Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1963 - The Might of the Magicbreaking Crossbows

Chapter 1963: The Might of the Magicbreaking Crossbows

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Miserly Wind shuddered as he considered the possibility.

He had never thought that Zero Wing was crazy enough to face Miracle head-on.

But with another glance at the enemy players, he couldn't care less whether or not he and his team had been bait. All Miserly Wind could think of was escaping.

At his level, he'd need several days of hard work to recover from a single death. Moreover, he wore higher quality weapons and equipment than the Guild's other experts. If he lost one of his items, who knew how long it would take to find a replacement?

Miracle's team was only a hundred yards away now. As long as he met up with the approaching force, the fight would go on for some time, giving him the opportunity to get away, even if Miracle's army was no match for Fierce Snake and his monstrous players.

As Miracle's forces drew closer, they spotted Eternal Undead's surviving members.

"Damn it! Zero Wing's team actually has the guts to kill our allies right before our eyes!"

Miracle's members wore sour expressions as they watched Eternal Undead's players die. They immediately increased their speed.

"Finally." Once Miracle's members were within his attack range, Fierce Snake used Charge, reaching the enemy MTs instantly. He tightened his grip on his battle axe and swept the weapon in a horizontal arc.

Tier 2 Skill, Bladestorm!

With Fierce Snake as the center, a powerful storm brewed, enveloping a 20-yard radius and sending over a dozen MTs airborne. The attack interrupted Miracle's offensive charge on the spot.

Zero Wing's other Tier 2 experts joined the fray without hesitation. Like a sharpened blade, they pierced Miracle's formation, diving for the team's core. With their advantage in Basic Attributes and physique, Miracle's 1,000-man team had no hope of stopping their advance. Only Miracle's Tier 2 experts were able to put up a fight, although barely. Zero Wing slaughtered their Tier 1 experts with very little effort.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing's Tier 2 ranged players bombarded Miracle's rear line, preventing the enemy DPS from providing their comrades any support.

After a brief moment, Zero Wing's 200-man team gained the upper hand. Although Miracle's team was not as easy to defeat as Eternal Undead's, it didn't fare much better.

As for the Miracle team that had charged for Shi Feng's 800-man party, Shi Feng waved a hand and cast Flame Domain once it was within 50 yards and prepared to attack. At the same time, Zhao Yueru cast Frostflame Hell.

Two towering pillars of fire enveloped Miracle's members. The players caught within the AOE turned to ash instantly, vanishing from the battlefield.

This Miracle team suffered a far more tragic fate than the one facing Fierce Snake's party…

"How is this…" Miserly Wind slid to a halt, staring at the flaming pillars with a stupid expression.

A single round of attacks had wiped out nearly half of Miracle's 1,000-man team. If they hadn't spread out, the two Spells would've had no trouble eliminating the majority of Miracle's force.

Miserly Wind felt as if Eternal Undead's desperate fight against Zero Wing had been little more than a warm-up for his adversaries.

As everyone was in shock over witnessing the power of the two large-scale destruction Spells…

"Crossbow unit, get ready!" Shi Feng shouted. He then pointed at the remaining Miracle members and commanded, "Fire!"

Immediately, the 60 Tier 1 Rangers at the front of the team released the Magicbreaking Crossbows' bolts.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

The Magicbreaking Crossbows had an attack range of 70 yards, even longer than that of Tier 2 Rangers. At this point, the entirety of Miracle's force was within range.

When the 60 Magicbreaking Bolts were released, they flew through the air so fast that even Tier 2 Assassins would have trouble dodging them. Furthermore, Miracle's members were still in shock.

The Magicbreaking Crossbows instantly claimed 60 Miracle lives. The rest of the force only returned to their senses after watching their allies die beside them. When Miracle's members realized that even Tier 2 experts had fallen, a chilling thought crept into their minds.

The moment after the first bolts found their marks, the Magicbreaking Crossbows launched a second volley.

Although many of Miracle's members had noticed the attacks, the Magicbreaking Bolts were just too fast. Miracle's Tier 1 players had no hope of dodging the attacks and died instantly; only the force's Tier 2 players had managed to evade the incoming bolts.

After two volleys, Miracle's 1,000-man team had lost more than 100 players. The 60 Magicbreaking Crossbows ended their lives even faster than Fierce Snake and his friends.

"Retreat! Everyone retreat!" The Tier 2 player leading the assault on Shi Feng's 800-man team shouted, fear gripping his heart as he gazed at the corpse pinned to the ground beside him.

The 60 Magicbreaking Crossbows were far more frightening than the earlier large-scale destruction Spells. The Spells had long Cooldowns and couldn't be used once the two forces met in melee combat, but the crossbows' Cooldowns were quite short and easily landed attacks in close quarters. Most importantly, the crossbows could kill a player with full HP in a single attack, and not even the Tier 2 MTs were an exception. How were they supposed to fight such a weapon?

After issuing the command to retreat, Miserly Wind, who rested a long distance away, was dumbfounded.

He had thought that Miracle would last against Zero Wing, but the fight that he had just witnessed couldn't even be called a battle. It had been a one-sided massacre.

Although Miracle's leader had ordered a retreat, even he, a Tier 2 Refinement Realm expert, had died after becoming a target for more than ten Magicbreaking Crossbows. The leader hadn't been able to resist as Zero Wing turned him into a human pin-cushion.

These Magicbreaking Crossbows are amazing!Gentle Snow watched Zero Wing devastate the remnants of Miracle's 1,000-man team with wide, shocked eyes.

She had recognized the Tier 2 team leader as a Refinement Realm expert, yet he had fallen after taking ten or so Magicbreaking Bolts. The Magicbreaking Crossbow was truly an amazing weapon in a frontal confrontation.

Now, she, more or less, realized why Shi Feng had dared to take so few players to Ice Jade Forest.

Although the Magicbreaking Crossbow was a Consumable, it could fire 300 Magicbreaking Bolts, which had been formed with Mana, before breaking. With the 60 Magicbreaking Crossbows they had, they had enough firepower to survive a large-scale battle involving tens of thousands of players. Although more than 100,000 enemies resided in the Ice Jade Forest, less than 30,000 were from Miracle. As long as they picked their fights carefully and only took on several thousand Miracle members at a time, they could end Miracle's tyranny in this map.

Meanwhile, Fierce Snake and his companions chased down Miracle's fleeing members on the other side of the battlefield. Although Miracle's members desperately fled, Zero Wing's Tier 2 players held an absolute advantage in terms of speed. Miracle's members didn't get far before they died. Aside from a few players that had used Instantaneous Movement Magic Scrolls, none escaped death.

"How'd it go?" Shi Feng asked Fierce Snake as he watched the rest of the team loot the battlefield.

"Unfortunately, a dozen or so got away, but we haven't had any casualties," Fierce Snake reported.

"Good. Publish the video of the battle with Eternal Undead and Miracle on the official forums. Let's show the other Guilds that if they want to kick us while we're down, Miracle won't be able to protect them!" Shi Feng said.

"Understood!" Fierce Snake nodded.