunk as time passed. The various superpowers continued to collect more Epic items, and most of their peak experts had obtained Peak Legacies. If Zero Wing wanted to maintain its lead on the various superpowers in terms of peak combatants, it was imperative that Fire Dance and the others grow stronger.

The only reliable method Shi Feng could think of to increase Fire Dance and her companion’s combat power was to train at the Lost Town’s Extraordinary Tower.

If Fire Dance and the others could reach the Realms of Truth, they could help the Guild even more than they already did. In a situation where two players had equal Basic Attributes, a Refinement Realm expert that had entered the Realms of Truth as well could rival a Flowing Water Realm expert in terms of combat power, and the former would have even better control of their abilities.

“Aqua, notify our main force members and have them gather in White River City’s Residence in two hours! We’re going to participate in special Stamina training!” Shi Feng addressed Aqua Rose.

“Stamina training? I’ll notify them right away!” Aqua Rose was ecstatic to hear Shi Feng’s latest order. However, after giving the matter some more thought, she could not help but ask, “Guild Leader, since we’re participating in special training, why don’t we include the Guild’s other experts, as well?”

“I don’t want too many people to know about this training method yet. Moreover, the Guild has many affairs that require Tier 2 experts to manage. Taking too many people at once isn’t ideal,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

The Lost Town was a specialized training ground for the Realms of Truth. Its value was immeasurable. If the various superpowers found out about it, they would do everything in their power to take it from him. Hence, he had used the excuse of Stamina training. If too many people found out about his Lost Town, it would increase the chances of the secret getting out, and he couldn’t afford for that to happen. Zero Wing didn’t have the ability to defend the town properly yet.

Shi Feng didn’t have to say more for Aqua Rose to understand what he was trying to say. She stopped asking questions and contacted the Guild’s main force members.

Following which, Shi Feng held an internal auction for the weapons and equipment the Void Lizard had dropped. He then left the two remaining sets of Void Field Scrolls with You Ziping and had him and the other Tier 2 internal members take charge of the grinding operation in the forbidden land. As long as they didn’t provoke any Mythic Bosses, they wouldn’t have any issues in the forbidden land with the Void Field’s assistance. Once Shi Feng had finished designating tasks, he left the forbidden land, pulling out a Return Scroll to teleport to White River City once teleportation was available again.