Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1956 - First Test Lake Heart City, Blue Wave Rock:

Chapter 1956 – First Test Lake Heart City, Blue Wave Rock:

A large group of Miracle members patrolled inside a mountain surrounded by lush forest. These players had split into 32 teams of 100.

“Boss Starstreak, everyone’s in position. If Zero Wing’s members dare to set foot in Blue Wave Rock, we’ll ensure that none leave alive,” a Level 57 Ranger wearing silvery-gray chainmail reported to the black-clad, indifferent youth before him.

“Good. Vice Guild Leader Shredded assigned us this mission personally. We need to complete it properly. You all know the consequences if we fail,” Starstreak said solemnly.

Shredded Soul was well-known for his strict nature. He’d even demote the Guild’s peak experts if they didn’t handle a mission properly, not to mention lower-ranked members. Hence, the Guild members had given him the title ‘Demonic Vice Guild Leader.’

“Boss, rest assured; Zero Wing can’t even dispatch enough members to serve as a warm-up. Besides, you’re in command this time. Even if Gentle Snow leads her Branch Guild’s main force personally, she’ll only be marching towards her grave,” the Level 57 Ranger confidently declared.

His confidence was not baseless.

Although Shredded Soul was a strict Vice Guild Leader, he was also a careful person. All of the 32 teams he had dispatched to Blue Wave Rock were expert teams, with over 1,000 expert players. Over 100 among them were also Tier 2 players. The peak Assassin expert, Starstreak, was even in command, and his assassination and tracking standards were first-rate. Four other peak experts were participating in the operation, as well.

Zero Wing had only sent a 100-man team to Blue Wave Rock, and based on the latest reports, the team only had 20 Tier 2 players. Even if the remaining 80 players were experts, defeating Zero Wing’s team would be a piece of cake.

While Miracle’s forces waited for Zero Wing to fall into their trap, the 100-man team had rested in a forested area a short distance away for some time now.

“Boss Fierce, Blue Wave Rock is just ahead. My guess is that Miracle’s army has been hiding there, waiting to ambush us. Are we really going in there?” a Level 57, Tier 1 Assassin asked nervously as he looked towards Blue Wave Rock.

In truth, Gentle Snow hadn’t sent them here for a quest, but to fight Miracle’s members.

However, although the team had 20 Tier 2 experts, the rest were elite members. These elite members might hold their own against first-rate Guilds’ elites, but they’d be lucky to defeat a super-first-rate Guild’s elite members in a one-on-one, not to mention Miracle’s army. The 80 elite players likely wouldn’t even survive against one of Miracle’s expert parties.

“This is the mission we’ve been assigned, so yes, we’re going there. Fortunately, your job doesn’t involve fighting. You guys only need to scout the area and figure out Miracle’s movement pattern. Leave the fighting to us,” Fierce Snake said. “Alright, we’ve recovered most of our Stamina. It’s time to move out!”

This operation would test the Basic Combat Devices’ effects, and since that wouldn’t be easy to determine in large-scale combat involving thousands of players, Gentle Snow had deliberately chosen Blue Wave Rock as the battlefield. Not only did dense forest surround the area, but its terrain was also quite complex. This was a perfectly suitable area for a small force to employ guerilla tactics. Moreover, Miracle wouldn’t be foolish enough to mobilize tens of thousands of players just to catch a 100-man team.

They could fight and retreat freely in Blue Wave Rock, and Miracle’s members wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, but as a precaution, the entire 100-man team consisted of Assassins. These Assassins were responsible for scouting Blue Wave Rock and preventing a situation where the Tier 2 players were surrounded and killed. After all, Tier 2 players were important assets to the Guild. They must not be lost.

When Fierce Snake finished speaking, the 80 Tier 1 Assassins went into Stealth and dispersed. Fierce Snake and the Tier 2 players then moved as a 20-man team.

