Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1959 - Forging Treasure Chest

Chapter 1959 – Forging Treasure Chest

“Finally!” Shi Feng cried out when he heard the system notification.

Intermediate Master Forger!

This was a huge threshold for forgers to cross. Although it was extremely difficult to become a Master Forger, with how many players God’s Domain had, quite a few were capable of reaching the Master rank.

However, the majority of these Master Forgers would grind to a halt at the Basic Master rank. A forger would only receive the various superpowers’ attention after becoming an Intermediate Master. Meanwhile, to the various superpowers, Basic Master Forgers were simply qualified to join them.

Only by becoming an Intermediate Master Forger could players craft truly powerful war weapons. In addition, only Intermediate Master Forgers and above could producing top-tier Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment for expert players. After all, even among Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment, there was a considerable difference between the Basic Attributes and additional effects they provided.

Take the Level 55 to 60 Dark-Gold Equipment he forged using the standardized designs he had acquired from Titan City, for example. Despite being at the Dark-Gold rank, those pieces were nothing compared to ordinary Dark-Gold Equipment of the same level that dropped from Bosses. They were only slightly stronger than Fine-Gold Equipment of the same level.

Moreover, a forger qualified to produce Epic Weapons and Equipment after becoming an Intermediate Master. In contrast, Basic Master Forgers could only produce Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment, at best. Moreover, they would be limited to forging the most ordinary Dark-Gold ranked items since they’d have such a low success rate when attempting to craft top- tier weapons and equipment of the same rank. While a Basic Master had a chance of successfully producing Epic Weapons and Equipment, in theory, not even the various superpowers would be willing to front the production costs. They’d only tolerate an Intermediate Master Forger’s success rates.

Now that Shi Feng was an Intermediate Master Forger, he could finally begin production for the Guardian Puppet. Now, all he needed to do was to stockpile the necessary materials to mass-produce it.

Once he had amassed enough Guardian Puppets, not only would Zero Wing be capable of defending its territories, but it could also afford to relax its guard. The Guild would be able to fight the Evil God’s Temple in the fields. Even capturing Ancient Rock City would be possible.

Shortly after Shi Feng received the notification informing him of his subclass’s new rank, a second notification reached his ears.

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to become an Intermediate Master Forger in Star-Moon Kingdom.

Rewarding one Silver Forging Treasure Chest and Humanity Reputation +50.

“A Silver Forging Treasure Chest?” Surprise flashed in Shi Feng’s eyes as a silver chest, studded with a five-colored gemstone, appearing in his bag space.

At this stage of the game, players were ignorant of Forging Treasure Chests. However, all forging players had dreamed of acquiring one during his previous life.

As the name suggested, Forging Treasure Chests contained items specifically for forgers, such as Secret Forging Techniques, forging designs, and various forging tools. In the past, there had even been rumors that these chests could drop Mysterious Flames.

To forging players, Forging Treasure Chests were far more valuable than ordinary treasure chests. Normally, players had to complete high-ranked quests for their subclass to obtain such a treasure chest, and even then, the quests normally only awarded Bronze Forging Treasure Chests. Shi Feng had only ever heard of the Silver version; he had never seen one personally.

He had never thought that he would receive such a reward for being the first person to become an Intermediate Master Forger in Star-Moon Kingdom.

Immediately, Shi Feng removed the Silver Forging Treasure Chest from his bag and activated Divine Providence.

When Shi Feng opened the treasure chest, the lid slowly lifted. A dazzling, five-colored light escaped the chest, illuminating the forging room.

When the glow eventually faded, two items appeared before Shi Feng. One was a hammer engraved with dark-purple runes, while the other was an old book. When Shi Feng tried to inspect the items, all they would reveal was the word ‘Unknown.’.

“These are…” After Shi Feng appraised both items with Omniscient Eyes, he could not help but stare at the items with wide, surprised eyes.

[Magic Refining Hammer] (Dark-Gold Rank) Durability 200/200

Equipment Requirement: Master Forger

Increases production speed by 10%, success rate when producing items below Epic rank by 5%, and success rate when producing items at Epic rank by 2%.

[Hundred Refinement Gold Design]

Hundred Refinement Gold has a certain chance of granting weapons and equipment below Epic rank the Metallic Reinforcement buff, strengthening the item by 10%. Each weapon or equipment piece can only be strengthened once. Players are allowed to equip a maximum of three weapons and equipment with the Metallic Reinforcement buff at a time.

