Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1962 - Bait?

Chapter 1962 – Bait?

As soon as Miserly Wind gave the command to retreat, Eternal Undead’s panicking members calmed down and ran towards Miracle’s last-known grinding spot.

Although Zero Wing’s members were strong, Miracle was a veteran super-first-rate Guild that rivaled Super Guilds. Not only did the Guild have its fair share of experts, but those experts were also far superior to those in Eternal Undead in terms of weapons, equipment, and combat standards.

Most importantly, Zero Wing would not dare to fight Miracle in a large-scale battle.

As long as they met up with one of Miracle’s 1,000-man teams, they’d have protection from Zero Wing.

Like madmen, Eternal Undead’s remaining 2,000-plus members split up and ran for Miracle’s teams.

Fierce Snake and his companions were momentarily stunned as they watched their enemies flee. The battle hadn’t even started ten seconds ago, yet their opponents were already running for their lives.

“Boss Wind, I’ve contacted Miracle! It’s sending its teams to our location now!” the Tier 2 Oracle informed Miserly Wind, who wore a twisted expression.

He could empathize with his leader. Of the 3,000 players their Guild had dispatched, half were expert players, yet the moment they collided with Zero Wing, they had lost more than 300 of those experts. The Guild only had a little over 4,000 expert players in total, and nearly 10% had died in the blink of an eye. This was a heavy blow to their Guild.

“Notify everyone and tell them to lure as many Zero Wing members to Miracle’s forces as possible! We cannot let Zero Wing off the hook after killing so many of our Guild’s experts!” Miserly Wind growled as he glanced at the enemy players chasing him and his teammates. “We’ll meet up with Miracle and surround Zero Wing’s team, slaughtering every one of its players!”

Their Guild had lost too much in this battle, but the lost levels were only secondary. The lost weapons and equipment was far more important. The Guild had used a lot of resources to acquire these items for their experts. Meanwhile, before they had collected a notable harvest from the Ice Jade Forest, they had lost so many assets. They had to get pay-back.

“Understood! I’ll have the others maintain their distance from Zero Wing’s members,” the Tier 2 Oracle said, nodding. When he glanced back at Fierce Snake and the others, who still pursued Eternal Undead’s players, he thought this was a good opportunity to recoup their losses. “Let’s see if Zero Wing can deal with a stronger force!”

Zero Wing was famed for its wealth. Its members were all very weH-equipped. Since Zero Wing’s members here had such high Attributes, they definitely wore top-tier weapons and equipment.

Although Miserly Wind’s plan would increase the team’s casualty count, it would be worth it if they could claim some of Zero Wing’s weapons and equipment, bolstering their Guild’s main force.

After saying so, the Tier 2 Oracle informed his teammates to slow down deliberately. By doing so, they would ensure that Zero Wing’s members, who were forced to stop whenever they killed someone, could catch up. This would create the illusion that Zero Wing’s members would eventually catch and kill every Eternal Undead member, encouraging Fierce Snake and his team to continue the chase.

After another thousand yards or so, Eternal Undead had a little more than 1,600 surviving members. Miserly Wind’s face contorted’ he hadn’t expected Zero Wing’s members to be so ferocious.

“Boss Wind, look!” the Tier 2 Oracle shouted excitedly as he pointed toward the large group of players in the forest ahead.

“Good! Have everyone get ready!” When Miserly Wind saw the Miracle’s mounted members, the sight rekindled his hope. “This moment will determine whether or not our Guild can progress in the Black Dragon Empire!”

When Eternal Undead’s members saw Miracle’s players, they stopped holding back and ran toward Miracle’s forces at full power. As if they had prepared for this moment, Miracle’s 2,000-man team split into two groups, one moving towards Fierce Snake and his companions, while the other moved to intercept Shi Feng’s 800 players.

“Guild Leader, Miracle’s members have arrived,” Fierce Snake, who led the charge, informed Shi Feng when he saw Miracle’s members emerge from the forest ahead.

“They’re finally here?” Calmly, Shi Feng ordered, “In that case, let’s get started!”

“We can finally get to work?” Fierce Snake’s eyes glowed with excitement. He then shouted through the team chat, “Brothers, it’s time to earn our keep!”

“Wonderful! I can finally get serious!”

“This game of cat and mouse is over.”

“Hey, leave some for me! I want to experiment with some Basic Combat Techniques!”

Excitement shot through Zero Wing’s members as they watched the fleeing Eternal Undead team. Suddenly, their Movement Speeds skyrocketed, and they instantly closed the distance between them and their prey. They then used one Skill after another.

For a time, bright lights and explosions filled the forest.

Zero Wing’s Tier 2 experts instantly slew the enemy Tier 1 experts that had lasted a few moves against them previously. Two hundred of the 1,600-plus fleeing players fell in the blink of an eye. Despite fleeing with all of their power, Fierce Snake’s team caught up with Eternal Undead’s players in seconds. Following which, Eternal Undead’s team member count decreased with lightning speed.

After a short moment, less than 100 players remained alive from Eternal Undead.

Due to this abrupt change, Miserly Wind, who had prepared to celebrate his plan’s success, was dazed.

However, Miserly Wind didn’t know that Fierce Snake and his men had nearly as much combat power as peak experts because of their extraordinary Basic Attributes and physiques. Killing inferior players was a piece of cake.

Fierce Snake and his team were even more efficient at hunting down and killing ordinary experts than true peak experts.

How is this possible? How are they suddenly so strong?

Miserly Wind was bewildered as he watched his Guildmates fall, one after another, behind him. He didn’t understand what was happening. Fierce Snake’s team was superior to his in terms of combat methods, Attack power, and Movement Speed. They fought like completely different people than they had in the earlier battle.

As Miracle’s members drew nearer, Miserly Wind thought of a possibility.

Could it be… Have they been using us as bait to lure Miracle’s members all this time?