Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1971 - Primordial Heart Descends

Chapter 1971 – Primordial Heart Descends

As the light in Special Forging Room faded, a brilliant magic array appeared on the table. The twelve arrays had combined perfectly to form a gigantic, silver magic array that caused the space inside the room to freeze.

As the silver magic array flowed into the twelve Magic Array Scrolls before Shi Feng, the room reverted to its original state. The twelve Magic Array Scrolls across the table then began to glow with a silvery light.

Wonderful! I’ve finally succeeded! Shi Feng was a little excited as he gazed at the scrolls on the table.

Although he had gone so far as to spend an Elemental Source, he had, at least, managed to produce one set of Void Field scrolls. With this, he could proceed with his plans.

Following which, Shi Feng inspected the Magic Array Scrolls.

“So strong!” Shi Feng was ecstatic when he saw the Attributes displayed.

The original Void Field only encompassed a 3,000-yard radius, but after Shi Feng had used the Source of Void, the radius had increased to 5,000 yards. Moreover, the strengthened Void Field could suppress a monsters’ Basic Attributes up to a maximum of 50%. It would also suppress Mythic monsters by up to 20% and Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species by up to 30%.

Most importantly, Void Field’s duration had increased from 12 hours to 24 hours.

Although a 24-hour duration seemed short, to Shi Feng, who was very familiar with the ins and outs of the Witch’s Hill, it was plenty of time, especially now that the Primordial Heart had descended and Witch’s Hill’s monsters had grown stronger and more numerous.

After the Primordial Heart had descended in the past, a forbidden land had appeared in the Witch’s Hill. To be precise, a crack in space-time had manifested, serving as the entrance to the forbidden land.

The place beyond the space-time crack was partly considered a forbidden land due to the space-time seal that had been placed on the map, preventing players from teleporting there. Moreover, all of the monsters beyond the crack originated from Otherworlds. Not only were they incomparably powerful, but their combat standards were also higher than monsters in the outside world. Including the randomly-appearing Boss monsters, players of the same level would struggle to survive in the forbidden land.

Fortunately, since mainstream players had already reached Level 100 by the time the forbidden land had manifested, its Level 70 monsters had been no threat. On the contrary, the forbidden land had become an excellent location to grind for equipment and materials.

As monsters originating from Otherworlds, they had a much higher drop-rate for weapons and equipment compared to monsters that were born on the continent of God’s Domain. Many of the materials they dropped were also unique to Otherworlds, and they had a chance of dropping the Resuscitation Potion Recipe, which even Level 100-plus players coveted.

The Resuscitation Potion only had one function: resurrecting players.

However, unlike the healer classes’ Resurrection Spells, a player wouldn’t lose any EXP when resurrected with the Resuscitation Potion. Although they would have to endure a Weakened state for 12 hours. During that time, the resurrected player wouldn’t be able to fight. Furthermore, the Resuscitation Potion could only be used once every 24 hours, and it couldn’t be used on Tier 4 or above players.

In God’s Domain, even if a healer resurrected a player, they’d still lose a considerable amount of EXP. When players were resurrected through the system, they’d lose an entire level of EXP. Regardless of how they returned to life, players would have to grind for several days to recover their losses.

Hence, the Resuscitation Potion had been extraordinarily popular among players in the past.

Only, the Resuscitation Potion Recipe was not easy to acquire. Normally, it only dropped in Otherworlds, and as a result, man players had fervently grinded in the Witch’s Hill’s forbidden land despite having already reached Level 100. Due to the recipe’s rarity, players had even been able to sell it for several thousand Gold in a proper auction.

Demand for the Resuscitation Potion had also been relentless on the market. Despite the 20-Silver production cost, the potion had sold for 2 Gold per bottle. The Resuscitation Potion had even sold for 3 Gold per bottle at its peak. Many players had made a fortune through selling Resuscitation Potions.

Unfortunately, the Witch’s Hill’s forbidden land was extremely dangerous to Tier 2 players, but now that Shi Feng had the Void Field, he could lead his Guildmates to grind there. Not only would they level up quite fast, but they could also grind for the Resuscitation Potion Recipe and Primordial Crystal Fragments, killing three birds with one stone.

Now that Shi Feng had experienced successfully producing a Void Field, he continued to craft more.

He knew that he had made a mistake when combining the twelve magic arrays during his first three attempts, but after his success, he had a more accurate grasp of the arrays’ flow of Mana.

Following which, Shi Feng attempted to produce the Void Field Magic Array four more times, resulting in two success. The outcome was barely tolerable.

Glancing at the bottle of Void Blood in his hand, Shi Feng noted that only four drops remained in the bottle. It wasn’t enough for another attempt.

He had previously spent two bottles of Void Blood to activate the teleportation array to the Otherworld Gate. Hence, if he wanted to craft more Void Field Magic Array Scrolls, he’d have to collect more.

These three sets should last me quite some time. Taking a look at the three sets of scrolls in his hands, Shi Feng decided to travel to the forbidden land to grind. Once his Guildmates were settled in the area, he’d look for more ways to acquire Void Blood.

Following which, Shi Feng left the Candlelight Trading Firm and made his way to Zero Wing’s Residence to prepare for his trip to the Witch’s Hill’s forbidden land.

The Primordial Heart had descended in the Witch’s Hill some time ago. As a result, the number of players roaming the city streets had visibly decreased. The various adventurer teams and Guilds had long since left the city to explore this new expansion pack. The majority of the players still around were merchant players, including members from Chambers of Commerce. These players were currently purchasing monster loot or selling Consumable items.

“Purchasing Magic Grass in bulk! Three Silver per stalk! Buying as many as you have! Offer is available long-term!”

“Four Seasons Chamber of Commerce purchasing Primordial Crystal Fragments for 20 Silver per fragment! Twenty-one Silver for those selling more than ten fragments! Twenty-two Silver for those selling more than 100 fragments!”

“Selling Primordial Crystal Fragments for 25 Silver each! Only three fragments remaining! First come, first served!

The voice of hawking players filled the street. The Shops on both sides of the street had also put out signs stating that they would purchase Primordial Crystal Fragments long-term. Everyone was going crazy over Primordial Crystal Fragments right now.

However, the situation didn’t surprise Shi Feng in the slightest.

God’s Domain had very few items that could be used to nurture Guild Mounts, and most of these items hadn’t yet been discovered. Now that players had learned about the Primordial Crystals, it would cause a massive commotion.

Just before Shi Feng reached the Guild Residence, Aqua Rose contacted him.

“Guild Leader, the Secret Pavilion’s Yuan Tiexin and his entourage have come to meet you. Apparently, he has something important he wishes to discuss with you. Would you like to meet with him now?” Aqua Rose asked.

“The Secret Pavilion is looking for me?” Shi Feng could not help but smile upon hearing this. “Alright. Have them wait for me in the second floor’s reception room. I’ll head there immediately.”

Although he knew that the Primordial Heart’s appearance would cause quite a commotion, he hadn’t expected it to move the Secret Pavilion.

Shi Feng disconnected the call and made his way to the Residence’s second-floor reception room.