Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1975 - Level Increases

Chapter 1975 – Level Increases

Zero Wing’s members had fought in the forbidden land for six hours; the weakest foes they had slain had been Chieftain rank, while most had been Lords.

Perhaps because they were the first to kill these monsters, the team had collected over 4,100 Primordial Crystals during their six-hour grind.

These fragments could fetch over a thousand Gold on the market, but only a fool would sell their Primordial Crystal Fragments. With ten fragments, one could synthesize a Primordial Crystal, which they could use to nurture their Guild Mounts. If one were lucky, they might even upgrade their Guild Mount to Bronze rank after using 20 to 30 Primordial Crystals.

The forbidden land’s monsters had also dropped enough weapons and equipment to make these players’ eyes glow.

All of the dropped weapons and equipment were Level 60 or above.

The various large Guilds had been expending a lot of effort to collect Level 55 equipment lately. Raiding Level 55 Team Dungeons wasn’t as easy as Level 50 Dungeons, and unlike the latter, in which Tier 1 players could still be effective, Level 55 Team Dungeons had been tailored for Tier 2 players. Tier 1 players would simply be a burden in Level 55 Team Dungeons. They’d only be useful if they wore extremely high-quality equipment.

Hence, the various large Guilds struggled desperately for Level 55 weapons and equipment.

Meanwhile, most of the equipment the Lords in the Witch’s Hill’s forbidden land dropped was Bronze rank, although they had a small chance of dropping Mysterious-Iron Equipment Naturally, the Great Lords dropped Mysterious-Iron and Secret- Silver Equipment, with the latter having a severely lower drop-rate. While Grand Lords were guaranteed to drop Secret- Silver Equipment, they did have a higher drop-rate than Great Lords. They also had a slight chance of dropping Fine-Gold Equipment.

Since Zero Wing’s members were the first to pioneer the forbidden land, there was an extremely high number of monsters in the area. Even the rarely-seen Great Lords and Grand Lords were available in abundance right now.

After just six hours of hard work, Zero Wing’s 10,000-man team had obtained over a dozen pieces of Level 60 Fine-Gold Equipment, over 100 pieces of Level 60 Secret-Silver Equipment, and more than a thousand Mysterious-Iron and Bronze Equipment pieces. Their operation had been quite lucrative.

The team’s latest harvest was already worth more than the strengthened Void Field Magic Array’s production costs. “Leveling up here is so fast! At this rate, I’ll climb from 57 to 58 in less than a day!”

Grinding higher-leveled monsters is amazing! Our Guild Leader is still the best! He actually got his hands on such a

powerful magic array! Once I reach Level 60, I’ll purchase some Level 60 Mysterious-Iron Equipment and get rid of my

outdated Level 50 items! My friends will die from envy!1

“That’s right! A friend of mine that joined a super-first-rate Guild was recently boasting about how he had obtained Level 55

Secret-Silver Equipment. Once I reach Level 60,1 can buy two or three pieces of Level 60 Secret-Silver Equipment from the Guild Warehouse!”

The more Zero Wing’s members fought, the more enthusiastic they became. They showed no signs of fatigue. They all felt as if their struggle to level up had been a mere hallucination. At the same time, they were in awe of Shi Feng’s abilities.

After experiencing the wonder of this leveling speed, Zero Wing’s players grinded with even more effort. They even took out and used their stockpiled Exotic Stamina Potions to stay in battle as long as possible.

Shi Feng’s team was far more energetic than he had expected.

He had assumed that he’d need to use two more sets of normal Void Field Magic Array Scrolls to get his team up to Level 60, but watching these players’ current leveling speed, he might only need one more set of Void Field Scrolls. If that were the case, he could bring Zero Wing City’s other elite and expert members here to level up as well.

Time passed quickly. Whenever a player reached Level 60, Shi Feng would tell them to leave. If they had proven their strength, he’d instruct them to challenge their Tier 2 Promotion Quest If they weren’t strong enough, they were told to improve their equipment and techniques. To keep the team full, Shi Feng had Aqua Rose send other Guild members from Zero Wing City.

After grinding for about 20 hours, several hundred of Zero Wing’s Tier 1 experts had reached Level 60. Once they traded Shi Feng for Level 60 Mysterious-Iron or Secret-Silver Equipment, they left to challenge their Tier 2 Promotion Quests.

Now, even the lowest-leveled elite member was Level 56, while most of them were Level 57. The majority of Zero Wing’s Tier 1 experts were now Level 59, with only a few stuck at Level 58.

The team’s overall leveling speed was explosive. Grinding here proved far more effective than in ten resource zones.

Aqua Rose was immensely excited to see this.

With the resources this forbidden land had to offer, Zero Wing could solidify its foundation and strength.

In God’s Domain, every location had limited resources, and areas that could accommodate thousands of players, allowing them to level up rapidly, were incredibly rare. Generally, the various superpowers dominated these areas. After all, ordinary resource zones could only accommodate several hundred players at a time. If players flooded to a resource zone, leveling speed would decrease. It was easy to imagine how precious zones that could accommodate several thousand players were, yet this forbidden land easily served more than 10,000 players, and they all leveled at a phenomenal pace…

If the various superpowers found out about this, their envy would know no bounds.

“Guild Leader, we’ve found three unknown alchemy recipes and an unknown stone tablet among the loot. Even an Advanced Appraisal can’t identify them,” Alluring Summer, who was busy collecting the various team’s loot, suddenly reported.

Unknown alchemy recipes and an unknown stone tablet? Shi Feng’s lips curled into a smile as he considered a possibility. He then said, “Bring them to me.”

“Understood! I’ll be right there!” Alluring Summer said as she gave Shi Feng’s excited expression an odd look. She then ran toward his current location.

Once Shi Feng received the unknown recipes and tablet, he eagerly activated Omniscient Eyes to appraise the items.

I was right! Shi Feng was ecstatic as the items revealed their information.

Of the two items Alluring Summer had collected, the alchemy recipes were none other than the Resuscitation Potion Recipes. Only Master Alchemists and above could use these, and each recipe was worth thousands of Gold.

Countless players had ventured to the Witch’s Hill’s forbidden land to grind for these recipes, and even then, they were unlikely to drop after a full day of grinding, yet Shi Feng held three copies in his hands.

He had to admit that the benefits of pioneering a forbidden land were truly wonderful. Not only were there plenty of monsters to kill, but items’ drop-rates were much higher than usual.

The unknown stone tablet, however, was even more valuable than the Resuscitation Potion Recipes.

If Alluring Summer hadn’t mentioned the tablet, he would’ve forgotten that it had a chance of dropping here.

The unknown tablet had been crafted from Red Luminaries Stone. It was an Ancient God’s Secret Key, an item that had been immensely famous throughout God’s Domain in the past. Normally, this item only dropped in Otherworlds, but since the monsters in the Witch’s Hill’s forbidden Land were from Otherworlds, it had a slight chance of dropping. Unfortunately, the Secret Key’s drop-rate was so minuscule that no one had ever thought of grinding for it here.

But despite its abysmal drop-rate, an Ancient God’s Secret Key had appeared…