After wandering Blue Wave Rock for around 20 minutes, the scouting Assassins located four 100-man teams. The closest among them was less than 1,000 yards from Fierce Snake’s team, while the farthest was within 4,000 yards. At this distance, the farthest team would need 10 minutes at most to reinforce the closest force.

“Everyone, equip your Combat Devices! The 100-man team ahead will be our first test subjects!” Fierce Snake commanded after verifying the scouting teams’ locations.

Zero Wing’s Tier 2 experts then eagerly retrieved the Basic Combat Devices they had been assigned and used them. Although they had a general understanding of the item, they didn’t how effective it would truly be. Moreover, they had signed confidentiality contracts, which would force them to delete their accounts should they leak any information, to take part in this operation.

“This feels amazing! Zero Wing City’s high-Mana environment is nowhere close to half as effective as this device!”

“I can even hear the leaves rustle over 100 yards away!”

“That’s nothing! Look at the birds in the sky! They seem so much slower now.”

Once the team members had equipped the Basic Combat Devices, the Mana around them became turbulent. Although their bodies felt so much lighter, they felt their blood boil as they were overcome by an urge to fight.

“Charge!” Fierce Snake roared.

Without hesitation, Fierce Snake’s 20-man force charged toward Miracle’s closest team.

When less than 600 yards separated the two, one of Miracle’s Rangers discovered the charging players. The Ranger immediately reported to his Tier 2 commander.

“A 20-man team dares to charge at us? They must be tired of living!”

“Leader, should we request reinforcements from the other teams?”

“Are you joking? It’s only a 20-man team. If we notify the other teams, we’ll only become a laughingstock! Don’t worry about that! We’ll handle these fools ourselves!” the Tier 2 Elementalist leading the team growled before readying his players.

Although his was only one of many teams Miracle had sent to Blue Wave Rock, he had more than 30 experts under his command. Four players were even Tier 2 experts, and he was even a Refinement Realm expert. He alone was enough to defeat several non-Refinement Realm, Tier 2 experts. Why would he ever fear Fierce Snake’s 20-man party?

Once Zero Wing’s force was within 60 yards of Miracle’s team, Miracle’s ranged players opened fire on the 20-man party, launching Spells and arrows.

Despite the numerous attacks descending on his players, neither Fierce Snake nor his companions showed any intention of dodging the incoming attacks. Rather, the Tier 2 MTs moved to the front of the team, while the rest of the Tier 2 experts fell in behind them. The party then charged into the bombardment.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A rain of Spells and arrows showered Zero Wing’s Tier 2 MTs.

However, the results left Miracle’s members dumbfounded. Not only did the three MTs block every one of their attacks with their shields, but they also retained all of their HP after doing so…

Before Miracle’s members snapped out of their daze, Fierce Snake reached the enemy melee players and brandished his Level 55, Dark-Gold ranked battle axe.


A violent storm sent several players flying back by over a dozen yards, losing a significant chunk of their HP. The difference in Strength was clear. The rest of Zero Wing’s Tier 2 players had also spread out, pouncing on Miracle’s members like starving tigers.

Zero Wing’s players dodged Miracle’s attacks without much effort, even the Tier 2 experts’ attacks. With Zero Wing’s Strength and speed advantages, Miracles’ Tier 2 experts were forced to retreat, continuously losing HP. Miracle’s Tier 2 experts only stayed alive, albeit barely, thanks to the support from their healers and companions.

“How? He clearly hasn’t reached the Refinement Realm yet, so how is he displaying such great combat power?” The Tier 2 Elementalist leading Miracle’s team couldn’t believe his eyes.

Although Fierce Snake had higher Basic Attributes, the man’s Attributes were high enough to keep him on the run. However, not only was Fierce Snake’s perception astonishingly acute, but the Berserker’s reaction speed was also impressively fast. The Berserker even blocked attacks that no normal player should be able to.

After less than 30 seconds, nearly half of Miracle’s 100-man team had been annihilated…

“Quick! Notify Boss Starstreak and the others!” the Tier 2 Elementalist shouted in a panic.