Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1953 - How Dare They?!

Chapter 1953 – How Dare They?!

Zero Wing City, Candlelight Trading Firm’s first-floor hall:

Although many of the Guild players that had resided in Zero Wing City had shifted their operations to the new Guild Towns in the Witch’s Hill, the city was still independent players’ first choice when visiting the area. The two Guild Towns weren’t a match for the city’s level of convenience or its wonderful environment.

While players browsed the merchandise in the first-floor hall, a new counter appeared. According to the sign hovering above the counter, it offered weapons and equipment in exchange for Credits.

In NPC cities’ Shops, items could only be purchased with Coins or traded for certain special items, such as Magic Crystals. There was no function that allowed players to purchase items with Credits. However, Guild Towns and Cities were a different story. The owner could freely determine what currency they’d accept.

The new counter attracted the attention of every player in the hall the moment it appeared.

“What’s going on? Candlelight is selling weapons and equipment for Credits?”

“They’re not garbage weapons and equipment, are they?”

“I doubt it Who would buy them if they were trash? I bet that they’re ordinary weapons and equipment. After all,

Candlelight is Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one trading firm, and multiple Lifestyle Masters work for the firm. The new items are probably these Masters’ failed products. Even so, it’s better than nothing. I have wanted to replace my Level 45 equipment for a while now. However, I don’t even have enough Coins to buy a piece of ordinary Level 50 equipment.”

“Indeed. If Candlelight’s asking price isn’t too high, I might buy a few pieces for myself.”

Everyone quietly discussed the new counter. Many among them had already approached out of curiosity. They wanted to know what kind of weapons and equipment Zero Wing was trying to sell.

Several dozen Level 50 weapons and equipment had been laid out on the counter, and every one of them gave off the glow unique to Secret-Silver items. The dazzling sight dumbfounded the players that investigated the counter.

“What’s going on? These are Level 50 Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment!”

“Am I hallucinating? Did Zero Wing make a mistake when it set the currency requirement? Even large Guilds’ internal members have a hard time obtaining a piece of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment, yet Zero Wing is selling them? And they’re only selling the pieces for Credits!”


“Scram! I was here first! I’m buying five pieces!’ “I want ten!”

The players that had only planned to window-shop went into a frenzy. Regardless of whether they could use these weapons and equipment right now, they intended to buy as much as they could. Each piece of equipment only sold for a few thousand Credits, while the weapons sold for over 10,000 Credits. It was much easier to buy these items with Credits than with Coins. Relatively well-off players, in particular, immediately purchased an entire set.

In the end, it took less than three minutes for the 100-plus Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment to sell out, and Zero Wing instantly earned over 600,000 Credits.

“Crap! They’ve already sold out!?”

“I knew I shouldn’t have hesitated and bought more! I could’ve made a small profit by reselling them!”

The moment the weapons and equipment sold out, many of the independent players who had hesitated regretted their decision. They hated themselves for acting quicker.

However, after another ten or so minutes, another batch of weapons and equipment appeared on the counter. Like the first batch, every piece was Level 50 Secret-Silver rank.

“Is Zero Wing insane? It’s selling more?”

“Out of the way! I’m going to buy as many as I can this time!”

Upon seeing the new batch of weapons and equipment, the independent players’ eyes turned bloodshot as they charged over to the counter.

This time, the items sold out in less than a minute. Meanwhile, news of the Candlelight Trading Firm’s Level 50 Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment quickly spread, shocking many powers.

“What’s going on? Our Guild has had a massive headache over acquiring more Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment, yet Zero Wing is selling such items in large quantities? Is Zero Wing going to disband soon?”

“Is Zero Wing’s Warehouse overflowing with these items?”

“Quick! Send someone to camp the Candlelight Trading Firm! As long as Zero Wing sells these weapons and equipment for Credits, buy as many as you can!”

Although the various large Guilds had already raided Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeons, they had been limited to Normal Mode. None of them had any progress in Hard or Hell Mode. Only the various superpowers had the power to challenge these modes.

Hence, Level 50 top-tier weapons and equipment were still extremely rare. Normally, players could only obtain such items by defeating Field Bosses or completing high-difficulty quests. At this point, the various superpowers didn’t even have enough Level 50 Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment to gear their expert players fully.

Yet, Zero Wing had so many of these items that they were selling them so cheaply to the public…

However, while most of the various large Guilds assumed that was the case, the various superpowers knew otherwise. Zero Wing was simply offloading the loot it had taken from Miracle.

News of the battle between the two Guilds had only reached the various superpowers thus far. Most first-rate Guilds had no idea of the incident, let alone those weaker than first-rate Guilds.

Black Dragon Empire, in one of Lake Heart City’s high-class restaurants…

“Uncle Yuan, is this Zero Wing’s way of complaining that Miracle isn’t killing it fast enough?” Purple Jade was astounded when she read the latest report.

Even newly-formed superpowers would not dare to provoke Miracle to such an extent, yet Zero Wing was so bold as to throw fuel on the fire.

“I don’t know, but based on my understanding of Shredded Soul, he won’t let Zero Wing get away with this. He’ll employ the most ruthless methods to deal with the Guild,” Yuan Tiexin said, chuckling. “However, this has definitely made our trip here worthwhile. Even if we don’t see Miracle’s true strength, we should at least witness three-quarters of it.”

They had come to Lake Heart City to investigate Miracle’s power. This was only the third time Miracle had launched such a major assault on another Guild, and every major operation was a golden opportunity to investigate a Guild’s strength.

Meanwhile, inside Miracle’s temporary Residence in Lake Heart City…

Miracle’s upper echelons and 曰ders currently filled the Residence’s spacious meeting room. However, the room was deathly silent as everyone focused on an emaciated, middle-aged man. Although he appeared frail, none in the virtual gaming world dared to look down on this man. He was Miracle’s First Vice Guild Leader, Shredded Soul.

“Damn it! Damn Zero Wing! How dare they?! I will tear their corpses to shreds!” Thousand Miles’s expression had twisted in an ugly mask as he read the latest report on the enemy Guild.

“Zero Wing?” A cold glint flashed in Shredded Soul’s eyes as he read the report. “How courageous. They dare to sell our items so openly. It seems it has been so long since Miracle has taken action in the eastern continent that even an upstart Guild dares to look down on us!

“If any of Miracle’s members find Zero Wing’s outside of an NPC town or city, regardless of their rank in the Guild, they are to kill them all on sight!”