Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1972 - Joining the Chamber of Commerce Zero Wing's Residence, second-floor reception room:

Chapter 1972 – Joining the Chamber of Commerce Zero Wing’s Residence, second-floor reception room:

As Shi Feng entered the room, Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade, who softly chatted on the sofa, stood to greet him.

Both of them had already reached Level 59, and although they had hidden their weapons and equipment’s glow effects, Shi Feng could tell that they carried extraordinary items based on the faint pressure he felt from the two players. Purple Jade, in particular, felt like a sharp, unsheathed blade. She also felt quite dynamic.

So, this is a true genius? Shi Feng was inwardly shocked when he saw Purple Jade.

While he could not tell how much her Basic Attributes had improved, he could sense that Purple Jade had set foot in the Realms of Truth as someone who had done the same.

The Realms of Truth were different from the Realms of Refinement. The Realms of Refinement only focused on improving one’s physical control, whereas the Realms of Truth focused on the application of strength. While better control could reduce players’ shortcomings and increase their latent potential, better application allowed players to utilize more of their potential.

However, God’s Domain’s various large Guilds didn’t have a method of nurturing players in the Realms of Truth yet.

Normally, players needed a wealth of combat experience and self-exploration to reach these realms. Even Shi Feng had only accomplished the feat after many fortuitous encounters, yet despite receiving no guidance and having far less combat experience, Purple Jade had entered the Realms of Truth. Even the word ‘genius’ was not sufficient to describe the young woman.

Shi Feng had spent plenty of time trying to guide Zero Wing’s core upper echelons to these realms, but even now, not one of them had succeeded…

Meanwhile, when Purple Jade saw Shi Feng entering the room, her eyes glowed with fighting spirit. A hint of reverence for the man before her also flashed in her eyes.

Unbeknownst to Shi Feng, she had only reached the Realms of Truth because of him.

She had reached these realms recently and had only been able to do so after diligently studying Shi Feng’s numerous battles in the Ore Empire. Once she had entered the Realms of Truth, she had challenged and defeated multiple peak experts from the various superpowers.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, congratulations. Due to the battle in the Ice Jade Forest, Zero Wing’s reputation nearly rivals the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s now,” Yuan Tiexin congratulated as he watched Shi Feng carefully.

“Thank you,” Shi Feng said. Revealing a faint smile, he continued, “However, Elder Yuan, I’m sure you’re not just here to congratulate Zero Wing, correct?”

“Indeed,” Yuan Tiexin replied as he revealed an envelope. After handing the envelope to Shi Feng, he continued, “This is a report regarding Blackwater and Beast Emperor’s latest movements. I believe it will be of some help to Zero Wing.”

“You’re providing information for free?” Shi Feng looked at the envelope in confusion.

He had to admit that both Blackwater and Beast Emperor posed a significant threat to his Guild. Examining their latest movements would indeed help Zero Wing quite a bit, but information like this was incredibly important Normally, the Secret Pavilion might not even consider selling the information to Zero Wing.

“That’s right. Consider it a gift to celebrate the partnership between the Secret Pavilion and Zero Wing,” Yuan Tiexin said. “I believe you can guess the Pavilion’s goal in this. Naturally, we’re interested in the Primordial Crystals.

“The Primordial Crystals are even more effective in nurturing Guild Mounts than the Eclipse Gate’s Energy Essence. They’re also much easier to procure. Meanwhile, Zero Wing owns the only Guild City in Witch’s Hill, so the Secret Pavilion wishes to cooperate with your Guild.”

Yuan Tiexin’s proclamation didn’t surprise Shi Feng. The Primordial Crystals were indeed an excellent item for nurturing Guild Mounts. He then asked, “Cooperation? May I know how we are going to cooperate?”

“The Secret Pavilion wishes to invite the Candlelight Trading Firm into the Secret Chamber of Commerce. As for the entry conditions, Zero Wing will only have to sacrifice five Shops in different locations and a single virtual store in Zero Wing City. In addition, the Secret Chamber of Commerce requires a permanent reservation of 300,000 entry slots into Zero Wing City,” Yuan Tiexin said, chuckling. “May I know if you are interested in this offer, Guild Leader Black Flame?”

