Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1960 - Send Them on Their Way

Chapter 1960 – Send Them on Their Way

Black Dragon Empire, Lake Heart City, Zero Wing’s Residence:

Due to the war against Miracle, an awkward atmosphere had infiltrated the Residence. While they rested, Zero Wing’s members felt an invisible noose slowly tightening around their necks, capable of stealing their lives at any moment.

“Snow, this is bad. We’ve already suffered over 35,000 casualties. Although the majority of the victims are normal members, everyone is afraid for their lives. Moreover, Miracle has deliberately announced the number of slain Zero Wing members, scaring away potential recruits. Many of our Guild members are considering moving to another country to level up. At this rate, the Black Dragon Empire’s Branch Guild will be finished, sooner or later,” Zhao Yueru worriedly reported to Gentle Snow.

The strength Miracle had displayed thus far was utterly beyond what they had imagined.

Miracle had already dispatched over 100,000 members to the Black Dragon Empire. Among them, over 20,000 were confirmed expert players. This was simply ridiculous. The average first-rate Guild only had several thousand expert players in total, yet Miracle had sent over 20,000 to harass Zero Wing. That was nearly triple the number of experts in Zero Wing…

To make matters worse, Miracle had rapidly improved the quality of its forces. In the last two days alone, the enemy Guild had dispatched more than 1,000 Tier 2 players to the empire. In contrast, Zero Wing had only slightly increased the number of Tier 2 players under its command.

Furthermore, Miracle had bolstered its forces with plenty of Refinement Realm experts, dispatching more of these players than the number of experts Zero Wing had equipped with Basic Combat Devices. In addition, Miracle still had various Guild Elders, none of which had made a move yet.

No matter how she looked at it, this difference between them and their enemy was impossible to overcome.

“None of those factors are our main problem right now. I’ve just received a report stating that Miracle’s performance has encouraged a number of the empire’s powers, and they’ve begun to move against us,” Gentle Snow said, a cold glint flashing in her eyes. “These little powers are normally neutral, but now that they realize that we are slowly losing to Miracle, they are taking advantage of the situation to kick us while we’re down. Some have even started to mock us on the forums, demanding a decisive battle in the Ice Jade Forest.”

They wouldn’t have been forced into such a passive state if their only enemy had been Miracle. While it was true that Miracle had sent over 100,000 players to the Black Dragon Empire, Zero Wing’s Branch Guild still had the numerical advantage.

However, Miracle wasn’t the only power to target Zero Wing. Many of the empire’s large Guilds had pegged them as an enemy as well, boosting Miracle’s momentum in this war.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Yueru’s expression darkened.

If this were true, Zero Wing’s Branch Guild in the Black Dragon Empire was on the path to destruction.

“The other Guilds are kicking us while we’re down?” Shi Feng, who had just entered the room, frowned as he overheard the two women’s conversation.

“Mhm.” Gentle Snow nodded as she turned to Shi Feng. “They aren’t fools, Guild Leader. They know that we cannot afford to face Miracle head-on, resorting to guerilla tactics. Hence, they’re boldly ambushing our Guild members. However, if we dispatch our forces to deal with these interlopers, either they’ll notify Miracle or Miracle will hear of it from their spies, setting up an ambush for our reinforcements. We have already lost nearly 3,000 experts thanks to these little powers’ interference.”

With the Branch Guild’s strength, Zero Wing could easily deal with these large Guilds, but they were using themselves as bait to lure Zero Wing’s experts in for Miracle.

Zero Wing couldn’t simply dispatch a small group of experts as reinforcements since these large Guilds employed 1,000- man teams for their ambushes, yet if their Guild dispatched an equally large force, Miracle would discover their movements immediately and use the opportunity to cripple Zero Wing.

This was the cause of her current headache. Whether Zero Wing fought or not, it would suffer.

“Snow, gather 1,000 experts in the Residence.” Smiling, Shi Feng continued, “Since Miracle wants a frontal confrontation and we have enemies who want to act like bait, we’ll fulfill their wishes!”


Gentle Snow wondered if Shi Feng truly understood Miracle’s situation when he issued his command, but before she could dissuade him, he sent her a trade request, dropping a large number of Basic Combat Devices and Magicbreaking Crossbows into the trade window. After taking a look at the total numbers, Gentle Snow was dazed. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Four hundred Basic Combat Devices!

They could dispatch 200 peak experts to the Black Dragon Empire’s various maps for an entire day with so many devices.

There were also the Magicbreaking Crossbows to consider. The crossbows’ attacks had the power of Tier 3 attacks. A direct hit would guarantee an instant-kill. Even if the target blocked the attack, the impact would still be significant. Most importantly, the Magicbreaking Crossbows could easily be carried and used. Players with these crossbows would be akin to miniature Defense Turrets.

“Understood! I’ll see to it immediately!” Gentle Snow abandoned all thoughts of opposing Shi Feng’s commands. A seed of anticipation even began to sprout in her heart. She immediately recalled the Tier 1 and 2 experts operating near Lake Heart

Over the past two days, quite a few Tier 1 experts had completed their Tier 2 Promotion quests. Since the Branch Guild in Lake Heart City urgently needed experts, the new Tier 2 players were sent here. As a result, more than 500 Tier 2 experts operated around Lake Heart City right now. Even after deducting the Tier 2 experts that had been sent to protect the Guild’s leveling maps, gathering 200 of these experts on short notice wouldn’t be a problem.

In no time at all, 200 Tier 2 experts and 800 Tier 1 experts had gathered in Zero Wing’s Residence in Lake Heart City. Shi Feng gave each of the Tier 2 experts a Basic Combat Device and distributed the 60 Magicbreaking Crossbows amongst the Tier 1 Rangers, who were particularly skilled with long-ranged attacks.

Once the team was prepared, Shi Feng boldly led his 1,000-man force out of Lake Heart City, heading for the Ice Jade Forest, a resource-rich, Level 60 to 75 map. This was also where Zero Wing’s members encountered Miracle’s most often.

Meanwhile, in one of the high-class restaurants around Lake Heart City’s central plaza…

“Just what is Black Flame thinking? He’s actually sending a 1,000-man team to Ice Jade Forest? Doesn’t he realize that Miracle and the various large Guilds have occupied that map already?” Yuan Tiexin could not help his surprise when he read the latest report on Zero Wing.

Over a dozen large Guilds had gathered in the Ice Jade Forest, and Miracle had stationed a significant portion of its army in the area. There should be more than 150,000 players in the forest at the moment, and they were all elite and expert players. Even if Zero Wing gathered every one of its players in the Black Dragon Empire, it would fail to wrestle back the Ice Jade Forest, much less a 1,000-man team.

While Yuan Tiexin wondered about Zero Wing’s purpose, Shi Feng and his team reached the Ice Jade Forest by Mount.

“Guild Leader, we discovered a team raiding a Field Boss. It has roughly 3,000 players. Two thousand Miracle members are also lying in wait,” a Tier 2 Assassin reported to Shi Feng.

“Since we’ve found them, let’s send them on their way!” Shi Feng commanded indifferently.