Amazing! It’s no wonder why there had barely been any information about Silver Forging Treasure Chests in the past! Shi Feng’s eyes glowed as he read the two items’ Attribute Panels.

Both items were extraordinarily valuable, especially the Hundred Refinement Gold Design. This would be an excellent item for strengthening his Guild members. He wouldn’t even trade it for tens of thousands of gold. Meanwhile, with the Magic Refining Hammer, he would have a slightly higher success rate when forging items.

Following which, Shi Feng notified Aqua Rose and had her collect large quantities of the necessary materials for the Guardian Puppet Meanwhile, he intended to continue his work with the Basic Combat Devices.

Zero Wing urgently needed more of these devices. Miracle had withdrawn from the Zero Wing members who wielded Basic Combat Devices, but it had redirected its focus to whittling down the Guild’s forces in the empire.

This situation had given Gentle Snow a massive headache.

Although he had focused on forging the Basic Combat Devices to produce more temporary peak experts, he could only craft around 200 devices each day. He was also expending a ridiculous number of Magic Crystals to do so. If Aqua Rose hadn’t already arranged the necessary manpower to mine the Manatite vein, which earned the Guild tens of thousands of Magic Crystals every day, he would’ve likely emptied Zero Wing’s reserved in a single day…

Furthermore, he had to take breaks from time to time. He couldn’t perform such high-intensity work without rest.

Unfortunately, each Basic Combat Device could only last 12 hours. If he wanted to ensure the safety of Zero Wing’s members during the day, he’d need to equip each Tier 2 expert with two or three devices. In other words, Zero Wing could only maintain around 100 peak experts in the fields.

With how large the Black Dragon Empire was, it was impossible to safeguard all of Zero Wing’s members as they operated in various locations. As a result, they had to prioritize a few important leveling maps. Sadly, it was no longer possible to gather Zero Wing’s members in a select few maps. Due to Zero Wing’s constant expansion, the Branch Guild had too many members. Meanwhile, each map could only accommodate a limited number of players. Overly saturating a map would only impede the Guild members’ development.

Hence, Zero Wing sustained significant losses. The Guild’s foundation wasn’t strong enough, and there was no comparison between the number of experts in Zero Wing and those in Miracle.

Zero Wing had already suffered over 10,000 casualties. In contrast, Miracle had suffered less than 2,000 casualties. The difference was clear. Although Shi Feng had considered sending Fire Dance and the other main force members as reinforcements, Silverwing Town’s defenses also required a large number of experts.

This put the Guild in an awkward position.

Fortunately, things had taken a turn for the better.

Even with the various support tools at his disposal, he had only pushed his forging success rate to around 50%, but now that he was an Intermediate Master Forger and had the Magic Refining Hammer, his success rate had risen to 70%. Moreover, his production speed had increased by at least 25%. Overall, he could forge nearly twice as many Basic Combat Devices in the same amount of time.

In other words, he could craft around 400 devices each day, which would allow him to double the patrols in the Black Dragon Empire.

Time passed quickly. After working for an entire day, Shi Feng had finally produced 400 Basic Combat Devices. Among them, 21 were Strengthened Basic Combat Devices.

Suddenly, Gentle Snow contacted Shi Feng, asking, “Guild Leader, have you finished forging the Basic Combat Devices, yet? Our current devices’ duration is almost up. If we can’t restock, our operations will crumble.”

The war with Miracle hadn’t been particularly tense, at first, but as time passed, Miracle had dispatched more experts to the empire, becoming a far more formidable foe. Now, Zero Wing was at a complete disadvantage. If the Guild’s experts lost the Basic Combat Devices, as well, Miracle would quickly crush them.

“They’re done. I’ll deliver them to you in a moment,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

“They’re done?” Gentle Snow breathed a sigh of relief. “HI recall the patrols now, then.”

After Gentle Snow disconnected the call, she contacted the Tier 2 players fighting Miracle’s forces and ordered their return. As for Shi Feng, he finished organizing the new devices and called Melancholic Smile.

“Melancholic, how are things on your side?” Shi Feng asked when he saw Melancholic Smile’s tired expression.

“Guild Leader, this Magicbreaking Crossbow is too hard to produce. We’ve only completed 60 crossbows thus far,” Melancholic Smile reported, slightly ashamed of her progress.

“Sixty?” After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng said, “That should be enough. Send them to me.”