“Joining the Secret Chamber of Commerce?!” When Yuan Tiexin finished speaking, Aqua Rose, who had accompanied Shi Feng, was stunned, flashing the Pavilion’s representative an incredulous look.

The Secret Pavilion was a transcendental power in the virtual gaming world. The strength it wielded was simply unfathomable. The Secret Chamber of Commerce the Pavilion had developed was similarly unfathomable, as very few Chambers of Commerce could rival Secret’s range of influence. Needless to say, Secret was far more powerful than Seventh Street.

Without a doubt, Secret was one of the best Chambers of Commerce in God’s Domain right now. Many superpowers were desperate to join, but very few were actually invited into the alliance.

Yet, the Secret Pavilion had visited Zero Wing City to invite the Guild personally. Frankly, Aqua Rose didn’t know what to say.

If Zero Wing joined the Secret Chamber of Commerce, the Candlelight Trading Firm’s income could increase severa卜fold as long as the firm offered sufficiently attractive products.

“I’m curious. Why Zero Wing?” Shi Feng asked the man before him. “There are two other Guild Towns in the Witch’s Hill, and both will soon be promoted to Intermediate rank. If the Secret Pavilion gives the word, both ruling Guilds will likely hand their towns over on a silver platter.”

“Naturally, we have considered that option, but the Primordial Heart’s descent has increased monsters’ strength in the Witch’s Hill. Monster raids also occur frequently at night. With the towns’ defenses, they’ll have a hard time coping with the map’s current monsters. Who knows how long they will last? However, Zero Wing City is different. Even if the Witch’s Hill’s monsters continue to grow stronger, Zero Wing City will likely remain unaffected. Moreover, Zero Wing City has an excellent environment, which will be of great help to the Guild members we send here,” Yuan Tiexin said. He withheld no information regarding the Secret Pavilion’s reasons for selecting Zero Wing for a partnership.

“I see.” Shi Feng could not help but admire the Secret Pavilion’s information network and decisiveness.

The Primordial Heart had only recently descended, so the monsters’ changes weren’t yet obvious, yet the Secret Pavilion had already considered various possibilities.

Shi Feng hadn’t expected the Pavilion to place so much importance in the Primordial Crystals that it would offer Zero Wing a seat in the Secret Chamber of Commerce, either.

To protect both parties’ interests, a Guild would offer 1% of its shares when attempting to join a Chamber of Commerce. Hence, the various Chambers of Commerce took member recruitment very seriously.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, if you are fine with these conditions, why don’t we sign the contract now?” Yuan Tiexin asked Shi Feng, who had maintained a calm composure throughout the conversation. “Once we sign, Zero Wing’s Candlelight Trading Firm will become a member of the Secret Chamber of Commerce and enjoy all of the connections the alliance possesses. You will find it far easier to sell and buy items.”

“Alright, I have no issues with the offer.” Shi Feng had no problems with accepting the mentioned conditions, and joining the Secret Chamber of Commerce would provide Zero Wing quite a bit of help, especially now that the Guild lacked materials.

The Magicbreaking Crossbows, Hell Tanks, and Basic Combat Devices all required a large number of rare materials to produce. If Zero Wing relied on its own strength, it would only be able to collect a limited supply of each material, but with the Secret Chamber of Commerce’s connections, it could easily build its stockpile in a short time.

After Shi Feng signed a contract with Yuan Tiexin, he handed over five Shops and one virtual store in Zero Wing City. In addition, he reserved 300,000 entry slots in Zero Wing City for the Secret Pavilion’s use. After all, a flood of players visited the city each day, and there was a limit to how many the city could accommodate at one time. If the Secret Pavilion did not have any reserve slots, its members would be forced to stand in line to enter Zero Wing City. Once the transaction was complete, the Candlelight Trading Firm joined the Secret Chamber of Commerce’s member list, and the two organizations exchanged 1% of their shares.

Shortly after Candlelight joined the Chamber of Commerce, news of it quickly spread to the various superpowers.