Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1954 - Basic Combat Device's Effects Star-Moon Kingdom, Zero Wing City

Chapter 1954 – Basic Combat Device’s Effects Star-Moon Kingdom, Zero Wing City

As the crowd in the Candlelight Trading Firm cheered the Level 50 Secret Silver Equipment sales, a disturbance occurred among Zero Wing’s internal members.

There hadn’t been much Level 50 Secret-Silver or Fine-Gold Equipment in Zero Wing’s Guild Warehouse, but suddenly, a massive stockpile had appeared. There were even plenty of Level 50 Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment now, tempting many of the Guild’s internal members. They, too, went into a frenzy to purchase the new items.

Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment wasn’t very difficult to obtain for Zero Wing’s members since the Guild’s various raid teams returned with some of these items from time to time. However, Level 50 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment was a different story. Many of the Guild’s Tier 2 experts didn’t even have full sets of such equipment.

Many Guild members chose to convert their rare materials into GCPs to purchase the new equipment, which not only increased the Guild’s material stockpile, but also increased the overall strength of these Guild members.

At this point, Shi Feng had arrived at the Candlelight Trading Firm. He immediately headed to his exclusive Special Forging Room and was greeted by the sight of various rare materials, all of which he had instructed Melancholic Smile to prepare. He then dived into crafting the Basic Combat Device.

Shi Feng was very familiar with the Combat Devices’ power. Although the design he had obtained was only for the Basic Combat Device, the Basic version was most suitable for current players. Even an ordinary player could become as strong as an ordinary expert after equipping the Basic Combat Device, and if given to ordinary expert players, they wouldn’t be far from rivaling peak experts, if at all.

The Basic Combat Device was what Zero Wing needed most right now. If he could mass-produce the device, he could mostly solve the issue regarding Zero Wing’s weak foundation and expand the Guild significantly in a short time.

As for the Magicbreaking Crossbow, he had left the tool’s production to Cream Cocoa and her comrades. After all, he was Zero Wing’s Guild Leader. He had a long list of duties each day, and he simply didn’t have the time to stay cooped up in his forging room. He only forged the Basic Combat Device personally because the design was bound to him.

Dense Mana filled the quiet Special Forging room. Using the Philosopher’s Stone, Shi Feng began to synthesize one Mana Stone after another. He then collected the necessary materials and began his first attempt at crafting the Basic Combat Device.

Smelting, extracting, engraving…

Before five minutes had passed, a Rubik’s cube made of pitch-black iron took shape before Shi Feng.

Since this was the first time he had crafted a Basic Combat Device, Shi Feng couldn’t help his growing nerves as he waited for the system to appraise the iron cube.

The Basic Combat Device was a special tool that only Basic Master Forgers or above could produce. Moreover, the tool was quite difficult to craft. Even a Basic Master Forger would not have more than a 50% production success rate.

Once the loading bar was full, a melodious sound echoed throughout the forging room.

System: Basic Combat Device has been successfully manufactured. Forging Proficiency increased by 5 points. Obtained 274,000 EXP.

So, this is the Divine Library’s Basic Combat Device? Shi Feng stared at the Basic Combat Device’s Attributes in astonishment

[Basic Combat Device]

Increases the Life Rating of players at Tier 3 or below by one grade and Skill and Spell Completion Rates by 2% for 12 hours.

He had already known that the Combat Device increased its user’s Life Rating, but he hadn’t expected this device to increase Skill and Spell Completion Rates as well.

In the past, the Basic Combat Devices he had obtained from ancient ruins had provided additional Defense, at most Though he had never found one, he had heard that the more powerful devices increased Attack Power or Movement Speed, but the Basic Combat Device he had just forged actually increased Skill and Spell Completion Rates. This bonus Attribute was far more valuable than any of the bonuses he had heard of in the past.

In God’s Domain, the higher one’s Skill or Spell Completion Rate was, the more power they’d exhibit with their Skills or Spells. This was one of the major factors that differentiated players. The difference between a Skill with 90% Completion Rate and 100% was massive.

This improvement was particularly useful in PvP, in which players usually fought at top-speed, especially experts. Even a split-second difference could decide a battle’s outcome. Having a Completion Rate boost would increase Skills and Spells’ tolerance, and players’ execution wouldn’t have to be as precise to get the same results.

Excited, Shi Feng immediately began to forge more Basic Combat Devices.

After crafting nearly 20 Basic Combat Devices, Shi Feng received an unexpected call from Gentle Snow.

“Guild Leader, the situation in Lake Heart City has changed. A large number of experts have suddenly arrived and started hunting our Guild members in the fields. Over 500 of our players have already died…” Gentle Snow reported, her head aching slightly. “All of these ambushing players have very high combat standards, and although I’ve sent teams to deal with them, they’ve turned the tables on our members.”

“Miracle can’t sit still any longer, huh?” Giving the matter some thought and considering the previous reports, he assumed these players were from Miracle. Only, he hadn’t expected the Guild to act so soon. “Do you know how many people they have?”

“We’ve confirmed around 50,000 enemies…” Gentle Snow replied weakly.

Although Zero Wing’s development in the Black Dragon Empire had been progressing smoothly, the Branch Guild did not have many expert and elite members. Overall, there were a little over 2,000 experts and 90,000 elite members. Moreover, the majority of the expert players were her subordinates from Ouroboros.

“They sure mobilized their forces quickly!” The number surprised Shi Feng slightly.

After the battle on Kama Island, he knew that Miracle wouldn’t let him or Zero Wing get away unscathed, but he had thought that it would take the Guild some time to muster a large force after so many of its expert and elite members had died. He had never thought that Miracle could gather 50,000 players in so little time.

He truly hadn’t expected this situation.

He had thought that Miracle would, at most, transfer a little over 10,000 players to the Black Dragon Empire to harass Zero Wing. Transferring more than that would leave Miracle’s other territories undefended. If Miracle weren’t careful, it could easily be ambushed by other powers.

“Guild Leader, what should we do?” Gentle Snow asked. “Do we fight?”

Fighting Miracle’s 50,000-strong army directly would incur serious losses for Zero Wing. Depending on the severity, the Guild’s development might even grind to a halt. However, if they avoided fights with Miracle’s forces, the enemy Guild would continue to ambush Zero Wing’s teams. The Guild couldn’t afford that, either.

“Of course, we’re fighting! Moreover, we have a big surprise for Miracle!” Shi Feng said, smiling faintly as he thought about the Basic Combat Devices he had just completed.